RE: Natural beauty

Have a great one Mimi. Time for bed now for me. bouquet

RE: Natural beauty

Too tired for that, but I'll keep the thought for our upcoming holidays! grin

Gute Nacht Kaybee. hug

RE: Natural beauty

More popcorn on the way - I definitely have to hit the hay soon. popcorn

RE: Natural beauty

I know it might be tough Mimi, if in doubt, show us some cleavage.

That way no one will look at Art in the picture. laugh

RE: Natural beauty

I'm happy to share ladies, especially if Mimi posts more of her and Arts photos. popcorn

RE: Natural beauty

Speak for yourself Molly. popcorn

RE: What are your goals for the future?

That was posted 3 hours ago - I think you're on your own there emmy. laugh

RE: What are your goals for the future?

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. bouquet

RE: What are your goals for the future?

For once in my life keep going as it is and not get torpedoed out of the water once my life is good and on track. mumbling

Happy as it is and things are going well. There is a lot of things to do and enjoy if nothing majorly bad happens. uh oh

RE: Woman and Reply's

I gave up a long time ago. Just too much nasty stuff - and I wasn't impolite. Most of these didn't read my profile either.

Everyone will encounter people on here that aren't interested in them - no need to be nasty, just move on.

RE: Woman and Reply's

It has happened that a polite "thank you for your email but I don't think we match" has resulted in insulting emails.

This is why a lot of people don't reply if they aren't interested in the person.

All you can do is see if you matches what someone is looking for, send an email and hope for the best.

Best of luck in your search. bouquet

RE: Porn-aholic, turning porn into a serious addiction.....

Like other "addictions" or however you want to call this, it's people's choice to use it or not.

There are guys I know that watch hardcore porn and they are "odd" - I wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole. It does affect these guys behaviour.

RE: Porn-aholic, turning porn into a serious addiction.....

He's just exercising his freedom of speech. laugh

RE: why is so hard to find a partner life? what i have to say to show my sincerity?

You are looking for a woman that is a lot younger than you and you offer to support her. Everyone looking for a meal ticket will go after you.

If you can attract someone younger locally when going out and meeting people - great, get together.

Going onto the internet trying to meet someone you realistically can't attract in person - if you are prepared to accept that someone wants you for your money and not who you are, go ahead and don't part with your money until you have married that person (with a pre-nup).

If you try to get someone by offering money/support don't be surprised if people go for you because of it.


You're don't live around the corner, that could be difficult track. laugh

hug wave


What is the question here? confused

If someone you don't trust pushes to meet you in a place that is not public, just hit the block button. wine

RE: When is Enough, Enough???

I think it is a character flaw. There are people that can never be satisfied/happy, no matter what they have. It makes for a miserable life imo.

It is a phenomena in Ireland. I didn't hear the expressions "keeping up with the Joneses" and "property ladder" before I came to Ireland. People I know buy a house mostly when 2 people settle down and the vast majority buys it for life.

I do like having a good life and pretty things - because I like it and not because someone else has it and I need to have it, too. I also live within my means. There are things that make me happy like my home, but I wouldn't be more happy to get a bigger house just to impress people. conversing

RE: seks and seksuality ?

That is taking place in the States and no Muslims involved - how could you have people objecting to that. roll eyes

" a huge illegal business that brings in more money than the illegal drug trade and illegal arms trade combined."

RE: seks and seksuality ?

Not everywhere thankfully Bo, for example they are looking to increase prison sentences for child abusers in Ireland.

The "elite" could always do what they want without consequences...

RE: stop it now

It is easy to understand if you put it into google translate.

It's quite obvious that you do know what she means, but your are what? confused
Love creating drama (hint - most women don't like it) or do you want to emotionally blackmail the lady so that she doesn't block you anymore? roll eyes

The poster in question is banned from posting, a fact that you know. You could have simply send a private mail to sort this out between you 2 to but she blocked you for quite obvious reason.

Carry on, it's great to see how you disrespect a woman's decision, it will help other women to see how you behave and keep away from you. wink

RE: Mental incapacity in single people

That's all you can do and give definite instructions to your daughter (or someone you trust that these will be fulfilled).

It's not a popular thing to think about, but (slightly different topic), I have seen the mess that resulted someone dying through an accident without a will.

RE: Mental incapacity in single people

Hiya Biff, wave my mum made a patient decree that she should not be connected to machines increasing her lifetime if there is no chance of recovery.

It mightn't go far enough in some cases, but it is a clear guideline for doctor's in a lot of cases.

RE: Mental incapacity in single people

Make a very clear will and include instructions as to what should happen to you in a scenario like this. Hope it'll never happen.

RE: seks and seksuality ?

Difficult topic.

Sex should always be something mutual consenting adults do and that will never be the case when children are involved. It is not natural as children don't consent/understand. It destroys their life.

She said that no one is responsible for their feelings but that everyone is responsible for their actions and she claims that 98% of p*dophile seeking treatment don't enter into child s*xual abuse. From that point of view it is important to offer treatment options.

She is trying to drum up sympathy for "Jonas" as he and other p*dophile can feel socially isolated. I do draw the line there. Yes, people should seek treatment. Yes, people can't help who they are physically attracted to. It should never become socially "accepted" though - they simply can't live out their sexuality.

The speaker absolutely creeps me out btw.

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

A relationship takes time and commitment.

I can't make myself fall in love with someone that would be "suitable", but I will stay away from someone I am attracted to but know that a relationship wouldn't happen.

Love takes time - I couldn't be in a relationship with someone that I don't love. I also couldn't continue to love someone that I can't spend time with and know that this isn't going someone.

For me, time and commitment keep love going.

RE: Why are you not in a relationship?

I am in a relationship and was for the majority of my adult life.

I want to share my life with someone. Having a partner in crime with similar values and background and attitude helps. No one is perfect. Everyone is their own person with likes and dislikes and these have to be accepted. Having each others back and supporting each other is what makes all of this worthwhile for me.

I know for me that there are very few I can click with. I couldn't go from one guy to the next constantly. I would rather be on my own that doing that to me. conversing

RE: 'You can't help who you fall in love with'...


Their life, their decisions.

RE: 'You can't help who you fall in love with'...

There are plenty that don't care if someone is attached or not for a legover.

Relationships - yep, not everyone sees everything black and white. I personally do prefer something straight cut though and would avoid getting into something where someone else is involved.

Wouldn't be the right person for me.

RE: 'You can't help who you fall in love with'...

I think I could like or fancy someone, but a) love is a big word and I would need to get close to someone to actually fall in love with him and b) I wouldn't go near someone in a relationship.

RE: Homemade

I want to cut down on chemicals in all sorts of products I'm coming in contact with.

I'm making my own
Tinted moisturiser with sunscreen
Body wash
Skin oils
Hand wash
Laundry liquid & conditioner
Clean the house with vinegar & essential oils (thieves or lemon)
Made bubbles (for kiddo to play with) this afternoon & relaxing on a hot bath with organic apple vinegar & lavender essential oils at the moment.

Grow also some food (currently re-doing the garden) cook mostly from scratch & have baking our own grain free bread on the agenda for next week.

Most of the stuff is mixed up pretty quickly and not that much work. conversing

Fingers crossed that a lot of the flower & veg seeds will come up. wave

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