RE: Kurds deserted by the Americans.

Whats new? Remember Saigon 1975!

RE: Zimbabwe.....

It is amazing how many black africans who did not want the white man to rule their country are now living in a white mans' country. Whenever I meet a black Zimbawean my advice is to go back to Mugabe' s Utopia.

RE: British Man Jailed For Eating Crisps In Front Of Muslim

f*ck islam

RE: Fakes looking for dates

I met a lady on this site about 6 months ago. We have spoken on the telephone regularly and have traded emails. She does not want my money and I do not want hers. I recently came to the conclusion she is as mad as a hatter. On her facebook page for the last 2-3 weeks she has posted comments about her younger sister. I have no idea what the cause of the disagreement was but would never post such comments for the whole world to read.,

RE: Are you in favour of abortion on demand in Ireland?

Only those whose mothers did not have an abortion are in favour. If you do not want to have a child the answer is simple, keep your legs closed.

RE: Female Genital Mutilation Spikes in U.K

If you allow baboons to enter your country you will not have a not have a human being you will have a relocated baboon.

RE: Shock Report: Migrants Become Less Integrated the Longer They Stay in Europe

You can take a baboon out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the baboon. All you will have is a relocated baboon.

RE: Lawyers in the courtroom............unreal...............

Couple consulting their doctor:

Man. If we have an*l s*x will she fall pregnant?

Doctor. Where do you think lawyers come from?

RE: 85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

I bet the muslim shit arrived in France claiming to be a refugee.

RE: Is gun control the solution to these unspeakable tragedies?

It is what happens when you give every social inadequate who thinks he is John Wayne a gun.

RE: is there any single females thta not got kids all ready and

I am a widower, we were married 35 years and never had children. In December I met a lady here on CS and she has 6 children over the age of 17, 2 are twins. I think we are madly in ;love as we speak on the phone each day and will actually meet in March. We are both aware of the obstacles we face.

RE: Sperm and egg donors, anonymity

There is no guarantee your father is the one she tells you about. Ask Tony Abbott he fell for the story it was his child.

RE: Coronation Street v Neighbours

Did not know the yanks had a version of either Coronation Street or Neighbours!

RE: looking for Aussie/Kiwi ancestor you might try these links

Prison records always a good place to start!

RE: What do you think is the greatest obstacle in dating?

Might fit his bum!

RE: There is loads of men and women and want to be together, Why aren't they?

Met a lady on CS 4 months ago. We would both dearly love to get together, we even live in the same state. mainly Western Australia. The problem is I live in the north and she lives somewhat south, distance about 2000 km. We are hoping to meet in Perth in March.

RE: Should feminist activists fight for Muslim women rights, since it effects culture of the west ?

If you take a baboon out of Africa and put him in Trafalgar Square or any other part of Europe you will have a relocated baboon. You will not have a civilised human being. If you doubt this ask the women of Cologne.

RE: Should First World Nations give away their comfort of living to Third Worlds

If the illegals from Africa cannot support their bastards take them down to a vet and have their balls cut off.

RE: Should First World Nations give away their comfort of living to Third Worlds

RE: is Europe going to suffocate on the refugee problem?

The asylum system is completely absurd. Why are "refugees" given permanent residence? Why is it that only Europe has to help? What about the rich Arab countries? Why don't the EU officials demand that Saudi Arabia spend money on their own people instead of building mosques in Europe?
The western world should stay out of ME and African problems, we are all equal = they are responsible for their own countries just like we are for ours.[/quote

I Totally agree with your sentiments. Suggest that we have a policy of "do not make your problems our problems".

RE: The thins that one learns.....

Unless they have no mobile coverage in NSW you obviously did nit keep in contact with your mother.

Mine lives in Victoria and there is coverage in the outback.

RE: Americans?

Do you know any other country where the adults are so stupid they give a 3 year old a gun to shoot his brother?

I suppose some might claim he was exercising his right to bear arms.

RE: Why is the woman the one that has to relocate?

I think I maybe in a unique situation. I have a British passport and an Australian passport. I also have an expired South African passport. That means there are many countries I could choose to live in.
I have been in Australia now for 12 years and have always lived in the outback. About 12 months ago I met a lady on CS who lives in NSW about 3000 km from where I live. We have met face to face a number of times and are in love. Question on both our minds is where in Australia. I recently drove to visit her about 6000 km round trip 7 days driving.

RE: Did God create just Adam & Eve or everybody ?

I just wonder who there kids married? Maybe we are all related as there was only one Adam and one Eve.

RE: The thins that one learns.....

Spelling was not one of them, never heard of a noun "thins".

RE: Why Do People Have Children?

Just maybe your ex was not the one infertile!

RE: 300 BC ansestry

Monks were supposed to be celibate!

RE: NB: Beware of dating scams

I bet they found a fake matric certificate was no use getting a real job.

RE: Indian men

Like the Chinese they have discovered if everyone has sons the a grand son is going to be a problem, unless they can work out how to get their boy friends pregnant.

RE: Anyone actually MET anyone on here??

I have met two ladies on CS. The first I met on a visit to South Africa. We spent 4 days travelling together in the Northern Cape. In the end things did not work out.

About 18months ago started to message a lady who was living in Geraldton WA. She also has a property in NSW about 600km north of Sydney. We finally met at the end of August and have spent time together in Derby where I have a house, Tennant Creek where I live and her property in NSW.

Next September we hope to spend 6 weeks in South Africa.

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