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RE: Did you have enough sex ?

Almost it is never enoughgrin

RE: ladies, would you pay for sex?

They dont pay for sex but can pay for love/relationship.uh oh

RE: How to get a woman to have sex .

Simple hire a n get it.(This is the easiest way/option).professor

But many of us (men) don't like to go for easiest option (becoz of self steem and fear about diseases).cool

and to get it from other women except women mentioned in 1st option only one way work which is try, try and try until you get tired of trying. I am saying all this because trying is the never ending process and you are the only one can judge when it's enough. laugh
BTW your success in getting is quite depend on woman so there is no guarantee you will succeed but you can do nothing but try.rolling on the floor laughing
Now you will ask how to try, any technique? No researcher have found yet any Super universal technique with 0.00 failure rate frustrated and these stupid researchers have been trying to invent such technique since men started feeling their pole's need.moping

But you can try other techniques and make sure you have few resources money, time, brain.(essential).
IF you want it from a above average looking woman those claim to have swinging thousands of mens' poles around them all the time then first you need to make sure you have all the qualities what a poor male servant have because these kind of woman want nothing but good looking, financial sound and polite house servent c*m driver.professor
If you are worried you don't have qualities of polite servent dont worry. quite your job and start search for a house servent job, within month or two I am sure your will learn following

1) How to treat someone like prince and princess.laugh
2) How to respect. (even if that person is not respectable)laugh
3) How to be attentive.(when woman puts man in probation period this helps as instant reply of all message or call is most important).laugh
4) How to be ready in a minute for new task.(even if you are doing very other important work)
5) Never argue. (even if you know other person is wrong)laugh
6) Habit of listening. (even if you are not in mood or subject is quite boring)laugh
etc etc
Once your training get completed you can try in real.tongue

History has proven men with all above qualities and basic resources (money, time, brain) always had higher success rate.

laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh

RE: what is most importan for a true relationship??

trust and patience.

RE: India And Females ..... Nepali Girl Was Menstruating ... Forced To Live In A Shed And Dies

Are you vegetarian or non vegetarian?

RE: India And Females ..... Nepali Girl Was Menstruating ... Forced To Live In A Shed And Dies

Very sad news.

RE: How do you tell a guy he's lacking in bed without crushing his ego?

This might be the another reason of hating men..please dont mind it joke

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

higher sex drive of man makes all the female whom he see h*rny enough to score him all the time...wink wink

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

Power and control words are used in all articles of government but it never considered as govt are raping their citizens ..

sex is sex now a day small kid know about that but here OP mentioned the sex drive.....with higher sex drive option....
and I am so sure it can make that person do rape...

RE: How do you tell a guy he's lacking in bed without crushing his ego?

tell him straight....lolzz

otherwise make yourself sexy enough so he wouldn't leave you till morning..heart wings

RE: How high is your sex drive..? are still playing game as you always do..

as you still didn't tell the meaning, difference and how its not related to sex....dunno

RE: How do you tell a guy he's lacking in bed without crushing his ego?

Is it your personal experience or you are following he reports?

Lets go in deeper levercheering

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

I am old user of this site thus I know what is your understanding level and writing skill is.

Please dont mind

RE: How high is your sex drive..?


You are the only one person here is barking like a b*tch...rolling on the floor laughing
You might be sexually frustrated that is the only reason you are not open conversation....

This thread about sex drive and Higher sex drive

Can a man with low sex drive do rape....I mean forcefully sex...?????

should I go in detail???

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

Just scroll and you will find you are the one wanted to know me what is it means...and I am sue you don't know the real meaning of it.

but its alright...

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

Its just because there are many people here having PHD in everything in this site so I never go deep in anything by becoming stupid I just like to hear people thoughts....I hope you understand if you dont then ...............................................................( it might be a new subject of research)laugh

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

professor you still didn't tell what its...did you??conversing

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

You are right I think you are expert and know well about sex drive of men but if you are not then?
I dont want to change any person thinking here I just said what I think...

Rape is a product of higher sex drive...( just like higher dose of alcohol/drugs) cool

RE: How high is your sex drive..?

I think its a best thing for a man to have sex drive what you have because many men with higher sex drive have higher chance to visit jail very frequently.....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I am sure Most of the women would support what I said as married men also have higher chance to get charge for rape.......tongue

help frustrated

RE: Your views on Prostitution!

In prostitution money always involved so it can't free.head banger

RE: Are all men stupid?

Are all men stupid?

If women think all men are stupid, it automatically makes women think they more smart/intelligent.conversing

Then why above average percentage of women complain they have deluded/betrayed/fooled by stupid men....tongue

Men are simple

I am really not in mood to have fight with you..okey you WON.

and about purity it doesn't need the tag of nationality but the self control. If you meet different kind of people you would understand what I am talking about. You still have time so you can visit other places and I am sure you would learn things what you have never saw before yet.
What my post says its not degrading men ......( because all the men looking for relationship which include sex too)

You said I am Idiot...

Do you know people need lots of degree plus experience for being judge and you are being judge just like must have known the word for a person that behave just like you...I mean unnecessarily unofficially declaring something what doesn't comes under her authority


Men are simple

You understand well where you want to feed your ego by attacking someone and now you can't understand a simple sentence of English

By the way I never mentioned sex in my thread but you understood so you are more intelligent women than anyone can get outside...laugh

Men are simple

I never saw your presence where women are saying in same site men are here for only sex....Did you???

Are you joking...laugh

Men are simple

Right as long as someone with not valid point

Men are simple

I do appreciate your decision...

Men are simple

No...if someone call me player...grin

Men are simple

No...if some tell me player...grin

Men are simple

Its called freedom of speech not a insult any gender...did i mention any abusive word...i didn't even mention the word what only one thing men want you know why if you are talking about values.uh oh

Men are simple

Hi big brother,
Not only you but many of us aware of such womeno are having simple, happy life with their husband are not single and not having big desire.

That is the reason they are not single lolzz and not in the category of women are looking ...grin

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