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RE: "Don't blame me, i didn't vote Tony abbot'

never trust a man with big ears that wears budgie smugglers professor

RE: Schapelle Corby ......

Her lawyer invented a baggage handlers mistake of taking it off in sydney....he admitted it was a made up story and is now disbarred from practice....

The whole family is recognized as drug smugglers...

Boogie boards in australia sold for $10 and even less in Bali..a place you visited repeatedly.. why the hell bother taking a boogie board there in the first place...

If I had extra weight ie the size of a bloody pillow extra in my boogie board bag I wouldnt be so stupid as not to notice it doh

back in those days qld mary jane was far superior to Bali grown stuff and selling for heaps more....

The family got away with it many times so no reason not to again..

do I think she is guilty yawn

RE: Are Ardent Facebook users Narcissists ?

hahah you read my mind ..can I have it back now please

RE: do we really know the real you

damm Conrad just got comfortable..can I take a rain check on standing up

RE: Are women just in the relationship for the money ?

depends how much money you have ....laugh

this is a joke question right

RE: Car Lovers

any thing that gets me from a to b motorcycle

RE: Tractor appreciation Thread


RE: A question for the guys - How is the response rate to your messages sent to ladies on Connecting Sin

Luke let me explain why sometimes we just dont respond... that contact us have obviously NOT read our profile and are waffling on

2...if i replied to every flower or message Id never get my hair washed...

3...its like a stranger coming up to you in the street and saying ..hey your sexy...ring me sometime I have something for you...

I respond to people in the forums because they arnt strangers ( strange maybe ..but not strangers ) ( only kidding laugh )

a little tip free of charge...a little humour in the initial contact will get you a lot further than the come on lines that women have heard 1000 times witty and above all original wine

RE: Bit of a worry once you get passed 50

thanks hun ..but you know the saying...only the good die young...damm at that rate i have another 50 years in me....

will wreck my budget on depends but hey i can live with that laugh laugh

RE: What Telly Adds do you hate most

woohoo lookie lookie whose here ..welcome to the madness called the forums ..


RE: Bit of a worry once you get passed 50

the upside to todays least we know its cancer people are dying of...50 years ago it was put down to old age, or age related dunno

been having a bit of a struggle with the old C word myself the last 4 months so there are choices you make....

1 say Ive had a great life and any extra is a bonus
2 give up....

guess which one I chose

figured Im not done partying yet so cancer be dammed..Ill choose the time and place when Im good and ready...and I aint ready yet yay


seriously ????????????? why does this thread not smell right

RE: What Telly Adds do you hate most

have to agree..but I hate Telly as well so it makes it easy to avoid those pesky adds

RE: How often are you misunderstood on CS

I feel if Im not misunderstood at least once a day being misunderstood....

RE: Matches , is your list big or small?

I like my matches BIG ..that way I dont burn my fingers when lighting the stove wink

RE: just wanna post this thing

maybe we need to leave Fb to Fb and CS to Cs...a forum full of copy and pastes would be to say the least totally boring wine

Introducing a friend :)

thanks everyone for your support :)..knowing you all I felt quite comfortable in bringing her to CS.....

life has been a bit hectic so havent been around much ..but still read up in the forums and make sure your all safe and sound ...hugs to you all teddybear

Introducing a friend :)

spelt her name wrong ...I added an s ..must have been in a senile moment laugh

her name is eratothemuse..hopefully the seven days are up grrrrrrr


Introducing a friend :)

oops she cant come into forums for a week :(..youll just have to all wait to meet this charming woman laugh

RE: Gee Tis like a Mortuary in here ...

dead ..but that cant keep a good woman down laugh

Introducing a friend :)

Hi everyone ....hugs to you all..

Have introduced a friend to the site, like most of us shes been through the wringer. Please make her feel welcome, she has a lot to offer the forums with her wit and straight talking.

her name ..eratosthemuse.... wave

RE: VOTING for November Photo Comp

great shots all of them :)

10....happy face
4.....bee on lemon caterpillar
17 / 6 / 3..sorry couldnt seperate them :(

RE: About guys who tell you that they love you so much on your first chat or email.

sorry Truelife must have been typing the same time as you .....

but we seem to have much the same thoughts except Im a little less politically correct about it grin

RE: About guys who tell you that they love you so much on your first chat or email.

Have to agree...and have a few red flags popping up on her too...

No matter how naive or trusting..why would you agree to saying your engaged to someone who you have only talked to on FB for a few minutes doh

then she adds him on skype..sees that he has lied and isnt who he says he is but still gives him her phone number doh

according to her profile she works as a secretary and earns $150,000 a year...jeez id like her job..

more red flags here than at a bull fight

RE: Skin color (no racism)

really ???? boxing

maybe you just dont know how to turn their temperature up doh

RE: Do Australians mean what they say?

There are some aussies that say it exactly like it is.....and Im one

You calling a woman this is totally unexceptable..there is NO excuse you can come up with that justifies it.

very mad

RE: Is internet dating a Fantasy?

RE: I am single because...

might be worth looking into though

RE: I am single because...

Carl, Sheldon shows all the signs of someone with aspergers...

have you ever been tested for it ? wave

RE: here girls are LAZY , handicappppppped !!! only crazy kitchup ?

he makes about as much sense....

which was none...

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