RE: Connecting Singles.

Very bad site

Waiting for you

Where r u gone????

Waiting for you

Very interesting, how to you got this ???

Waiting for you

Yes, I saw your profile but you didn't mention about young people that's why not message but I respect you an your feelings too... We thought that we should meet only own age friend an we should have relationships between same age but it's wrong, I think we should keep friendship with all people by heart an surely able to understand their feelings too..i am interested to do friendship with you if you don't mind...could you please?

Waiting for you

No-one here

Waiting for you

I don't have any idea where I work for this ??????????

Waiting for you

Let's see, if someone really want to meet each other then it would be work...!!!

Waiting for you

Any one interested with me for long term relationship ??? If yes, then don't be late...write me back now...


I really don't know what you're looking here...?? Every person trying to play with each other and just doing their time pass..uffff

RE: Are you a good lover?

Still I am searching a lady who can hold my love..that love which only for my life partner one able to win my heart yet ..everyone just want to play with me ..with my feelings....i don't needed anything from her just needed true an trustworthy connection until end of life but unfortunately I do not found yet...

RE: Sex Tourism in Germany.

It's really funny topic to show point of view about sex....

RE: Whose Earth is it Anyway?

. I agree with this opinion..

RE: Open relationships

Everything comes from our minds an depends on how to we treat each other at that movement....

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