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RE: Abortion referendum in Ireland

Really? Rape is the same as a one night stand? roll eyes

I'm out idiot. wave

RE: Abortion referendum in Ireland

I don't think that there will be "countless more". Women just don't get an abortion because it is "handy". There are people who don't care about anything than themselves, but for the majority, it won't be an easy decision.

I never had an abortion and would have brought up a child if I had an unplanned pregnancy. However, if someone would find themselves pregnant as a result of rape, a case of foetal abnormalities or their life is in danger, it is a decision the woman and her partner should make and not someone which life it doesn't affect.

RE: Abortion referendum in Ireland

The fact that abortion isn't available in Ireland doesn't mean that no Irish woman gets an abortion.

This is about ending hypocrisy - the life of women is put in danger as the life of the foetus has been valued higher than the life of the mother and women have died.

RE: Age difference in marriage

To each their own.

If 2 people run into each other, get to know each other and age isn't the focus (some people don't look their age, they look either younger or older and don't realise that there is a big age gap), have common ground and similar ideas about how their future should look like, it can work same as every other relationship.

IMO, if the focus is meeting someone with a big age difference (e. g. "I like older women because I think they should be flattered and easily spread their legs for a young guy" or looking for an older partner to financially take advantage off). If there is an agenda, then it won't work.

Things like stage in life, if someone wants kids (especially if they have grown kids already) do play an important role. I personally prefer someone my own age, but know relationships with age differences that work. Up to the couple.

RE: The best birthday gift

Happy Birthday young lady, sounds like you had a great time! applause

RE: How to make online dating more successful!

People are either serious and want to give things a chance - or not.

As for internet dating - I know it has worked for some and I wish everyone best of luck with it, but I would only look for someone in real life. Yes, there are also people that aren't serious. But you probably can read them quicker when meeting and I think that you only know if you really can connect with someone when you have met.

RE: STOP funding CANCER research. A cynic's approach.

If someone needs a cure, it means they have cancer. So it would be worth finding a cure that works for the pharmaceutical pharmacy - people that die from cancer won't be getting them more money anyway.

There are already vaccines to prevent viruses that cause cancer, such as HPV vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine.

No matter the health problem, looking into alternatives (or living a healthy lifestyle, even though this won't be a guarantee that people won't get cancer) is worth doing. I have met GP's that do promote changes, alternatives and a healthy lifestyle instead of describing pills. I have met the opposite as well - I think taking responsibility for something as important as your own health and know what is good for you or not is something that people should be doing - but it is not as easy as popping pills.

RE: What is the right formula!

Both WANTING a relationship and not this "I'm easy going and see how it goes". Won't go anywhere.

Having things in common like values, interests, background.

Same goals and wanting to go into the same direction.

Wanting to spend time and doing things together (and not with everyone else and their uncle). wine

RE: Am I ok?

Having someone in my life - for it to be good, it is a "want" and not a "need" for me and himself.

I can be on my own - but personally I want someone to share the good and the bad and vice versa.

If this is not the case for you (at the moment or anymore) I think it is better to recognise that and not getting into something half-hearted and ending up hurting someone.

Best of luck. wine

RE: Im so fed up of being single

Your first post is from 2010 and you have posted several threads during the last number of years - meaning you were on a dating site actively looking for someone while being in a relationship.

To answer your question - a nice chap is probably looking for a girl that would treat him right in a relationship. wine

RE: Does Europe have the answer?

Get your friend to do a food allergy test.

Get a nutritionist to go through the results with him and have a look at his eating and lifestyle habits in general.

For a start, he could try to drink either a tablespoon of organic apple vinegar in water or baking soda (not both!) and see if that helps after a while.

RE: Trump has spoken and believes the UK would be as safe as US citizens IF

This is about people that died by being shot.

If they are shot in a country with prohibitive gun laws or not doesn't change the fact that they died through a bullet.

