RE: What men are looking for?!

In short, what men look is just a nice lady who dont eat their brains rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What men are looking for?!

When you are giving me party..cheers
I am happy to know this.
Its good if you keep moving around at least you are visiting many places for free which may keeps u busy and excited if you like diff places.


RE: What men are looking for?!

I am good Lannna.
okey so you were busy. Are you doing same job at same place what u let us know by your thread.
its nice to see you and your interesting threadbouquet

RE: What men are looking for?!

Lannna wave
How are you pretty lady?
guys who look for night adventure I think they dont care much about looks as its just one night adventure.

Most guys want that their partner should be good looking. Do I need to explain more?bouquet

RE: What men are looking for?!

Yes you are right all men look for sex remember that sex play very important role in relationship. Gays, Lesbians and straight people find their partner according to their preferences. wink

Are you looking for a relation when guy loves you but sleep with someone else ??
If No. You also looking for sex..rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why do younger men chase after older women here?

Is it your thinking that older women would accept any man?
I dont think so they are easy as you must think most younger women looks for what and why they fall in bad relationship but older women are much experienced dont get excited easily what young girls do.

You might be right about indian visa hunter but what is nasty sex?
Do you have another kind of sex if yes what is that I am very curious to know.laugh

RE: Why do younger men chase after older women here?

I never seen Indian forum here too.


RE: No one to confident my heartbroken pain, just share here to feel better

I can't tell much why this is happening to your relationship.
There might be some things which occupies him all the time as he shifted to another country for work and in new country it take some time to adjust. may be due to work load he dont get much time to talk to you or may be he is facing some problem there.

I understand the pain what you are going through but you dont have any other option than wait for his words. Its more painful if you dont find the reason why your partner is doing so and it takes your all the time to make assumptions which frustrate us.

Dont worry time is great healer and fortune teller it will provide you the reason soon to be happy.

RE: Amazing India

rolling on the floor laughing

you always make me laugh..lolzz
So how was you new year party?
Did you visit india?

I was planning to visit Goa but I thought It might to too crowded there so I went to North India and visited cool n calm Places like Haridwar, Rishikesh.

RE: Free sex..


Its you Tru. very nice picture of yourscheers

RE: Free sex..

I understand NSA but what do you mean by free sex??

RE: help!!


RE: Indian men

If you met 10 Indian guys as you said you are telling about your experiences. I don't think its wise to predict about whole country people. Is it?

I posted one another link he is from Ireland...lolzzz

and it seems he respect women a lot.

RE: Indian men

Good to hear from you.

RE: Indian men

If a husband say everyday to his wife "I love you"
But her wife never feel that and most of the people believe same.

I dont think so its worthy for him to say same line everyday. Is it??professor

RE: Indian men

Do you ???

Do you respect women?

RE: Indian men

I am Indian guy. People believe they dont.
What do you?

RE: Indian men

I think this guy know how to respect women....... but he is not indian

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Indian men

Indians dont respect women.
Think carefully and answer
Do you?

RE: Indian men

see this site I hope you will get to more knowledge to make your point.

RE: Indian men

Okey. I would like to tell you first read some history of your country and I am sure you will find out your all answers if not ask me I am here.devil

RE: What do you think of a man who denies to chat on camera?

only that guy know why he is doing so and his behavior seems suspicious.

RE: Indian men

There are many rules are made by Govt for women here.
people who raped this Japanese lady they might punish to the death or who life they would be in prison. Govt is very strict thats why i said illiterate who don't know what crime they are committing and what can be outcome such people only involve in this.

RE: Indian men

Yes its in GAYA (place name).
I feel sorry for her but still not all people here are bad.
These people who do such things are uneducated have no life.
People beat them like anything here but its bad side if india.
I hope one day everything will be better here specially for women.
Who are not alert they face such problem like rape but who is little bit smart she teach good lesson to bad guys.

RE: Indian men

I'm not middle eastern, I'm African. But why do you call me judgemental and immature? I travelled through India after varsity and I had my bum and boobs grabbed a good few times. Had a hotel receptionist call the cops on me twice because my boyfriend was white and they thought I was a prostitute.

I am sorry to hear your bad experience in india. Some people are so bad here I am agree.

RE: Indian men

I am trying to comment one by one

No, not all.
Yes they do understand no means no.

It just your bad luck you never ever got a chance to meet good indian yet.

Not all fingers are same.

RE: Men - Would you keep dating a woman who won't let you touch her hair?

If your partner doesn't allow to touch her hair only its okey..
but does she allow to touch other body part of her if yes. You can continue dating with her if not. You have to think how much time you have spent with her and you can ask her ....tongue

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