IMO, you're applying too much logic in your conclusion & not factoring in EU fanaticism, so whilst I agree with your conclusion the EU will see it as a loss of both control & money, those being the only things the EU lives for they may well go out of there way to make life as hard for the UK as possible, they care not about jobs or the people of the EU, there only concern is being in control of an European super state.

RE: Burt Reynolds dies

doh sad flower


An article I read the other day quoting a senior politician made a lot of sense, since the snowflakes decided stop & search might offend certain groups of society and changed the rules knife & gun crime has become rife, which is better, upset a few by giving the police the powers they need or as now where people fear to walk the streets dunno merely putting more police on the streets isn't going to be effective if they don't have the power to act.

RE: Sweden: Four African Migrants Gang Rape Disabled Woman

How about large corporations that want cheap labour for the 20 years it will take them to mechanise 40% of current jobs, then as there'll be mass unemployment they need people who can survive on $5 a day benefits doh

(The 40% job loses through mechanisation from figures released this week)

RE: Mental incapacity in single people

I think personally being physically incapacitated is more of a worry, as for being mentally incapacitated I suppose you'd need to hope you wouldn't know what was happening & therefore not that worried about it dunno

RE: paint

Surely the question should be which gets tacky first, paint or a CS thread professor laugh

RE: Trump backs Russia again

You still getting your news from the Brussels Broadcasting Corp laugh

It seems clear having read the comment form MikeD12 that some in the US want a return of at least the cold war, seems to me Trump is trying to calm the situation, between MikeD12 & Trump (duly elected & doing exactly what he said he would) which do you see as being guilty of treason dunno personally my money would be on the fallout shelter salesman rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Should I go electric?

You need to stay with petrol professor no cordless device will cope with the size you're talking about, the battery would be the size of a small car doh and a mains cable that length will tie itself in knots in 3 minutes flat professor

RE: Unlawfully Imprisoned! Whistle Blower Kept in Prison Beyond Release Date

I don't think that holds true of the paper I read, normally quite the opposite in fact laugh but the fact a search of that paper on this subject came up blank leads me to believe they can't print it, from previous experience they would if they could doh

RE: Unlawfully Imprisoned! Whistle Blower Kept in Prison Beyond Release Date

RE: Unlawfully Imprisoned! Whistle Blower Kept in Prison Beyond Release Date

I don't specifically recall hearing about this woman, or any case of arson, so as normal in such cases did a web search, hundreds of "dodgy" web sites talking about it but in 10 pages of results & one DE search not a single mention in the mainstream media confused it's as though the woman doesn't exist uh oh perhaps you'd be so kind as to provide a link for that as I can't find one.

Maybe of interest, one article that came in the above search entitled "This assault on whistleblowers exceeds even the draconian 1911 act", it doesn't mention the woman in question at all far as I can see but Google seems to think there's a link, why dunno with the current political situation in the UK a general election in the near future is looking ever more likely & I think it's important that we know about things like this before making a decision on which party to cast our vote.

RE: Is the U.K. gearing up for another BREXIT vote?

Far as I can see looking at the official site, entitled "Hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal " the total number is 145,117, so only about 3 million short of the "over 3 million" quoted in the USA media doh

RE: Trump has spoken and believes the UK citizens would be as safe as US citizens IF

Trump is perfectly correct, with gun rights UK citizens would be as safe as Americans, ie not safe at all professor a quick check on Wiki shows gun deaths per annum due to homicide in the states is 4.62 per 100,000, in the UK it's 0.06, think that says it all.

RE: Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for filming outside Muslim rape trial

No, as I suspected you don't give a shit about the victims, you're just interested in getting your petty points across, we'll I'll leave you to it.

RE: Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for filming outside Muslim rape trial

It means no such thing, the only thing lifted is the ban on reporting what happened to Robinson & why. I shall try one last time to post an article explaining the situation in full & why threads like this & indeed Robinson's actions could result in 29 (supposed) scumbags walking free, and the children & witnesses forced to go through another 6 week trial, reliving the nightmare all over again. There is no left or right wing here, no cover up, when the trial is over if found guilty the defendants will be plastered across every news outlet in the UK, if found innocent why would anyone want to know who they were?

The phrase " the trial of the child rapists Tommy was trying to out " is nonsense, the trial is being held in crown court, it's a public event, you can go if you want, the only reason it's not being reported at the moment is to make sure it's a fair trial & the jurors are not swayed by threads like this one, everyone in a free country is entitled to a fair trial & it's highly likely defense lawyers will use pieces like this one to claim a miss-trial, therefore if you really care about justice for the victims you'll delete this thread, but I won't hold my breath on that .

RE: Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for filming outside Muslim rape trial

" In England and Wales, theoretically all criminal offences cognizable by English law involve "a breach of the Queen's peace", and all indictments formerly concluded "against the peace of our Lady the Queen, her crown and dignity" before the passage of the Indictments Act 1915 and the Rules that formed that Act's first schedule. The conclusion has also found its way into constitutional law in many United States state constitutions, which mandate that indictments within the state end in a similar manner to the above, usually omitting the "crown" part or substituting "government". For example, New Jersey's is "against the peace of this State, the government and dignity of the same"

RE: Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for filming outside Muslim rape trial

He was accosting members of the public outside a courthouse, getting there names wrong & accusing them of being p*dophile, all this being displayed live on Facebook, sounds like suspected breach of the peace to me, whilst I can see some on this thread would prefer trial by CS in the UK it's up to a jury to decide on guilt.

RE: Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for filming outside Muslim rape trial

Not a lot of fact on this thread professor I'll post a revised article on the events below, this explains what he was arrested for & why, as he has admitted his guilt & apologised to the court it's hardly a miscarriage of justice & certainly not worthy of casting the UK as undemocratic doh

RE: Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for filming outside Muslim rape trial

This thread is rather long & I haven't read every comment, but perhaps these two UK news articles may shed some light on the situation, I've posted one from a left wing source & one from the right for balance laugh

RE: Casual meet (pub lunch type) in Costa del Sol / Costa Tropica area - you in?

Not used to forums, that should have had the comment from Bnaughty above it doh

RE: Casual meet (pub lunch type) in Costa del Sol / Costa Tropica area - you in?

typing makes note to buy darker sun glasses in case you don't get round to visiting the hairdresser before then professor laugh

RE: belated happy birthday mollybaby

happy birthday wine banana

RE: What have I forgotten?

It's been bikini weather here most of the winter, but sods law kicks in whenever something is planned doh

RE: What have I forgotten?

These things are relative, we get the odd chilly day rather than September to May like you all near the Arctic Circle laugh

RE: What have I forgotten?

What about a list of things not to pack professor Bagpipes, Haggis, Snow Shoes, mind you with the current forecast for Friday you might need the snow shoes on the Costa del Siberia blues grin

RE: PICTURE THREAD - another try...

RE: My brain is mince, can't decide which

Storm Gertrude is on her way.

uh oh

RE: My brain is mince, can't decide which

uh oh grin

RE: My brain is mince, can't decide which

Edinburgh - Heathrow, would probably have to be BA for that & short notice I could see that costing a grand........each way doh

RE: My brain is mince, can't decide which

There's nowhere safe from us professor rolling on the floor laughing

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