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Have you ever heard men saying she should know how to treat and respect men?

1) Yes
2) No.

If no

Don't men need respect from opposite sex or they are smart enough and believe in earning respect from opposite sex than begging cool

No rude comment please. grin

RE: Relationships without sex

yes there are many thing which exist is normal desire even animals do it...laugh laugh

RE: Relationships without sex

yes religious people might do that..and We are not such people..
So life without sex would be boring. If there is a word for that relationship which doesn't contain Sex that is " friendship"hug

RE: Relationships without sex

we are living in 21 century where everything is possible...
but just think a Normal person( man/woman) without sex whole life...

there is lot to discuss we cant just come to point by giving example of the few couple

RE: Looking for True Love On-line

sorry mate there are many guys you will find they have gotten old after posting the same message in the past...

you can ask the truegrin

RE: Relationships without sex

Yes you are right as there are many product in the market like sex dolls and dildo ..tongue

RE: do you fancy anyone here?

It will take atleast one week minimum.laugh

RE: do you fancy anyone here?

There is a long listgrin

RE: Women, Sex and Marriage - Chapter 2

Lets enjoy the postpopcorn drinking

RE: Women, Sex and Marriage - Chapter 2

in short all of the above. women are more greedy than men so they want alltongue

RE: How to say "No"?

I do not hit on many women here but I am telling what i feel I do come online and read forum posts that is the only thing i m here and when i get a interesting topic i do participate. yes you are right about photo..

if you dont get much mail then your profile must be blocked for many countriescool

RE: Sex Tours.

you are Intelligent by asking question in such way..
Its never gonna stop as long as women are available Men would be there.

RE: How to say "No"?

Most of the nice guy are shy as they are not players if they are they wouldn't not be on dating site...
If any player guy is on dating site what you are saying I am sure he can impress anyone here......( scammers and players try so hard to impress) but a normal guy would never do that.

Yes I dont know if u get pissed off becoz getting many messages here.

I do know pretty women get more changes than a normal nice lady dont.

its nature what i m talking about.

RE: Sex Tours.

sleeping with women who allow her body to use in a place which have 5star hotel facility might be bad holidaygrin

RE: Sex Tours.

lolz you are right. thats is life people have to enjoy it..

RE: How to say "No"?

Actually you are noy looking but most of the guys dont read what you wrote in your profile as here lots of women are fake and if anyone is real they think she would reply.
But pretty girl always have benefit whether they r in dating site or real world....

Am I wrong?

RE: Sex Tours.

Not opinion yet.
What is your?

RE: Car or Motorbike?

bike or car...

definitely Car. If i my mind is still like teenager i would prefer bike..grin

RE: The Word


I dont know but one person claims to know everything...i must tryhug
by the how are you?

RE: lol

very funny hug

RE: Whos tired of waiting for Miss/Mr Right

Dont worry.
You need not to go out just keep door open.hug

RE: Whos tired of waiting for Miss/Mr Right

No I m not interested in pole Vs pole fight.

But I m doing favour for ladies who droll over man is hard all the time.grin

RE: Whos tired of waiting for Miss/Mr Right

True. U are hard all the time or just for few seconds???tongue

RE: Would you date someone who has cheated but not on you?

Yeah. Its hard to find out.

I see people just care about present. cool

RE: Are most women looking for a cyber relationship?

I saw most of the handsome guy like me suffer now a days..laugh rolling on the floor laughing

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