RE: Change of heart

You really know all the things ...I really appreciate your knowledgehug

RE: Change of heart

Has anyone told you in your childhood that your are super naughty....laugh tongue

RE: The truth........ Hurts......

I think they can open new account...I dont know yet...laugh

I really didn't know about it..uh oh

RE: Change of heart

yes You are rightwow

RE: Change of heart

I said that read 2-3 news paper( i didn't say only one news paper) are right news we cant trust on the news papers....but if we read 2-3 different news papers ( we might find out what is truth)beer

RE: I’m hoping that a rich, ugly, smart & 93+ year-old woman with nice feet will fall in love with me!

Any men or women fall in love they already become

Is there any difference between...being in love and being stupid????uh oh ( both of them behave same)

RE: The truth........ Hurts......

Who cares about the

RE: Women and women.....Cat fights.....

I didn't read what you posted in your description ...

Women - Women ( fight)......................................( women hate each other so badly) its a ugly truth.

we guys are super cool.. every guy must have had and a gf and what you experienced..?????????
I know many women will think My a** is for free.....they dont want to face the trust and many guys....are a** licking .........but .both are welcome.grin

RE: Women and men.....The truth/myth about "love at first sight"...

Women and first sight love.....
I am talking about mature women.
wealth, Success, looks, they will droll ( example celebrates)........

but they will mention now who is below average. ( love, securities, integrity, care trustworthy...........etc etc)

this is just he negative side ..........I told you there are many member will tell you positive side..


RE: I’m hoping that a rich, ugly, smart & 93+ year-old woman with nice feet will fall in love with me!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I am still laughing to read your thread topic..
yes you are the man cool

RE: Women and men.....The truth/myth about "love at first sight"...

you are really super funny...rolling on the floor laughing

RE: what do women ?

Then I am shocked to see, what are doing in this
Not may be, but I must need to change my opinions laugh

RE: what do women ?

I got it wat you are trying to say....
But what I was trying to say only women like GENTLEMAN over real person... grin

Ask your other girl friends they will tell you.
this thread is created by guy so if I an posting my view I why would post what I dont believe ( i just was trying to be real)

Good night..hug

RE: what do women ?

you were taking about women like real men...
Now you are saying they should say away from you...rolling on the floor laughing

RE: what do women ?

Yes...I am India..our country have very low divorce rate...except few young f**ker

Why we are not able to accept the negative side...( do you think we are special so we wont face that)

My motto to ready to feel the worse-- if I get little bit better than worse I will be happy...(I am not special I dont know about your thinking so cant comment)hug

RE: what do women ?

He will lost interest in having sex with her ( that time he cant be real )
After having kids partner figure wouldn't be same ( that time he cant be real )
sometimes he needed space ( that time he cant be real )
sometimes he would like to say what a girl if a girl prettier than his wife ( that time he cant be real )


RE: My Skype girlfriend is cheating on me

Why dont you say him straight..

She might be Nude Model( current/future)
Actress ( future)
Cam performer
porn star( future)
Call girl ( current)..

Sorry mate these might be dark possibilities..hug

Rest of the possibilities other member will tell

RE: what do women ?

This can cause divorce/break up after 4-5 years

And same lady will join dating site with the status- single and

RE: what do women ?

Gold diggers and hookers have best bodies...uh oh

Am I wrong???help

RE: what do women ?

Earn lot of money...
Your all the poles would be in one hole...( Your fingers would be free to write this kind of thread) As the day you will have it would profile will automatically disappear from this site (don't ask me why) laugh

Modern capitalistic society working in this way... some people like us takes it years to understand but few only take few years

If I am wrong you can say but please give me example also..I would definitely like to hearconversing

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

I dont know how to post the pic here...
But Google him you will find the movies .cool

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Russell Brand
I like his acting..he is

RE: Basic Use Of This Site RE Profiles

There are many women they wrote in their profile
" I am very trustworthy and looking for same"
They ask money every man in a second mail"

should they trust them??? Who is the on giving them grantee???

Dont start with same line " like I am true and I am different"

You are on internet you will have to face it...its bitter truth but believe me there is not need to you are the on being approached by men...

Be happy atleast these men keeps you busy if you are busy/conservative (change the settings). I would be super happy to see you this same profile after 10 years ( with status- single).
There are few women like that ---------------- trust me ..I am old user


RE: Word association game


RE: Women and men.....The truth/myth about "love at first sight"...

Lozz..How many ??

RE: Change of heart

Hey hey...wave

I am super happy after seeing this thread....handshake

We do have time to hate believe me there is very less time of life...

I appreciate f*ck THE MEDIA.
Read history and real facts ( read 2-3news papers if you really want to know the truth)..

Wish you the best...peace

RE: Women and men.....The truth/myth about "love at first sight"...

yes ..

If ladies allow me.grin

But Its gonna be truth..

RE: Sex and Smoking

Lolz ..I think you are old customer of well known service provide there...
I have heard a well know web site has blocked all the S P profile...

but you are still active...laugh Keep in touch me brohug ( I am coming canada..)laugh

RE: Sex and Smoking

Oh come on.!!

Man are not that lonely as long as they have the money...laugh
every morning they behave they are single...( I am only talking about a guy with money).cool

RE: Women and men.....The truth/myth about "love at first sight"...


Should I say something???

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