RE: If you were a musical instrument which would you be and why!

I would be a Violin...... Takes a patient dedicated person to master this instrument although the rewards are a harmony of the sweetest music.

RE: How many times were you married?

Never been married.

A couple of women almost conned me into marriage but fortunately showed their true colors before I took the bait.....I got lucky

RE: ok so Do men prefare Skinny women or Curvy women???

Women should be built for comfort not for speed!

RE: Woman asking a man out on a date first?

Don't think I would like to be asked out on a date directly, like was said above can give the impression that the date may turn into something more which I wouldn't want to feel pressured into.

I have however had women "suggest" a date without actually "asking" for a date..... no that's really cool as it gives me the chance to step up to the plate and ask her out (well not always!)

RE: Would you date someone who smokes?

well from what you all said looks like I have no chance of getting f*ck!

RE: What are you looking for?

Although initially I didn't have a clue I have since met and spoken to many people on site most of whom didn't have a clue why they were here either. With the help of a few friends I have met onsite I now know what it is I am looking for (relationship) however this is only 50% of the challenge the hard part is finding the right person to have that relationship with!

Of course it isn't made any easier by the fact that in almost all cases you are judged on your photo alone as to whether the person you have contacted decides to first of all look at your profile and secondly actually reply to your initial contact.

But then again .... shit happens!

RE: When was the last time you got tested?

I voted for the last option.... want to help me change that situation?

RE: How many sexually transmitted diseases or infections have you had?

None, wondering though whether you are looking to give one to someone!!laugh

RE: Which do you or would you like to own?

I own a scooter!


I would like to own

A private yacht, private plane, palace.... why just limit the question to vehicles.... lets be adventurous here!

RE: If you were to die suddenly..........

I've already had my belongings cleaned out ....and .... I'm not even dead yet!!

But then again...

Maybe in the eyes of the woman that cleaned me out I am!!!

RE: why dont women on dating sites answear texts from people that text them

I have found that 90% dont reply even if a compliment is sent via a flower. I have decided that if they dont reply they probably were not worth knowing in the first place.

RE: WHAT TO DO? 2 wks and MANY hrs of chatting, he changes?

I would think he found out you were not what he was looking for... thats all. Happens to most of us.

RE: To be truly happy in a marriage do you have to be willing to overlook/forgive indiscretions occasion

In general men and women only cheat if there is something missing in the relationship that they need.

Both however can be seduced but the serious ones don't comply

RE: which Sport would you be an All Star in

Is sex considered a sport?.....

RE: What Types Of Women Lips That You Like? (Question For Men)

I voted FULL LIPS..... succulent and soft when being kissed or blown!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Guys Did you ever date someone older than you???

Most of the women I dated were older than me..... Bummer!!

RE: Would you take me on a date?

only if you "did" on the first date.... Hell I have no problems with age differences!!

I may even be able to give you an answer to your poll listed above.

RE: Smoking

Normally about 20 but it all depends on the amount of shit I have had to put up with from certain unmentionable people.

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