This is a lost of white women who have been killed by their black pets! Blacks are the ones who are racist and pull the race card and get away with killing whites, all you are is a f*ck coddler of criminal black who want to get away with shyt!!

RE: Transgenders

Transgenders???? I'd do one just for the novelty of it!

RE: Are men allowed cry without being rediculed by other's

Yes men are allowed to cry, the women have sissyfied them and turned men into bytch a** wimps!!!

RE: NEVER EMBRACED WHITE PRIVILEGE...but grateful to be White!!!!!

Yup, white privilege, At work I'm expected to do more work better quality work, not goof off or take longer breaks, be on time, unlike all the black and hispanics, they expected less of them, and they get away with more crap, can leave he building when they want, not have to clock out when leaving the property, All because of something called the RACE CARD that they use regularly!

RE: There are too many fake American male profiles in CS

Guess you haven't tried Tinder, has a shyt load of fake profiles from women on it!

RE: Red neck mom writes her son

An Old Redneck’s Letter to the Credit Company
Dear Sir/Madam:
I have just received your heated letter in regard to the bill I owe you. You said the bill should have been paid long ago, and you don’t understand why it wasn’t. Well, I’ll enlighten you.In 1937, I bought a sawmill on credit. In 1939, I bought an ox team, a timber cart, two ponies, a shotgun, a wine tester, a Colt revolver, and five razor-back hogs – all on credit.In 1940, the sawmill burned down and didn’t leave a damned thing; one of my ponies died, and the other I loaned to a son-of-a-b*tch who starved him to death. In 1944, my father died and my mother was hanged for horse-stealing. A mechanic named Joe knocked up my daughter and I had to pay the doctor $38.52 to keep the little bastard from becoming a relative of mine.In 1954, my son had the mumps and, when they went down on him, the doctor had to castrate him to save his life. That summer, I went fishing and the boat toppled over and I lost the biggest catfish you ever saw and one of my sons drowned (not the castrated one).In 1955, my wife ran away with some slob and left me with three small children as a souvenir. I married the “hired girl” to keep expenses down. I had trouble getting her off, so the doctor told me to try creating some excitement just as she was beginning to come. That night, I took the shotgun to bed with me and, just as she was beginning to come, I pointed it out the window and pulled the trigger. Well, she shit in the bed, I ruptured myself, and killed the best damned milk cow I ever had.

RE: Does Google have a Censored Chinese Search Engine?

Anything Google doesn't like, they censor, like political the agenda, anything that makes Trump look good is censored, and anything that makes shytskin Ibama or Seahag Hillary look bad ! This was on my local news!

RE: Does your dog shed, scratch, stink or shit like crazy?

DOG???? Don't you mean the Libtards in California?? shitting all over the place, stinking everything up!!

RE: Help My p*nis Has Stopped Breathing

She does!!! He'll give it mouth to mouth!

RE: Never forget, USA

Liberal pieces of shyt haven't forgot, they just don't care, inviting the enemy into this country, filthy SCUZLIMS, should shoot every single one of these basstards!!! look at what the SCUZLIMS are doing to the UK, Germany and every other country they invade, filthy vermin need to be exterminated like the rats they are!!! You go to their country, and they will kill you on the spot, let alone let you walk down one of their streets!!

RE: Are you racist ?

Appears being racist is when you tell the truth about something, as all dumbocrats call you when they don't like the TRUTH!

RE: In 3 words...

My big kock

RE: Has the time come to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution?

GO Kiss you fuccking Obungholnigga muzzy, illegal loving POS's a**, then go lick KILLARIES nasty BLUE WAFFLE and take the juices, you hasty Libtarded a**hole!!!

RE: What's the best detergent?

Found Oxiclean works real well, along with regular detergent.

RE: just looking

You could be getting a bunch of messages from SCAMMERS like I do.

RE: why are women so eager to get on their knees

Oh really, where are these women? Because they sure aren't on here!

RE: If you were able to

Any country that does NOT take freeloading filthy Refugees, like the ones destroying the US and UK!

RE: Heat wave

It's so hot the squirrels now have roasted nuts!

RE: Woke up with a big erection....

There is a cure for erections, just hang a photo of this in your room, and look at it every time you get one!!!

RE: canada give up your guns plz.

You can be like the UK, NO guns, but plenty of stabbings, They have knife turn in programs!!

RE: Which one of these freaks you out the most?

Some bees I can deal with, but not snakes! as far as Opossums.......

RE: What reward do u expect and what do u deserve....

Well, last year my supervisors went on vacation together, I was supposed to get a $75.00 gift card for being on call in case of an emergency, well, a year later and i have still not got it, so guess who is NOT going to be on call this year when they go on vacation!

RE: Donkey brothels

Thought this was fake, then Googled it!

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