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RE: halloween is from ireland

Same here and at midnight the bells had to be rung outside the house up and down the laneway...I guess people around here wanted to let the Pooka know halloween was over.

RE: Whats on your mind part...eh....14? or is it 15???

The problem with making society a safer place to live is that stupid people are less likely to be subject to the process of natural selection.

RE: Ears - 5

Ciao Bella.

English translation is by chumbawumba.

RE: Irish women; question......

Apologies, I should have said "Irish" women....I'd forgotten ye travel in packs.

RE: Irish women; question......

Typical woman, can't stand to be corrected rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Irish women; question......

T'was in context with the op, I demand you remove the PC addendum tongue

RE: Irish women; question......

People need to start using the logic part of their brains in threads like these.

Alcho, spoiled, or mental issues....3 things that are pretty easy to figure out from knowing somebody for even a short span of time.

If you find yourself in relationship after relationship with the above mentioned, do you blame women in general or yourself for not getting to know a woman properly before starting a relationship with her?

RE: Whats on your mind part...eh....14? or is it 15???

A sure there are worse things to be doing I suppose, write them a check for 50c post dated to thursday :)

RE: eeek!

I often wonder why half these people didn't learn how to tie a slip knot?

RE: Ears - 5

Southern comfort are using some great tunes in their advertisements lately

RE: Tell me one thing!!

Best would have to be compassion.

Worst would have to be indifference.

RE: Share what you are listening to, part 3..

Sometimes music is just meant to be fun :)

ukulele orchestra of great britain

And sometimes you don't even need instruments :)

RE: If You Found Out...

This is why my 2 kids are dogs, 100% traceable and they came mirochipped.


Us boggers would look at the warning lights on the dash then get her going with a cable tie and some baler twine :)


A couple of months ago it was burglars chalking symbols on walls to represent the risks of robbing the property :)

RE: Is this veiled racism??

True and while you are waiting for the results you take the child into care which is what happened in this case.
The last thing you do with a child that there is a suspicion of kidnapping is to leave them with the "parents" until the results of the dna test come in.

RE: Is this veiled racism??

It depends on the circumstance, not that there was any allegations of s*xual abuse, but if there were would you be asking the same question?

Doing your homework I'd imagine is quite difficult with transient groups such as the roma, it's not as if you're going have their whole history on record.

RE: Is this veiled racism??

It's not that shocking, Nov 10th and the childrens referendum gave the state powers like this.
Back on topic.
If we are to drop all the pc bullsh1t, Roma children are probably some of the most vulnerable minority children in the state.
So it's better to be safe rather than sorry, it would be far worse if the fear of being branded a racist prevented in investigation into the welfare of the kid.

RE: hello woman

Probably not, you seem a little picky rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Minimum Price Alcohol....Will it help with Irelands Drink Culture?

Since when has prohibition ever worked and solved more problems than it has caused?

RE: What is your major obstacle when it comes to finding that significant other?

What is your major obstacle when it comes to finding that significant other?

Being fugley laugh

RE: humans are like car makes and year

Until you scratch it and have to polish out the whole panel frustrated

RE: humans are like car makes and year

And the bodywork won't rust or tarnish :)

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