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RE: Would you date anyone outside your comfort zone?

just in case
dating same sex i.e gay- top.

it would never inspire me to being bottom for him and getting F****ed it will only open door which is back door...tongue tongue rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Is there any guy here to accept this challenge? answer is no----except Trueheart he is very adventures tongue laugh

RE: 60-70 years of Experience: How's Life treating you?

you forgot to mention your are virgin too...from back sidetongue tongue professor

RE: 60-70 years of Experience: How's Life treating you?

I will answer after 27 years, I am 33 wave

RE: Is love a real feeling - or just a commercialistic gimmic ?

All of the things you mentioned don't exits with time.conversing yawn

RE: Would you date anyone outside your comfort zone?

My comfort zone-- No

race is religion doesn't matter at all..
Age is big concern for me as I wouldn't like to go to jail by dating underage girlhelp and dating granny doesn't make sense any sense.
laugh laugh

RE: Why are some unlucky in love.

You can call it a quality of guy..i.e. her husbandgrin

RE: On-line dating expeience

Nah, risk factor is considered first than profit before investment . dunno:

Btw lottery hasn't changed many people lives but they are still in grin

RE: I Don't Want Lots Of Bad Girls

I always wanted a bad girl but unfortunately they were all good girls...frustrated frustrated

Life is very cruel

RE: what are your hobbies ?

Is wanking considered as hobby?grin

RE: If u had to choose - based on wealth, personality, looks, Intelligence - choose Just one ?

with that I can hire all the people have qualities above you drinking

Today by money you may not buy everything but many things.


In my country media is free from any pressure but its controlled by money power to produce paid

RE: On-line dating expeience

On-line dating experience-
It's very useful because it helps men/women to remain single until they die with hope to get their better half soon.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Do women really need feminism?

I dont know about East or middle east what I now..They just have more political ights than men.
But society doesn't treat according to rights they are given.

Courts are there to decide.

Police listen more to women than men if they accuse men for rape/dowry/molestation/s*xual harassment..There is straight provision of imprisonment until once get bail.
In case of dowry accusation whole family go to jail and its very tough to get bail.innocent (even if girl family never gave single penny)
if women does sex with her consent she always has the power to send men jail in her life time just by accusing him for rape...innocent (non bailable offense)

List goes on. cool

RE: Sex before marriage. What is your take on this?

In my country sex is not allowed before marriage. Many of people first get married then go for sex and they remain together life time...conversing

but current generation with well educated having modern thoughts does follow this old time trend. They follow western trend of sex, marriage and divorce.laugh

RE: Do women really need feminism?

I already said above women are given more rights politically i.e rights given by govt. to make their condition stronger and whatever you mentioned above categories as crime/punishable offense here.

RE: Do women really need feminism?

You can say Indian society is strict, impose many restrictions not only on women but also on men.grin

RE: Do women really need feminism?

I said it in above post.

I am interested to know what he said.

RE: Do women really need feminism?

I am not gonna lie.
Women in my country have more rights politically then men, there are many incidences reported when women misused their special rights(special rights means those are not given to men) but rights given by society vary according to the place they are living, family back ground etc.

women just have to report to make any normal man life abnormal...laugh

RE: Predictions for 2018

Prediction of 2018 by Guysimple

One2note wont get laid in 2018.

Trueheart will continue farting in every thread like previous years.

laugh laugh

RE: Do women really need feminism?

thumbs up

At least you are one to accept it.
I just enjoy the comment made by women have latest technology dildo in one hand and pretend while typing here they are living in past when they have not equal rights like today. super hole

RE: Do women really need feminism?

you can enjoy reading comment...innocent

RE: Do women really need feminism?

Game has started ....laugh


RE: Do women really need feminism?

If I say something

A group of women may attack me verbally... ( try to prove I am women hater)laugh

Thus I prefer to stay away from controversial topics but like to read silly comment in their defense of f*ck feminism.tongue

RE: Friendly Or Flirting!

We have no control on others feeling thus persons decide their own line based on this mentalitycool

RE: Who's your favorite Actor (male/female) and favorite movie starring said Actor(s)

Its with everyone...laugh

I didn't watch the movies you mentioned...but will watch

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