Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

Cool!... I can live with that.grin

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

I hate window shoppers!

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

Never crossed my mind as to where the interest lies - Yup! loads of good beaches nearby.

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

No?.... you dont see the link?
Try this... the ?act of ?travelling to another ?country for the ?purpose ?to have ?sex.

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

I think I was visiting an LDR for some sex tourism!

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

Errrrrr... Does just looking at brochures constitute being an LDR?

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

Yup! people do differ.

I suppose if you come to Tenerife..... sex would be out of the question then crying

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

Whoop! Whoop!.... When are you coming to Tenerife?grin

Are LDR's just a form of sex tourism?

If I was to take your comment seriously I would be highly affronted! HRMPH!
But as I see the humor in most things I am pleased to see you can too!

RE: Men; how many s*xual (inter course) partners have you had in your life

Hold on a tick... just nipping up to the attic to count the chalk marks on the wall and the nicks on the old worn out bed.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: LDR question

Pleased it worked out for you.
Have you tried him in one of your swings yet?

RE: The cast of the Wizard of Oz is here on CS

There sure are a few "no brainers" here on CS and definitely some of them would scare crows!

RE: Infidelity

Is infidelity restricted to spouse or s*xual partner? Should it be?
It should be, but, in reality infidelity becomes an issue once a person commits themselves to having a relationship with another person.

Could a person who is in an LDR with another person they have never physically met, be accused of infidelity if a third person becomes involved?
Yes... Regardless of whether the couple have met or not, if both parties agree they are in an LDR then this is a relationship so the infidelity rules apply.

As for the act of infidelity itself?
Is it only penetrative sex in the Clinton style?
Could it be just a kiss?
Could it be non-physical contact such as texting or emailing?

Depending on the persons point of view, any or all apply. I would suggest that if a guy/girl was in contact with another girl/guy for non-physical contact such as texting or emailing prior to the relationship and this was known from the outset it does not constitute infidelity.

What is infidelity to you?
Anything from a kiss/hug to a shag!

RE: Friends with benefits

Had occasional friends with benefits, unfortunately, as someone posted earlier, women tend to become too attached over time.

Relationships without sex

I dont know what age you are, but I'm 59 and it's still working fine dancing

RE: An old flame suddenly appears and wants to hook up. Do you.....

Depends on the reason you split in the first place, BUT, I would say, everyone deserves a second chance, so give it a go, what have you to loose?

RE: Talking

I talk the hind leg off a donkey, however, in a personal situation I keep Stum in the hope the problem will go away or resolve itself.

Its very easy for people say problems should be talked out, in reality it takes a lot of guts to do so, there are vulnerabilities and insecurities to overcome, anger management is needed, emotions are rife, etc, etc.

It would probably be better if one person sat in the lounge and the other in the kitchen and send texts to each other explaining how pissed off they are with that person. We all feel safer behind a keyboard and can express ourselves better in type as we have a moment to think about what we want to say.... Just an idea

RE: What do you think, how many fake profiles are here ?

I think the mods do a really good job on this site and that the number of fake profiles is pretty small.

RE: Is he / she interested or not?

There are many guys that are gentlemanly enough to let a woman dictate the pace of the relationship and respond to the signs given them.

For example, if a woman touches a guys hand, he will respond and hold hands...

If you want the guy to phone you ... say so, as in, “call me tomorrow” and he will, likewise for meetups, ask when he proposes seeing you again.

You need to get with the program if you want to participate, no point spending hours of heartache trying to second guess what the guy is going to do or how he feels about you.

RE: When is it acceptable for the first kiss?

Women can "lunge" at me from the first moment we meet, but then I'm a slut for kissinggrin

Invited in for coffee

If you have ask this question then I suppose you have never invited any guy in for a coffee.

Invited in for coffee

That said, looks like a coffee invitation is not on the cards then!laugh

Invited in for coffee

What should I present first...??

Invited in for coffee

I've been a hermit all my life and am just entering the dating scenegrin

RE: Define SERIOUS relationship.

Is a serious relationship where each looks at one another with stern faces?

RE: Define SERIOUS relationship.

The top .... downwards laugh

RE: When is too much sex too much?

As I'm not getting any sex at the moment crying I would say there is never a time when there is too much sex.banana

Dumping the relationship

Thank you for the compliment, pleased you enjoy what I write.

Dumping the relationship

No, this is not in relation to my blog (which was fictious by the way), Ending a relationship is my theme of the week!

RE: Realizing it isn't going to work

I think the toothpaste thing is definately a deal breaker! rolling on the floor laughing

Seriously though, I think the final straw is when you wake up one morning and realise it's not going to work long term regardless of the fact so much is good and the match is right.

Take Eva Gardiner and Frank Sinatra, a match made in heaven but they couldnt get it together.

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