RE: What's the difference..

One of my friend shared paid site experience and said that most of the people there serious about finding partner (thatswhy they pay).
Some look for fun( S*X)and other want long term relationship without wasting much

for example-
No person will pay the entry fee of PUB/BAR serves only alcohol drinks if he/she doesn't drink.

grin drinking drinking

RE: Are women

No doubt, there are many wonderful women in this world including

RE: Are women

and if you don't want to sort out your this just learn telling lie...rolling on the floor laughing to have good relationship.laugh

RE: Are women

Yeah small but not ugly.tongue

RE: Are women

These qualities are inbuilt in them because they are more demanding and want everything perfect.....uh oh but these unattractive qualities fade away with maturity...head banger

RE: Lusty Confession...

Actually they hardly try.

RE: would you say you are mature?

I am good. how are you?
how is weather there?cool

RE: would you say you are mature?

I am good. how are you?
how is weather there?cool

RE: would you say you are mature?

I dont think you are that immature tongue roll eyes

RE: What Makes You Happy

Helping others.
Hanging out with friends.
There are lot of stuffs..

RE: Would you be happier being single? Or being with someone?

At the current stage of my life I would prefer to be single.

RE: Inner Peace

Kung Fu Panda-2 (for inner peace)... devil

RE: Separation and women

what does it mean?

RE: Information Sharing

It depends..on the gender and his/her appearance grin...( becoz in this site doesn't offer much) devil

Which gender fight more to prove they are smarter ??

Is that the reason they never arguelaugh

Why all frustrated women on CS?

Hi big brotherwave
How are you??

RE: What makes a normal woman turn to feminism .

What makes a normal woman turn to feminism??


Most women swing between it.

They turn to feminism if they see advantage on that otherwise they are just normal woman and enjoy privilege of being normal woman.uh oh

RE: Why All Men Cheat on Loyal Women ?

Lets go deep to find out roots of this-
Generally women(loyal women)prefer a man have higher demand in market in other words should be presentable because Its women nature to show off their stuffs. We can see they like to show they are pretty by using make up, hot by wearing sexy dress etc. They are more impressed to jerk/cheater than a normal nice guy. These players are good in playing games and can do anything to take a lady to bed what a normal nice guy never do.

We have read many threads in this site where men are complaining why they dont get reply from a women and many women replied they reply if received mail is interesting...So game starts from the beginning. (mind game).
Why Scammers can easily lure a lady because they already know how many lies they have to tell what a normal nice guy would never do.

RE: What makes a normal woman turn to feminism .

I agree meeting can be just a cup of tea/coffee but This guy has different experience of dating but its interesting to see women either like to split the bill or pay none whereas men often willing pay the whole bill what women rarely do.

Selling --getting something in exchange of money. In his case women thought their time is more valuable than him and worth of his money laugh laugh

Its what women think of equality. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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