RE: Are women just in the relationship for the money ?

yes i think so ..because they need financial stability too. No women would love a guy who is not financial sound.
if there is any i would like to see her..
hahabanana dancing

RE: Are women just in the relationship for the money ?

All men is for sex just like women.I have never seen any couple who never do sex. women also want his partner should be good in bed too. thus men and women both r same


He is new guy u must not say this he should search in india only. if he is not interested in indian lady then....lolzz
I think i see same of u people here on cs...women anayway...
he is new guy give advice..not limit him n scare...lolz
she said right click search n enjoy

RE: Older women

there is nothing wrong if someone prefer older i think guy prefer older women becoz of their maturity, care n they r not too proud. they know exactly what is life about becoz time only a fortune teller who tell u exactly what do u have in life. its nothing wrong many guys look for that may be becoz they haven't find any mature girl of their age yet.

RE: What do you think of a man having more than one wife? Like married!

Its very funny n very serious if married man want to hav two wives. Now hav a look from both point of views in muslim community man can has as many as wives if want to but woman cant. But in practical way woman can satisfy 2, 3 man same time if u ever seen threesome clip. Lolz. Man n woman now given equal rights n now a days both r beating each other in this race. Person who has some value, respect n never wanna called a cheater n bad character who always follow one to one person relationship. Anyway it was really nice topic. Thanks

RE: According to your experiences, who are the most reliable to look for a serious partner?

I think most important think is to see patience in person . If person to whom u r talking is fast i find them dangerous becoz they dont wait to know what is right n wrong and such ppl always become disloyal.

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