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RE: Men r very visual beings....

laugh laugh

What does it mean of slags???


RE: Men r very visual beings....

You said your point with logical reasoning.. grin

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

Look big brother..

Dont like someone or dislike them...( all are the same for me).
Actually I will have to reply everybody only to respect their opinion ( its really gonna eat my time).
They can't change me ---------I cant change them ( its simple rule)
I never asked anybody help or benefit from anyone. I tell what I feel even knowing that this will change my Image ( but I think why should I lie) I am like that " truth teller"

You are deep thinker I appreciate each and everyword you said ..I really want other CS user also read what you said...hug

I really dont hate anyone....( I am super cool guy) i like to laugh all the time.. Just be chill (I think I am grown up now) able to post my thought without any fear. ( CS has changed a lot with time)

This is the only beauty about this site... we can discuss and share what we feel cool

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

Respected sir,
Love--- its still "unable to define" . thats why many people come up with new definition next day. ( its super controversial.
I just said .....It's really bad to shag someone without love. ( Am I wrong).
At least have some self respect for yourself ...( is it wrong to expect someone who pretend they are nice).

If they are not I am 100% right to tell to ...I dont know about you....
Life if easy if we make it easy otherwise its super complicated.

Btw I like your thoughts about love and I can say you are deep thinker, ( you give time to write/explain) handshake

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

There are plenty of sites but I wanted to only say this site is not for her ( she can ask me)I will send her all detail asking my friends she will find like minded people.

Its was meant to motivate people who is really gonna get success in only professional life

NOT TO motivate people to SHAG

BTW I like this line

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

1) Did she say she pretended? Or is this your assumption?-----------I never said she said my first post. I post it in second post saying ( some women pretend they are in love)

2) The entire female species are to blame for the failings of future generations? Come on Guy.
Men are innocent bystanders in all of this? Doesn't it take two people to shag?
Only men get hurt from failed relationships? Not women?
--------------------men were bastards ....................history knows that...but women were always respected.
now women are free to do anything. yes they have right ( i am really happy they have it) I always used to think after war pretty women used to suffer more than men ( men usually used to killed but women used to be raped) this is sad/dirty old past.

For example: your neighbor is sexy Milf... your heart will beat every night if she is easy...conversing

3) Women are easy?-------they should not I think so but new generation is being so ...

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

awww ...please...i dont want to be gentle man ...
they are curse of the society...believe me..

being a gentle man i will get change to sleep with many women ( they will feel bad after they find true love in theirlife)
Why it has became Sin to tell the truth.....

i am not saying women can sleep with multiple guy but at least sleep with someone they are in love...( is tell that I become bad).
I already defined few definitions
where we would use that words??? why people wasted their time to invent and write those words.

If a nice women would be respect they will disappear ....( it is gonna happen soon) as slut/whore are getting more opportunities.
whores earn more than you can earn ???

Do you really think we should ignore all that...
if a nice girl and rest of them will be treated same ......................what is the benefit of being nice girl

If i were the girl ......first friends some are sluts...getting more opportunities some are prostitutes earning more than what I dont have surety i cant earn even after Top B school Business degree..

What would I choose in this capitalistic society...

what I am getting ( nothing) I would be called looser...even if I am day and night studying having dark black circle around my eyes...

we must have to change it...

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

I didn't said it was her case.....she pretend she was in love to shag a guy.smitten

You women can make next generation better but you women never want to....

True women never get a guy as women are EASY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

Everybody is honest.
Dont say you are not...thats why we are we dont like to lick others a** to make them happy.grin

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

if a lover guy meet a girl/lady(not in love but pretend/pass time) these guys become super bitter and started thinking that all the women are like that and ( they are ready to destroy innocent/ girl/lady/ who truly believe in love). guy never trust her as they have already faced your kind of woman..frustrated

Dont make world bitter Guys are super easy......if they are hurt they are super dangerous ( History is the proof)

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

Sorry in advance I said What i felt may above user will fight will me with her gang as soon as she read it...
Your thread might gonna hijacked..laugh ( be patient)

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

So the queation is how many guys love life you have already destroyed ???
please tell if there is any numbers you can remeber??
Why the hell are you here.........................................................frustrated ( looking for love)

1)a girl who do sex without love called slut/whore.
2)a girls do sex for money called prostitute..
3)a girls go sex for love called nice women/girl/lady/wife.

You said you belong to first category---

What is your category according to you???

Please don't fight with me....( I am sick of that) I dont like to make enemy. I said it according to what you said
but you are always welcome.grin

RE: Some guys are strange

laugh laugh
ISIS they first rape the guy make his video ( and they scold them if they leave they are gonna viral the video) ... least have self respect...(lolzz)

RE: Women and men....young or older than us....

Lolss ..

try to say something like that...lolzzzwave

please be ready to runhug

RE: Women and men....young or older than us....

Dont make other guys jealous...tongue

Yes there are women like that...( you are lucky to find one)...hug wave

RE: Women and men....young or older than us....

If A guy said this line...women will f*ck him without strap on and lubricant...laugh
( should I need to run)

RE: Some guys are strange

Lookin4missright is a guy and is strange..

wave laugh hug

RE: Some guys are strange

Did you wrote in your are going to join ISIS ...lolzz

RE: Some guys are strange

This one is funniest post.....oh my gosh!!rolling on the floor laughing laugh

RE: Some guys are strange

laugh laugh ( her display picture doesn't display strap on or Gun)laugh

RE: Women and men....young or older than us....

Thanks god you are not man ...otherwise you may be called women hater...grin

RE: I’m hoping that a rich, ugly, smart & 93+ year-old woman with nice feet will fall in love with me!

You really said exactly what I feel.
women become when they are in love
man become stupid after break up/divorce...


RE: Change of heart

Why not....laugh laugh

How come these all the thoughts comes in your mindwow Its strange ...conversing

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