RE: I'm over the scammer bulldookie

Hi, from Argentina
Here most of the profiles are scammer.
How to discover?
- His physical description does not match the photos.
- High incomes.
- Seeking older women.
- Most used name James, Williams, Dave, Mark.
- Location: many of Texas.
- Occupation: military engineers.
- Speak of God.
- Seeking women for marriage with moral values.
- They are widowers with children.
- Generally do not respond to our questions.
- Immediately begin to ask for money for illness or travel.
"" "" Important "" "" "check the photos and emails on Google.wave


luissolonely - Chocchoc - Winston0321 - romeosimp - philip042 - OceanLife68 - duatmich22 - Alufa234 they are news scammer . here's plenty of scammer. may be 60 % or more , be careful

RE: Looking for some ideas.

Hi, i think the mediterranean food is the best, good, easy, cheap, simple, fish, olive oil,nuts, vegetables, cereals, lino, sesamo, fruits, why not wine? here some recipes and description, good luck!

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