hi man looking for woman

Ha Ha what kind of way we difficult??

hi man looking for woman

i did no luck

hi man looking for woman

Im 51 single 10 years looking for nice lady im from Ireland


Hi ladies single man 10 years how are ye all from Cork

RE: What are u hoping 2018 will bring?

A new woman in my life still single 9 years

RE: where is my Mr Right ? ????????

Hi im single im 50 looking for miss right grin

bring back chat

why isnt the chat option gone would be good to chat here i miss it

RE: Why are men on here such time wasters

men are time waters lol i have been here more than 5 years its the Women are the time wasters here i must have sent hundreds of message to women here and not a reply is strange is it because they think im a fake or something its thier loss i have been single 8 years tried all dating site its got nowehere 75% of women here are fake i believe im a genuine man looking for a nice lady here not good when they dont respond to messages whats the point of being here if the women just want to show thier photos?

RE: September 20- CS Meet in Cork

i have a shaven head can that be washed?

RE: September 20- CS Meet in Cork

hope to go i have no transport pm me if you can help thanks :)

RE: Do you like Tatoo's????

i love tattoos i have 25 and still getting more.

RE: xxxxx anyone interested in a night out friday 22nd of march????xxxx

hi i be interested if its on in cork.Dublin is to far no car :(

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