RE: Bloody women

Extremist muslims...

I dont think so Ali is not VIRGINsuper super super super super super hole

RE: Who is single.....and very impatient......

I keep my mouth shut when men argue about women get over easily and get ready for new relationship. Your post gave me strength now I can tell them " depends" ...........THankscool

RE: Who is single.....and very impatient......

I respect that................head banger

RE: Bloody women

laugh laugh


But I desperately want him to get a girl......conversing cool

RE: Bloody women


He looks damn handsome in his previous display

RE: Is romance 2nd name of sex.

Marriage is the second name of unlimited sex...

Romance...( only if your partner ready some women save it for marriage......if you foce be ready to go jail)...
so no...
Romance is the probationary period woman give to a man to find out if he is the one she is looking for...

I might be wrong..( I just told what I feel)uh oh

RE: Any Advise To Tread Wisely???

You still didn't have that much passion ....what it need to be called you are in love...
Love is crazy like addiction---- we take action dont get time to ask....

I wouldn't give any suggestion ... As I dont want you to change yourself....just be human ( nothing else matter)

I would only say be yourself. Be bold.......................... no advice will work( for longer time)
you might impress her today but what about the future do you these people always to advice you how to win her heart.....( this is never gonna work) ....
You like her there is no doubt...
Be the man....grin ( I think its only advice I can give you)hug

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Its all your wish... but you like to shit around in others thread.......

Get a life.. Its not bad to be a father f**ker its only a strange you are the only one I found you in my entire life...

But its alright I know when you will open your mouth you are gonna utter shitbarf hug

But I have a big heartcomfort

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

First you mention my mother now you mention my sister....

So now dont say If I f*ck your your family...

I live with my family, well educated more then you ( but I am definitely not a GLOBAL HR LIKE YOU).
I dont have meaningless life....why would be such..... I help as many as people I meet and want..

I am more happy than you..

atleast I dont ask about women a** whether its shaved or not??? by the do you lick your mother a** or father a**???

I dont have to do with it anything but its only my curiosity

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Dear sir,,

I aleady told him a make a new thread but he never listen to anyone....

Can you suggest him ?? I would be very happy...go through my post I told him two times but he dont

RE: Is romance 2nd name of sex.

angel angel

I will keep your point in my mind...hug

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS


RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

you are using this word untouchable ...why I would be like that...If i call in a middle of night I am having a fight there would be hoard of guys ---------------- more than 100+ guys..( you wife must have left you this time her legs would be spread for a better a giy who has better d*ck ) ..................she must be happy to getting f*ck than a GLOBAL HR ...........laugh

Last night I f*ck your a** has you forgot you ran away last night???

whole CS history is evidence... grin

You also have a week memory..comfort

RE: Is romance 2nd name of sex.

when someone say they like this thing about me ...I get scaredsuper super hole

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Father f*ck Boy.. Who wants attention.....---------ME??
i DONT EVEN HAVE MY OWN PICTURES IN MY PROFILE ....( YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF YOUR FATHER BUTTHOLE f*ck) your nine month was around the shit and sperm ( incase your father a** was getting f*ck every hour))comfort

I dont want any attention----really ( i never tried to do it in my entire life)..

Am I poor....... Lolz ...Visit India...( you would feel how poor you are).... BTW I am beggar ( not a GLOBAL HR like you....)
why dont you answer yet what I asked Is non engineering CS degree holder can't be software engineer???

How fake you are..........??? come on.... stop licking dirty a** of the woman you lick...

You brain might grow devil

RE: Is romance 2nd name of sex.

I think this quality is what we cant develop with time???? may be I am wrong??

People those are bold they always put their thought without fear...( only if they know they are THE TRUTH)

devil laugh

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

madarchod means mother f*ck...( this is the nature and I feel proud)..

Are you father f*ck?? did many guys f*ck your father a** and you are product of your father a**..

This might be the reason you talk like a shit......
Dear son, I told you come with your group ...this night gonna be bleeding night for you.

