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RE: still single and looking????????

Be happy with yourself - be true to yourself and don't dwell on the negatives - be positive

Your special man will find you when you least expect it ... and he may not be on this site or any internet dating site...

cheer up enjoy life

teddybear teddybear

RE: Cow of a day

gawd I hate that... when you click on quote and then found out it's reply

Yep, I have a s*&*&t couple of weeks -

iinjured my arm at work - got certificate from hospital, then I had to get a clearance, gp gave me a 2 week workers comp certificate and put down shoulder... now have to wait until the end of the week to see if it has been accepted - that's four weeks later, meanwhile no pay, had to speak to the bank, ha! that was fun, car ran out of rego, sheezus
so here I am, sitting at home, wondering why an earth do I have a house for when all I do is go to work to pay the friggin' mortgage and everything associated with it, all I want to do is sell up, buy a a big 35ft caravan and just go....
yep it certainly doesn't rain, it just pours... frustrated frustrated

RE: cheats

You are so right - it is soul destroying, the damage that is done to your self - esteem, your confidence, trust, you no longer trust yourself, let anyone else, you blame yourself, you think about the what if's and the could of be's...and now you suffer from self doubt and have insecurity problems
and when you meet someone, and something is said - you turn inward and all the pain and heartache comes back again, ALL because of one indivudual, and the person you are seeing is probably wondering what the hell is going on, because whatever they said or did was so innocent and you've overacted.

so as far as I am concerned, cheaters can burn in hell, because they will never understand the depth of destruction they have caused to that one individual - All because they were shallow, insensitive cowards...

RE: Should women have to pay Alimony

An acquaintance of mine, told me today that her ex husband wants her to pay him alimony, however, I told her I don't think that applies in Australia.. Just because she has a business - a one man business (hairdressing) that her business should pay for his lifestyle...

Yet he works, they have no children, his income is greater, but he wants her to pay him... Too me that sounds so wrong...confused

RE: This is Going to Happen Again. Be Warned.

It's interesting how the cyrpus situation has caused concern for most countries, but on a lighter note, maybe the banks should all learn from the swiss - what goes in does not come out!!wine

RE: women keeping husbannds name after divorce

I think the times are changing, once upon a time, Women had to take their husbands name, but now, Women have a choice, particularly the younger ones
for the baby boomers (you think that during the free love era) we still didn't have a choice...

Another problem I have encountered is that most know me under my married name even my children's friends - so sometimes it pays just to go with the flow...laugh

RE: cheats

Victim of a cheater....

Cheaters never realise the carnage they leave behind -

Oh well time heals most things, but trust takes a little bit longer...professor yay laugh

RE: Pay rise?

You can keep your job going to those chicken sheds, I am happy to work in a processing factory.... dancing grin

RE: Pay rise?

wanna make a bet!

RE: women keeping husbannds name after divorce

I personally don't see what the problem is.. I still use mine, but I don't know what is involved in name changing over there, but here, it is a nightmare...Although in some instances, because my licence, tax, etc was in maiden name before changing it to my married name, now all I have to do is produce my birth certificate and hey presto, but some like the banks wants this document that document.... friggin' nora, no wonder women don't change their names, and besides
why should we?.. just because some future Mrs might get confused with the previous Mrs..give me a breakfrustrated

RE: Pay rise?

we all get paid the same rate at our place except those working in the red area (kill room) and boning
however, if these guys come into the white area to work (overtime) they get paid the lower rate, but if we go into the red area which I did for one shift they still paid me at my current level
also we have just commenced our EBA as well.. wonder what sacrifices we will have to make ...Just a pity they can't hassle the compensation board for approving anything faster.. now off for another 2 bloody weeks before I can see the independent Medical Examiner...

Oh well.. doh moping frustrated

RE: Pay rise?

and don't forget the chicken

rolling on the floor laughing

they keep me in a job....laugh

RE: Pay rise?

that sounds like our place -

took months to get vacancies filled in the cut up line, and within a hour one walked out, another took a day, and another a week..

rolling on the floor laughing

Actually we get our pay rise April first... yay!! all of 40cents an hour... moping

RE: Is age just a number or a handicap

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I wonder if Ivana Trump would agree with your post...


RE: Who Is Your Favorite Music Band From The U.K.???

Genesis -

How could you forget Phil Collins???laugh

RE: Is age just a number or a handicap

geez does it really matter?? ... It's up to the individual, if they are comfortable dating older or younger... It's their choice, not our... and if they are happy so be it...jmo


RE: Ipswich fella's?

Way to go girl!!hug cheering

RE: Ipswich fella's?

Here's what one of my younger female co workers did -

she turned up at a party with a hot "female" date.. made her ex stumble over his jaw and her friends just keiled over with laughter...laugh ..anyway she had a ball!!!laugh

RE: And the latest news on the weather front is .....

"raining" on the bay ......................Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!doh

RE: Honesty

I stopped watching parliament question time, due to the ongoing verbal garbage being displayed by so called adults who have been elected to represent us...

If they took out the slanging matches and verbal abuse maybe something constructive might come out their mouths - and we the people who they are representing might see positive outcomes that will benefit us all... instead of the blame game.. good grief, and it's only going to get friggin' worse...doh

RE: Should I give up on love are keep looking

I wouldn't give up on love, but I certainly don't like the pain it brings...
I'm just coming to terms with the fact that my boyfriend of some time has given me a whopping slap on the face... I got off this site to concentrate on my relationship with him, but, he has stayed on, (not that I asked him to quit... besides I know what his answer would be to that) but our relationship must be missing something if he is involved and building another relationship with other women, because in my mind, he is morally cheating, and he is even lying about the fact that he is on...like I really care, but at least he could admit that he is talking to his friends or whatever.... conversing dunno

RE: Is it wrong to let your cat sleep in your bed with you?

I don't mind my cat sleeping on my bed.. on a cold's winters night he keeps my back warm, and unlike a male he doesn't hog the whole bed...laugh

RE: [u]Menopause:- What a cruel thing from our creator for women to have[/u]

gee - a guy who not asks appropriate questions but is also trying very harf to understand and accept women who have or are inflicted with this this curse of nature
Everything u have written that your female friends have said has been documented
and like your friends - I feel empathy with them ovet the negativr effects of menapsuse


personally i would stick with sending the offending emails to "junk"
getting even only paves the way for you to receive more offending emails later down the track when they have figured out what you have done... if you can ignore the emails than you youreself are the stronger person....hug


hi lookin, no not typing spanish, just using my mobile phone that has a touch screen....laugh

and as for sebder, i meant "sender" wine

and as for where have I been..... working .... been doing alot of overtime, and when not working, catching up with the domestics... leading a very dull and boring life...laugh


i ciukdb't agree more
just add the sebder ti junk mail to be deleted automatically
then u don't see it to open it..

RE: Do many men actually decline friendship requests from women on CS?

Most of the men that I know, do decline "friend" requests - more often than not it's because they are seeing someone, and I can't be bothered -

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