RE: Fact that polls are being taken over by regulars here is:

I voted unavoidable. For the many years that I've been a member here, this has been the case.

Kicking legs and/or causing commotion will not stop it.

Just saying ... wink


RE: The king of jungle is

laugh Ali, you should know that professor

RE: Distance

It should? dunno Should it?

RE: Free and open minded skypers

rolling on the floor laughing Oh, the tears from laughing ...

RE: Who sent you flowers last ? ( part 2 )

From some guy I've never seen or spoken to before. Said something like he cares and is thinking about me... dunno roll eyes


RE: Really quiet dates/partners

Maybe, maybe not ...

tip hat

RE: Really quiet dates/partners

Only if I want to be...

RE: Really quiet dates/partners

Haha. Well there's eye contact and body language ... gotta go

RE: Really quiet dates/partners

The "best" way can be tricky because it depends on many aspects - chemistry, how long you have known each other, common interests, etc.

Yes, I have dated a few quiet guys. For me, it is better than dating someone who never stops talking. I don't mind silence... Besides, I like to speak in ways other than verbally.

RE: Remebering the First Day on CS

Well, that was way back in 2006 when I first joined CS. . .

My thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams were very different back then compared to now.

My chosen username sums up the fact that I'm both a redhead and a Taurus.

Since 2006 I've made several friends/acquaintances, and I'm good with that.thumbs up

RE: this morning

Ooops, I forgot to quote Dandelion's post... grin

RE: this morning

laugh Now that was a good one.

Cheers Dandy cheers


RE: Warning Label...

I'm a redhead, so I already have a built-in warning label. . . smoking

RE: Are Younger Women Attracted to older Men

Hey there Lar wave

I pop in every now and again these days. Things are going alright - been busy ... Thanks! hug

tip hat

RE: Are Younger Women Attracted to older Men

giggle You'd freeze your arse off!


RE: Are Younger Women Attracted to older Men

batting Yes ...

And you are very cute, I might add. wink



RE: Are Younger Women Attracted to older Men

Yeah, I actually have always been more attracted to older men. Most (not all) older men are more mature and tend to have their act together, so to speak. Of course, this is not a rule - I've seen and dated a few younger men ...

But, my preference is older.

RE: DaytonaDude...You will be missed

sad Awww ...

Very sad news. comfort

RIP DaytonaDude sad flower

RE: really hate it

Hi Ocee wave

It may be an indication that the person is either not true to their word, has a really bad memory, or something came up - like an emergency, maybe.

Personally, I prefer it when people say what they mean and mean what they say. But, there can be exceptions depending on the situation.

RE: What's Cooking on here ?

I've got corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and carrots in the crock pot.

It will be a yummy dish for dinner later. thumbs up

RE: Curry

I do! wave

laugh @ blowing an O ring. . .

RE: you get online often on

Black magic, of course. roll eyes


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