RE: Is it true that a portrait of POTUS Donald Trump is hung in the outhouse of every Russian’s Home?

I know Obama's is used at gun ranges!!!

RE: Prostitution.!

Married men, that's what marriage is!! Because if you don't pay for her shiit, you ain't getting any!!

RE: Are there any hypocrites here who is either pro-death penalty or anti-multiculturalism?

Here's your multiculturalism!!!

RE: What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?

I don't count a $5000.00 hospital billa Net worth!

RE: Do we live in a dream ?

After watching "Men In Black" I now believe our galaxy is kept in a intergalactic Train locker!

RE: Where and how would you like to meet ?

Phone conversation? Oh, you mean get scammed by giving out your phone cell phone number, or would you rather "Get to know me better" on Google hangouts, yet another SCAM! Eve this site warns against those scams!

RE: Photos?

So you go to a porn site, copy a pic, flip it (That way they can't google search it, it won't show up if it hasn't been done before.) then post it as yours.

RE: Why r u on Cs

Started out to be meet someone, but that's not possible on here, no one from my area.

RE: Should the United States Marine Corp recruit at high schools during peace time?

Forgot the ones who don't know where to pee, think there are 36 genders, and all the Girly boys!

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

RE: Gum Control

Because it makes a mess when stuck under the tables!

RE: Tell us all what U do on ur Computer ?

What else, PORN!!!

RE: Would the World be more peaceful without as much of the USA throughout it?

Stop all the free handouts! You can't feed your selves, then starve, Learn how to grow your own food, like the thuggers in Apefrica killing white farmers and then whining about how they are starving!!

RE: Russia 2018

Killary, she might have some more Uranium for them!


I have one, My photo is an Erie lackawanna Diesel locomotive, my age is wrong, birthdate is wrong, and the only things I click like is railroad related. I don't even have a phone number associated with my account. The same with my Tweeter account. I don't like the bull crap that if I do a Google search for an item, it will show up as an advertisement on Fakebook! I's sick of my Google searches being tracked by Fakebook!

RE: If you had a boat what would you name it?

The "Hillary Clinton" ....You can't sink that b*tch!!!

RE: Wimpiest 'Men' in the world

Hillary supporters!!!

RE: U.S. Islamic Caliphate In Full Swing

RE: U.S. Islamic Caliphate In Full Swing

f*ck the muzzyrats, thet are invading our country for a takeover, like they are doing in the UK!!! People are stupid if they don't see this!!!

RE: What Shape Is The Earth?

RE: White Supremacy Is Rising In Certain Parts Of America.......2nd Degree

How about black Supremacy! They get everthing haded to them, I have to work for everthing I have, they have taken over everything, have to be in EVERY in everything, can't have a TV commercial with out a fuccking black with a white women as the Daddy, Look at the Cherio's commercial, a black daddy, mixed mud childen and a coal buring white b*tch, go to McDonaleds, their danation box under the winddow has a coal burning white b*tch with a black husband one white kid and a mixed child, Nothing but Race mixing by the Blacks! They get their own Black TV Channels, like BET, so where is WET (White entertainment TV" They too over VH1, used to be Music Video TV, now It's BLACKIE TV!!! another black TV station, and BOUNCE, is yet another Black TV, Station!! Even where I work, it's Gibs Muh Dats with them, as far as they are concerned, the work place hasn't bought them PIZZA in about a year, so the work place OWES THEM pizza, you go to your boss and DEMAND pizza and see how far you gett! They get away with shiit in the work place a white would NEVER get away with, so don't pull this white supremacy billst, with out whites, blacks would have NOTHING!!! Send then back to their shiithle Africa if they don't like it eher!!!

RE: What is going on in South Africa?

This seems to be old news, as far as I know the blacks killed off a lot of the the white farmers, touched their housed, then they whine about starving, I heard this years ago! Their is also a video with Mandela singing and having a festival about killing whites! They've been hating whites for years.

RE: Make me laugh ?

RE: 2018 .... is a man-bun primarily Euro today

After Googling it, Man bun guys so cute and adorable............NOT!!!!!

RE: The tables are turning!

Advice from our children? Yea right, They don't know where to pee, what gender they are, think there are 36 of them, need safe spaces, are eating Tide pods, and are wearing va*ina hats!

RE: Eating Dead Animals

I would hope they are dead, better than trying to eat one while its alive!!

RE: What Pisses You Off

They all want YOU to thank them for spending YOUR money at THEIR establishment!!! Ungrateful!!!!

RE: Why r u on Cs ?

Originally to try and meet someone, now just from boredom and something to do!

RE: What's your definition of tolerance?

lets see, I've never tolerated cockroaches, mice, flies or ants, I kill them, so why should you tolerate anything bad or nasty? if you have to TOLERATE IT, then there is a problem with it!!!! like those who say it's OK to have sex with 8 year old girls because that what their religion says!

RE: Disappointing outcomes.

When I was a kid I thought I found a funny shaped fossil, showed it to my teacher, he asked where I found it, (on the Railroad Tracks) Turned out it was just an odd shaped piece of ballast!

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