RE: Types of guys to avoid, which are your worst dread girls/gay men?

but in a way these are the Guys the Women Chose and pick because of Looks every time Pick & chose .it was the same back in the 1940s - 50s - 60s indeed and the same for the Girls indeed it is all about LOOKS as the Devil wears Prada = teddybear

RE: Desperate Lady

Take your time Fly ever so High with God Beneath your Wings and Soar ever so Gently in the Heavens of Love and Slip the Bonds of Dispar and take your walk Down Primrose Lane Hand in Hand with your God Given Man indeed my Dear = Kyacheo

RE: Who is behind ISIS?

indeed I must say that war has been going on Since Before the time of Jesus it is a Religious War over Religion . It can never end and there will be NO Winner indeed . it is Not are War and never was . that is were the Bible Started and that is were it will End . A Revelation = Kyacheo

RE: Was it nessesary to drop a atomic bomb on Japan in 1945?

yes we had no choice . there was no other way . we tried them all

RE: What supernatural abilities do you wish to have

indeed you have them all . you just do not know it . its the Gift given by God . that is a fact indeed . common sense . Look up sense in the Dictionary and Read the Bible = Kyacheo

RE: The boy scouts recently voted to accept Gay members. Do you agree with them?.

mmm well indeed Gays where in the Scout Back in the 1940s 50s 60s so why Complain now they never Bothered any of us Back in the day . and we new them . People that make the most noise are afraid they may be Gay you see . a lot of Kids were gay but they were are friends still . we did not Judge people thats gods place . I bet in a way your Gay my friend , =

RE: What do women look for in us men?

Money and your Best friends or Both =

RE: why do politics use words that the public don't under fooking stand???

well I must say that is what Destroyed the G.O.P Republican Party the People found out what the big words Where for = to screw the People that Voted for them . that is Big Government =


Feliz Navidad to all and too all in 2013 a year too Behold and Dreams may come true , as we go with the Winds of time , and slip the Bonds of 2012 good night to all and to all Gods Blessings =


May all your Holidays be merry and Bright and all your Dreams come true . all the Ladys so wonderful and true . may the Holiday food and Drink be as sweet as you . and the Candle light glow and Mistletoe . Beutiful Cristmas Color Bright and evening and Night . Happy Holidays too come .

RE: Why am I forever in the "friend" zone???

well I must say A friend ineed is a friend indeed . all the Flowers to pick and know one too enjoy them . where have the flowers gone . yes I am a wall flower too . I must say it can be a Deadly catch . and it goes two ways . =

RE: do you know lots of mad people

let the Dead Bury the dead . let the Blind lead the Blind


LOVE WAS RESPECT . CARE . TRUST . TO CLEAVE AS ONE . TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOR EVER MORE . To Have And To Hold . to Honor one another . to be happy Being to gether . working together . that was in the days of old . too what can you say today . as I do know there is one or two out there looking for same . in LOVE - Age - looks - race - and what you have - faith - are no Barrier if you trust in God and one another till Death do you part . a Lady must be treated as a woman and a Man needs to Be treated like Man and forsake all others respect one Another . =


this is proof as to what I say .listin to the people of today they no not of what I say . thank for the proof THANKS = kyacheo


AS I live in a time I know it not . for I have Slip the Bonds of time . I speak the Language not . or know of too what I see or under stand . for my time Has Gone whith the Wind of time . were have the poets gone and the Beatniks too . oh the Bongos I hear them not the smoke filled Rooms . a poets Cry . the Brighter Ray of City Lights that seame too smile at me and mine the Coffee Houses and storys they tell . no love or mate to be . oh were have the days of old gone from me . oh how I miss the peeps of the Days gone by for the Time Machine has come for me you see for I know you not today my friend indeed . for I am from the past winds of time for your time is around the corner my friend you see == kyacheo

Give me a Plain Jane any time to Have for life and ever More =

A little 5 ft 2 thin Body . eyes of Blue or Dark Hair and eyes with a Berets dark Glasses and Poetry on her mind a Beatnik . were are you Little star . as we mwy be two ships Passing in the night . are you looking for your Huggy Bear =

RE: Does age trully matter

no age does not matter even in the Bible . as you may have lived a life befor this one . that means you have an old soul . take your time and live it out & check it out . live your life and go with God . as I do so know it well of to what you say . stay well and be happy my friend . listin to your hart and soul .

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