RE: Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

I do know some farmers that were approached by shelters to take wild rescue cats. They did hang around and did kill mice and rats.

Freedom and food made them hang around and catching anything small that moves is simply in their nature. Not for everyone, I do like to have a cat I'm on friendly terms with and that sounds like a lawn mower when sitting next to me getting their ears scratched.

RE: Have women lost their femininity?

Do you think it is different for women? Most single guys around 40 either can't or don't want to have a relationship. I was single for a good while until I run by chance into a guy that I had a lot of things in common with. It hadn't been easy in the start with him and his "baggage" of a former relationship, but we got through it - and it's worth it.

Taking your time getting to know someone and making an informed decision to NOT get involved saves you a lot of hassle. Sometimes there is a reason for baggage, but people have to get over it and move on with their lives.

Giving out to all women won't make you find someone that it might work with. Be picky and enjoy your life as single (which is better than having your head wrecked by idiots) and at some point, there might be someone worth your time.

RE: Have women lost their femininity?

I don't agree with it.

I couldn't be arsed to discuss this with some of the bitter fookwits on here though. laugh

Why don't you avoid the type of women you don't want and go for the type you like? wine

RE: Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

There are wild rescue cats that aren't looking to be touched, let alone loved. They might you be happy for a place to stay that feeds them though and clean up the place.

Fair enough if you don't want a cat. It is tough when they die.

RE: Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

Yes, I have seen rats.

I also have seen cats taking them down (one of our female cats brought even back rabbits not a lot smaller than her).

RE: Have women lost their femininity?

This is what my post was about. handshake

It is about the person and what YOU make out of life, not the gender. wine

RE: Isn't it amazing how an international forum..

It was a joke. wink

I didn't take your post too serious.

RE: It's green, and wet and cold and home...

Don't go L, you're great craic and your contribution to threads here would be missed by me (I know I don't stick my head in very often).

Hope you are well. hug bouquet

RE: Sons and daughters

You have brought them up, both of your kids are adults and you have a right to your own life.

My mum is older than you and never dated after my dad died. I would have found it strange (probably) but it is her life. She is always there for us if we need her, but does live her own life and does her stuff. We kids know that and are happy for her. If one of us kids would kick up an unnecessary fuss, one of the siblings would say something. Can your son sit her down and have a word with her?

RE: Isn't it amazing how an international forum..

Oh, I thought is was an inability to score in RL. confused

RE: If you've been on CS for more than 10 YEARS!!!......

Look, each to their own. If that's what someone wants and is straightforward with it (which most aren't unfortunately), have fun. wave

RE: Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

Get a cat.

If you get an adult one with a proven track record of going after rats (not all cats take them on) it will sort the problem.

And you have something to warm your feet in the cold Swedish winters. wine

RE: If you've been on CS for more than 10 YEARS!!!......

I joined a good few years ago but figured out quick enough that I wouldn't want to start a relationship with with a local guy using CS.

There are a lot of Irish guys on here that were on here for years before I joined (and are still here) - seeing that these guys email everyone for a shag, I would tend to think that this side does work for that purpose and that they wouldn't fish around CS if it they wouldn't have any success. conversing

RE: Have women lost their femininity?

You are a chef - cooking traditionally was a "women's job" - have you lost your masculinity? hmmm

These days people can do whatever suits them jobwise - there are women that are mechanics and men that are hairdressers. I'd rather milk a cow or even drive a tractor than cleaning the house. Doesn't mean I can't do "traditional" female stuff (I also sew, cook, garden, decorate, dress according to the situation which can include make-up and pink dresses) and himself rather cleans the house than do diy (we're a good match wink )

I am an adult and don't need someone to run my life. I want a partner that has my back as much as I have his. On role models and single mothers - every kid has a father and is often is the father that can't be bothered to be in his kids life.

People that are happy, have build up a good life (with or without kids), have a job they like and picked their partner well are usually not frustrated and bitter. Goes for both genders btw. wine

RE: Why are some women and men so cruel?

It's part of a normal conversation. Work takes up a big part of someone's time/life and I personally like someone that is ambitious and likes his job.

I don't need someone else's money, but I also wouldn't want to constantly support someone else financially. Asking about someone's job would be more of a compatibility question for me.

RE: Alternative Holidays!!

If you like a hot climate and the tropics, Reunion Island can be an interesting winter destination. Our summer is their winter and it's still in the high twenties most days at the moment.

Saw photos of an acquaintance on Facebook, they started off in Kazakhstan and did part of the silk road - looked liked they had an interesting trip. conversing

RE: The advantages of Living in the countryside ..

I love living in the countryside.

I have rented in towns in the past (and found it handy for a while) but never wanted to live in a big city. I like to visit these occasionally though. dance

Have a place in the countryside these days, close to a small town (where I can get everything I need), a garden, growing veg and flowers, nice neighbours and I can step out of the front door and walk up a quite country lane.

We are neither Irish nor local so people leave us pretty much alone. conversing

Best of luck with your recent visit to another country to meet a CS member btw. wine

RE: Natural beauty

Have a great one Mimi. Time for bed now for me. bouquet

RE: Natural beauty

Too tired for that, but I'll keep the thought for our upcoming holidays! grin

Gute Nacht Kaybee. hug

RE: Natural beauty

More popcorn on the way - I definitely have to hit the hay soon. popcorn

RE: Natural beauty

I know it might be tough Mimi, if in doubt, show us some cleavage.

That way no one will look at Art in the picture. laugh

RE: Natural beauty

I'm happy to share ladies, especially if Mimi posts more of her and Arts photos. popcorn

RE: Natural beauty

Speak for yourself Molly. popcorn

RE: What are your goals for the future?

That was posted 3 hours ago - I think you're on your own there emmy. laugh

RE: What are your goals for the future?

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. bouquet

RE: What are your goals for the future?

For once in my life keep going as it is and not get torpedoed out of the water once my life is good and on track. mumbling

Happy as it is and things are going well. There is a lot of things to do and enjoy if nothing majorly bad happens. uh oh

RE: Woman and Reply's

I gave up a long time ago. Just too much nasty stuff - and I wasn't impolite. Most of these didn't read my profile either.

Everyone will encounter people on here that aren't interested in them - no need to be nasty, just move on.

RE: Woman and Reply's

It has happened that a polite "thank you for your email but I don't think we match" has resulted in insulting emails.

This is why a lot of people don't reply if they aren't interested in the person.

All you can do is see if you matches what someone is looking for, send an email and hope for the best.

Best of luck in your search. bouquet

RE: Porn-aholic, turning porn into a serious addiction.....

Like other "addictions" or however you want to call this, it's people's choice to use it or not.

There are guys I know that watch hardcore porn and they are "odd" - I wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole. It does affect these guys behaviour.

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