RE: Why are you on cs


Btw its also free to watch some pretty women pictures on their profile...Its good for eyes (wow) uh oh

RE: I am so happy

Congrats......thumbs up

RE: Best Gifts to Send to Your Girl Abroad

Either nothing or bank account details (in case you are kind enough so that she/he can buy all above you mentioned)professor

RE: Let it go!!!!....

one person can choose any way until it doesn't hurt ex.

can you send me any message in my mail? as I said I would send all the information about Indian tourism I am unable to send you mail, its blocked.

RE: When ur at your lowest ebb..

Hi brotherwave
Yes he used to be funny guy...conversing yes you might be right..

nothing special all porn scene offers same thing ...pleasure in watching of such clips increases while i m too drunk..grin
unfortunately i left drinking..drink rarely..moping

RE: When ur at your lowest ebb..

shock shock

You never behaved like that before. What is happening/happened to you.dunno

Live and let live hug

RE: When ur at your lowest ebb..

If I say for me Its the porn sites. Does it mean I am pervert??tongue

RE: How do u know when ur in real love.......

Its impossible to know that this person is " the one".

Only time knows

RE: Sex without love or love without sex

Love without sex- when you love someone put you in friendlist
Sex without love- when you do with hooker.

RE: send to all kind of message!!

They can't as they often robbed by wise/hot lady/ladies...laugh rolling on the floor laughing

RE: send to all kind of message!!

Old saying " time is money"
Guys are lazy and they dont like to waste money.


RE: Who's Duty Is It ??

And they are turning on then start doing it in class...

RE: Who's Duty Is It ??

laugh laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Did you follow the advice?

RE: Who's Duty Is It ??

because of carelessness. how can it possible they know about sex but unaware of protection measures.

I dont know about girls but in my childhood hot topic among the teenager guys are girls and sex lolzlaugh ( its still sametongue )

RE: Who's Duty Is It ??

We learned by their own...can't they?conversing

RE: name the person who cares for you on this site...

Yes trueheart is good guy. I am happy to know you have couple of ladies care for you.hug

RE: Who is or was the greatest man in the world?

cant compare they are

RE: Independent woman

believe me professor
Men and women both are independent until they are committed. cool being in relationship status and independence speech doesn't suit them laugh

RE: Why do women want to date younger men?

Stupid media and magazines.

RE: Why are people in a rush to get married so young

yes kills emotions.
That is the reason separated people take long to get married

RE: Can't relate!!

Are you trying to scare this new membertongue
How is everything?hug

RE: Why do women want to date younger men?

I have never seen 18 years old girl looking for 10-12 years old
they seek compatibility.

head banger

RE: Why are people in a rush to get married so young

People want to achieve everything

RE: Back to basics !

You are right but there is difference between better and peaceful life...hug
there are still very few of guys (expert in housekeeping) want a woman doesn't know anything about household

man today want active woman conversing

RE: Submissive

I have no idea but dominating partner can tell ushelp uh oh

RE: Do I look Like A drug Abuser !!

I just lost Slaugh how are you ?hug

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