RE: Why no photo?

IF people post their naked pictures in CS profile have higher chances their pictures can be stolen for porn sites or Fake escorts agencies..

laugh laugh

RE: Have any people actually found a date on this?

It seems he wants to get old staying here in a hope someday one real LADY join this sitelaugh

RE: potential relationships

with higher repulsive forceuh oh

RE: What's the difference..

majority of women are more happy to buy dildo than the subscription of paid dating site.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What's the difference..

Yes women like to pay for sexy dresses and their make up stuffs being sure that will increase offers ...laughrolling on the floor laughing

RE: What's the difference..

One of my friend shared paid site experience and said that most of the people there serious about finding partner (thatswhy they pay).
Some look for fun( S*X)and other want long term relationship without wasting much

for example-
No person will pay the entry fee of PUB/BAR serves only alcohol drinks if he/she doesn't drink.

grin drinking drinking

RE: Are women

No doubt, there are many wonderful women in this world including

RE: Are women

and if you don't want to sort out your this just learn telling lie...rolling on the floor laughing to have good relationship.laugh

RE: Are women

Yeah small but not ugly.tongue

RE: Are women

These qualities are inbuilt in them because they are more demanding and want everything perfect.....uh oh but these unattractive qualities fade away with maturity...head banger

RE: Lusty Confession...

Actually they hardly try.

RE: would you say you are mature?

I am good. how are you?
how is weather there?cool

RE: would you say you are mature?

I am good. how are you?
how is weather there?cool

RE: would you say you are mature?

I dont think you are that immature tongue roll eyes

RE: What Makes You Happy

Helping others.
Hanging out with friends.
There are lot of stuffs..

RE: Would you be happier being single? Or being with someone?

At the current stage of my life I would prefer to be single.

RE: Inner Peace

Kung Fu Panda-2 (for inner peace)... devil

RE: Separation and women

what does it mean?

RE: Information Sharing

It depends..on the gender and his/her appearance grin...( becoz in this site doesn't offer much) devil

Which gender fight more to prove they are smarter ??

Is that the reason they never arguelaugh

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