RE: How do you find the current conditions for doing business in Europe?

Profitability is shrinking as businesses are forced to cut prices just to stay in business. Staff are being laid off, shops are closing and all the government worries about is supporting the banks who through they're greed for greater profits got us into this mess in the first place.

There is no help for businesses such as mine, unless I want to borrow over 1 million euros the banks are not interested, the government is not interested as I do not have sufficient numbers of staff to warrant consideration.

At the end of the day ministers earn they're salary regardless of how the economy runs, they get there perks and travel expenses so why should they give a shit about the ordinary people in the street?

RE: What are you looking for in a Long Distance Relationship and do they last?

There IS more to an LD relationship than just the occasional visit, the daily chats and mails.

Firstly there is the satisfying knowledge that you are in a relationship so you feel content that someone cares about you.

Ideally you both work towards making a future life together when circumstances permit as many situations are complicated by commitments or family.

RE: Do you think you will meet your future partner on here?

Thought I did, unfortunately didnt work out the way I would have liked.

RE: Would you...

Interesting to see that you have posted a one sided poll.... both men and women cheat.

As I have said in the many previous polls on this subject, people only cheat if they feel something is missing in their current relationship.

People that have fulfilling relationships never need to cheat as they are getting everything they need from their partner (I am not just talking about sex... I am talking about the whole package, so to speak)

RE: What to Expect for a Holiday in Athens Greece?

Whoooops!... did I just run into a greasy Greek geek?

RE: Name for dog.

I have 20 cats and 7 dogs, they all have names beginning with the letter "P".... seemed a good idea at the time!

etc, etc....

RE: After 8 weeks He is still not sharing his pic after a couple of requests

this reminds me of my poll a few weeks ago.... go back and look at the advice you and other people gave me... then make a decision.

RE: What to Expect for a Holiday in Athens Greece?

Do.... hold on to your purse as tightly as possible as the country is broke and even the government is robbing people.

Do.... Keep yourself to yourself and always in public places so you dont get mugged, raped or kidnapped.

Dont... Let the greasy Greek geek waiters seduce you with their charms, you will just end up getting shagged and dumped

Dont... Get pissed and lose you way home you will only end up getting shagged and dumped by some greasy Greek geek.

RE: Have some of you really found your partner here in CS?

All the ones that met there future husband or wife have left so NO there are none on this site.

It's like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken all that's left are the handicapped ones.

RE: Less than 1% reply to massages

That's because half the dub shits on this site cant read, they only look at pictures so if they don't fancy your pic.... you're f*ck!

RE: Long distance relationships, real or fantasy?

Like with everything in life there are advantages and disadvantages to every situation.

The advantage of long distance relationships is that the contact either remains strong or grows in substance during the periods apart then when the following meeting arrives things are so wonderful it is difficult for the feelings to cope as the joy is so tremendous.

The disadvantage of long distance relationships is that the heart grows fonder so the need to be with the other person becomes more intense sometimes leading to frustration. This can bring about a certain “fantasy” situation whereby any faults in the compatibility between the two people become overshadowed by ones desires.

The result of the above can lead to one of two outcomes. Either there are no faults and the relationship is solid each providing for the needs of the other or the faults appear with one or both being unwilling or unable to provide for the needs of the other.

Regardless of the outcome the grounds of friendship have been established which may in the second instance revert to an amicable non relationship situation whereby the couple remain friends.

What should I do as my feelings haven't changed?

The relationship was as strong at the end as at the beginning, it was circumstances that forced us too part as I needed to return to the UK for family reasons, whereas she was committed to work in South Africa.

What should I do as my feelings haven't changed?

One would have thought so...
Perhaps the content of the mails I was sending her were not sufficiently heartfelt for her needs.

What should I do as my feelings haven't changed?

I had a 4 year relationship through 4 countries with this woman 30 years ago. She renewed her contact with me a couple of months ago.

What should I do as my feelings haven't changed?


Replied to the text saying..... "Just received your text" I didnt elaborate.

Exactly 5 mins later received the following reply....
"Sorry, forgive me, I was having a bad day will explain in a mail.XX"

This kind of reminds me of what people mean when talking about other people they say .... "they are having an on and off relationship" Well at least I now know what and on and off relationship is!!

What should I do as my feelings haven't changed?

Thank you to all for the comments posted and to all those that sent private mails.... I shall take them on advisement.

RE: If you knew someone who was cheating would you tell the Other half?

I would phone the wife and ask if she fancied having an affair with me.

If she said NO I would say "why not" your husbands having an affair so why cant you!

RE: Guys That Boast About Their s*xual Performance

If I was boasting about being able to drink a lot of beer I recon I would be crap in bed afterwards as well.

RE: Where the next CS meet should be held...?

this poll was posted a short while ago no-one came to a decision. Perhaps if you want to limit the poll to Ireland why do you not post this in the Irish forums?

RE: Is it ok for members in a relationship to post on Blogs and Forums?

The separated option is very viable a it does indicate the person is still married but due to circumstances may be unable to divorce.

That said a person that is separated by law has the right to date and enter into relationships, the only thing they cannot do is marry.

RE: Is it ok for members in a relationship to post on Blogs and Forums?

I have not read the blog, however for married members of CS I would suggest the blogs and forums are an excellent tool to voice questions or make statements to gather the opinions of others for the betterment of their relationship.

RE: If you have sought sex outside of a committed relationship, what is your primary reason?

Firstly he may have been seduced or pestered by the woman until he relented or he saw an opportunity and took it.

In most instances (not all) it is women not men that seem to need to prove they are attractive.

RE: If you have sought sex outside of a committed relationship, what is your primary reason?

Although I have never cheated I have been in a situation where I wanted too.
I needed to feel the touch and affection of a woman that was missing in the relationship I was in. Sex is only one part of the physical expression of that affection.

when deciding to start a new relationship do you...

Trust is a big issue in a relationship, you either have it or you dont, then again trust can be built by being up front and honest right from the start.

RE: Where the next CS meet should be held...?

You could hold an Easter bunny BBQ that way we could all drink ourselves silly after shagging like bunnies.... sounds good to me I may even get the opportunity to be someone inappropriate.

RE: Where the next CS meet should be held...?

The sunny Canary Island of Tenerife would suit me, plenty of people come here for their holidays

RE: how do u find real luv with an older woman

I have been a toy boy on many occasions, dating women younger than myself very rarely.

Can be most rewarding.


Why should honesty lead to humiliation?


I have posted several blogs about women doing the same!

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