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RE: Personal or impersonal

Yes no doubt they are boring people thumbs up and once they learn to make their personality attractive to one girl automatically they become attractive to many...laugh may be many women seek same pre- qualifications that attractswave

RE: Looking ahead, then what do you see your LOVE LIFE to be like in say 1-2 yrs from now ??!!!

I dont know what is wrong I am unable to vote...lolzz

But I would vote- Same like it is today, not much happeninghead banger

RE: 'You don't make more friends in life than the ones you have when you're 25'....

You didn't mention in this thread you only want ladies opinions or guys are always welcome I am asking this because actually if I am not wrong parents treat their kids differently as they have different treatment and suggestions to boy and girl kid.

I have many friends and I can't count as I dont have any enemy so I can't say about hidden enemy..lolzz I never had serious fight with anyone yet.

Yes I found very nice people men and women both in this site and they turned into friend they not anymore in this site but in touch.hug

RE: What's your current mood???

neither happy nor sad..


RE: Personal or impersonal

"“What women want to hear? (Scammers knows well)

Sorry for the inconvenience

I mean any true guy/man with his words means- (A guy always keeps his promises) speak/write words what he means so there is less chances he will write something what makes other happy but a player can write very nice massages to make many women happy same time because he is well experienced and know how to forget what he said.

Scammers are best in writing nice messages that is the reason they neither only able to harvest money but also make all hot women of this site busy too....laugh as they make attractive profile and make women droll by messages...laugh Nice/decent guys can't do that because something stops them we all know what is that.

We have heard lot of times nice guys remain single.head banger
Actually they dont know what women want to hear and even if they know they hardly tell everybody they are attracted to ( reason they dont make everybody special) cool and once they find someone they remain committed whole life....

Life is simple if we try to make it simple ....otherwise its very complicated ...

Its upto hot/sexy/cool/pretty women what they want..bouquet

RE: Personal or impersonal

laugh laugh laugh laugh
What women want? laugh (Scammers knows well)

Any decent true guy (Man of his words) what is never applicable to women because I neither heard such lines used for ladies nor got such lady in my life who follow that ....( This might be the reason I am always around the guys)
So lets comes to thread topic ....Men can write anything Personal like ---how pretty you are/that is your son/what is his name/ do you have dog-cat---------------------------------------------- but does it matter ????

If you are scammer or you are interested only in someone who have pre determined qualifications.yawn
Why should guys waste their time ????

Decent guys approach decently..and they are not only one looking for love..professor

Intelligent women understand well and they dont remain for years in this boring site..hug

Note: This message need time to understand so its advised not to get angry after reading .....and start hating megrin grin grin bouquet bouquet

RE: What do you enjoy MOST about the CS Forums?

Exchange of opinions on life, politics

Trueheart is this you voted on "S*x talk with 'the guys' "??tongue

RE: belated happy birthday mollybaby

Belated Happy Birthday Dear Molly
party party party party party hat cake party party party party party hat

RE: Did you have enough sex ?

So this is the reason guys look for shy lady..laugh

RE: Did you have enough sex ?

You sometimes make us feel jealous ...tongue

RE: why a LOt of people DON't changE their PROFILe picture on CS???

I guessconfusedtheir face, height, weight and status haven't change enough to post new picture.laugh
I trouble recognizing people sometimes when they chance display picturefrustrated as i dont try to remember profile name of user.conversing

RE: why so MANy oLD ladies/ jumP to REPLy to yOUR post on CS?????

Its not true you can find 18-35 age range people on CS but they are not active on threads/forums and I guess they are more active in PMs. You can see this site lacking such features like audio/video chat rooms and the age range you are talking about is known for lacking patience so they get bored quickly. Some well known sites have more than 70% of member within age range 18-40 and I am sure you know why those sites are famous for? grin

Your other complain is older people are posting in your thread. You should feel happy about your thread topic is being consider to discuss by mature and experienced people.yay otherwise many thread get dead within 2 posts.uh oh

You can write in thread which age range people's opinion you are seeking. cool

RE: How high is your dating bar?

laugh laugh

Happiness and satisfaction they seek from partner but they have no Idea what qualities of man can provide them laugh thus their list goes on and on with no ending.

laugh laugh

RE: I want true love..

You cant get it....

But you can give it to others...

True love is not about getting but giving

But if your are looking for night love in internet ..........wink

RE: Womens arses

Being a straight guy

No man a**e can be more attractive than woman a**e smitten

I stay away from such men those think their arses are better than XYZ women ...rolling on the floor laughing

these things are to look at not to discuss....


RE: 99 years old ladies

If we keep rely on this site for getting partner that day will come soon....laugh bouquet

RE: 99 years old ladies

You are very funny.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: 99 years old ladies

You are very funny.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: 2 Questions

Its had never been favorable on a woman's terms as they are called by many name like Sl*t, Wh*re if they try to be open with anyone about their fantasy that is the reason they seek for reliable partner to perform and try to keep things secret.

Btw not all women are same just like men and I am sure you didn't get right (wild) partner yet. hug

RE: ladies, would you pay for sex?

seems you have done lot of workpeace

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