Dont you have anything else to go persona. come with the preparation before fighting on Cs...

So now ....You ask women whether they are shaved or not??? does your mother shave it every day??but why??
is your mother a** is too hairy?? does man dont like to f*ck your mother pu**y because it became super loose after giving birth to a looser like you
all the men not only those come at your house ask first whether her a** is shaved? are you born and brought to hear this line in your whole life?? so you still ask everybody here on CS???

Grow up??? if you need personal coaching to insult people you are always welcome as you are little kind comfort

RE: Bloody women

change your country name...only.

Your visitors list not only will increase you will start getting mails for date.angel

I dont see any other problem there...

Kindly change your display picturehug

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Make a new thread I will meet you there.....its not a good Idea to make somebody thread dirty...

but if your a** is aching a lot....I can give super spank in this thread I dont mind...

but in your own thread you can get f*ck in any angle you desire...
rest is your wish....devil

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Lolzz...I know you will start attacking personally.
lets face the reality.

I live with my parents yet... ( I choosed to live in India) because my parents dont wanted to go away and work...

what about you...
did your wife left you and taking someone d*ck because you are not able to fulfill her wishes??

Are you looser or HR..

Come one why dont you again say what i asked you??

Is there is no chance in software industries for non degree engineering holders???

You said you are HR and your another maxican friend is also engineer she said it I doubt??

are you both serious or you d*ck the a** of HR or she suck d*ck of Same HR in software company???
as you and your friend mind work in same way??

why the way where she is ....sucking d*ck ???????

RE: In Four Words

Like f*ck your a**

( its four words) you can countgrin

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Dont dirt other thread make a new thread ...I promise I will meet you there...kindly come with your group otherwise you might brutally raped there...uh oh ( its just just like say you to use lubricant) ..

See you tomorrow in your new thread you have time 14 hour by now..grin

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

where are the other you soul mate who a** you lick every night???

they do shave they every night???

yes unfortunately i m out of the hospital...

are you still HR OF google and other cs company those dont hire non degree engineer holder??

are you still in dream or you need d*ck in your hairy a** to wake you up?

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

You might say why I am taking this girl site.. you know me well...I am not a a** licker...I dont have to do with the gender....its didn't change your habit ...
Please change it..otherwise gather your all friends again so that someone can f*ck all of your in a queue one by one...

This is genuine Advice for free... I dont change people those are FAKE GLOBAL HR..uh oh rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Look your all friends has already leaved this site...

IF you dont remember me I am the one where you told

A non degree holder cant be software engineer??? if you still remember that time and thread... your second friend from Maxico.........I dont know her...where she is
third of your friend( Kne......) i dont know her full user id.............she dont get time as shag around guys all the time....when she get time she come to through her frustration here....

Now you ...why the hell being a Global HR....

You are still thinking about only Hole...That is only a**hole...

Grow up now...Please...


RE: Name Something Your ex Was Good At !~

Everything------------------means everything....
If I just mention one quality its gonna insult her other qualities..

Now everybody will question why I and her not togather...

the answer is ------------------" Faults in our stars"crying

grin (Happy)

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Choose a guy wisely....take time (remember that otherwise you will become bitter like others)
I dont want that...
keep your qualities what you have regardless of smitten

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

I am also good cook...

You should keep you other quality secret...( those are the most valuable to keep relationship long lasting)..

I know once you gonna leave this site you are never gonna join again .....

you are not a jumping girl for sure...wink

What more a good man want in his seem to be perfect....uh oh
Let is what is in your future...hug

RE: Ladies going on a date part two - Ladies make your choice?

Be the Lady even if you are not....

whole world id doing that why you are be stay back......grin hug

RE: Funny ! All men in Ireland and Malta are in the CS

Then we both are dependent on other...
Choose a guy who is good driver....lolzzz ( you will be tension free)

I am gonna choose a my gf c*m future wife who know driving...
I dont know what she will think..but it better to be true...

uh oh

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