On your example of pork - it still shows that more people eat pork in the States than in an Islamic country which does give a valid indication about how many people eat pork. laugh

RE: Hoarding

There is an epidemic of young people committing suicide in Ireland. sigh

I have seen how eating disorders affect mental health in young people in my own family.

No easy answers and it is worryingly that people looking for help can't get access as it is not there or has a long waiting list (in Ireland).

RE: Trump has spoken and believes the UK would be as safe as US citizens IF suggesting quantity of guns is proportional to gun deaths .

Yes, I think that there is a link.

Sorry, the rest of your post doesn't make a lot of sense to me. help

RE: Trump has spoken and believes the UK would be as safe as US citizens IF

Galrads, myself and most of the rest of the civilised world finds it odd that people in the USA can't see the correlation between masses of people owning guns andmass shootings.

It is glaringly obvious for everyone I know in Europe.

"Lose their freedoms" - if you really think that private gun ownership is necessary to keep your own government from enslaving you, maybe you should think of relocating. It is not something I'm worried about these days in Europe.

I would be a lot more worried if every idiot could go and buy a gun.

RE: The consequences of racist USA

Racism seems to be getting more acceptable in a lot of countries. There are racial uprisings in the USA after black people were shot (which are US citizens).

I'm also worried to see what is going on in the UK - 2 (black) people in their 20's viciously assaulted a 24 year old woman in the London underground when they heard her speaking Spanish.
A Polish teenager found hanged in school toilets was told she 'did not belong in UK'.
The stuff that was posted after the Brexit referendum on social media in the UK was pretty sickening.

Trump divides the US public even more, but I don't think that many people in Europe take him serious. All is see is head shaking and jokes whenever Trump comes out with something from people in Ireland and Germany.

RE: Trump has spoken and believes the UK would be as safe as US citizens IF

list of countries by firearm-related death rate per 100,000 population in one year
UK: 0.23
USA: 11.96

USA: - 111 mass shootings in 2018 so far with 172 death
UK: none in 2018

The rest of the world has no problems seeing the correlation between available guns and gun related deaths. roll eyes

In most of Europe, guns aren't available and apart from the USA and war torn 3rd world countries, mass shootings happen if ever, very rarely.

I would't WANT to live in a country where people feel the need to carry guns.

Do what the rest of the civilized world does - don't take what Trump says seriously. wine

RE: National "blame someone else day"

Who can I blame that the weekend went in a blink? very mad

RE: Getting to know you

What? blues

You're disappointing a whole heap of females on this side. moping

But I hope you and snooks will be very happy. grin

RE: where ...when... and who to date?

There are plenty people on this planet. dunno

Loving someone and sharing your life with them can be great. I do wish that whoever is looking for that to find it. Just chatting to someone via social media wouldn't cut the mustard for me.

I do think it is enough for some people that simply can't or don't want a regular partner.

RE: Grandson on the way...

Congratulations granny Jac! yay

Hope they're all at home doing well (and getting no sleep). wine

RE: where ...when... and who to date?

Not too many locally as I recall, but there are surely a few posters. hole

RE: Can any one explain to me ...

Last pic of yours I remember had plenty of hair - I can recall a big beard. wave

RE: Can any one explain to me ...

Hands off all the right wing haters. scold

RE: where ...when... and who to date?

I actually would be interested in how many people see chatting with someone via internet/social media as a relationship and never had a real life relationship. conversing

RE: Can any one explain to me ...

Is that a comb over from your beard? confused

RE: Commitment

Not sure if you mean sex or photos?

If you are not comfortable with doing either,simply don't do it.

RE: Here comes the sun.

I do like that it is rarely freezing (and if it freezes, it's often only about -2 degrees apart from this and very few other winters) in Ireland and that you won't have 35 degrees here in summer.

This winter was exceptionally long though and we did grab a table outside for lunch today. Hope it's not the only day this year that'll happen. conversing

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