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RE: Why women need a man.....

cause its just nice to have someone who cares about you and makes you happy being with them and sharing life experiences with each other. To do away with the terrible lonliness that plagues us and we struggle horrifically through ...


uggghhhhh!!! how can I put this .... we had it perfect. lived together, gorgeous 2 story house with balcony looking over the awe-inspiring rainforest, we were loving and laughing all the time going out on adventures to the secluded beaches and remote area of Panama. We had plans for our future, kids, the whole dream.

I am incredibully stupid though, took all the I luv ya bbs she told me .... had my blinders on I guess.

Being military, last June I had to do a nine month deployment, no problem, we discussed the issues and set everything up to ensure that she was taken care of. Thats the loving and responsibile thing to do.

Within three months of my deployment, she alreay finds Johnny .... what am I to do? I hate her, I love, but still hate her. All the plans that we had for our beautiful life have been shatterred and now I still here sad and lonely.

So am still mad, no, not mad, but hurt, crush, devastated, depressed, suicidal, you name it, at the bottom of the barrell. I know there is only one way out, up, but can seem to find out which way is up???? Feel free to throw your two cents in. Im out, completly drained ...

RE: Okay European people...tell my why Europe is better than America

There are beautiful women in both USA and Europe, but I think that the European women take more pride in their look/appearance. That make a huge differnce.

Now of course, cities like Miami and New York are exceptions since you have such an influence from continents.

RE: I need some help again...

have you looked at the Olympus webpage to download the drivers? They should be listed there for your camera.

Also, are the pics on the internal memory or on the memory stick.


RE: Music I love

it's pouring here also . . . detective

my mood is blues blues blues

RE: Stupid question

Good point, very true.

RE: Stupid question

I don't know why so many women put looking for marriage in their profiles. Maybe it is because of the selections available. Would it help if there was a selection for "looking for friendship and we'll see what happens from there"?

If you meet someone here and click right from the start, that doesn't mean that you're looking at wedding vows?? Of course it doesn't. There are to many other factors involved.

Help me out here, am I naive on this. That is why I usually don't pay attention to that line and usually just go based on the actual write up.


RE: Worst dental experience

I don't think the dentist is ever a pleasant thing. They put that device in your mouth to keep it open for a looooong time, the drilling, scraping, ugh. And I have "good teath" they always tell me. I can't imagine if they were bad. jaw drop

RE: How to become a virgin.

Wow, not sure if I'm liking this list . . .

1) I'm going to Spain applause
2) Member of CS head banger
3) Did the marriage thing with kids help
4) Divorced dancing
5) I'd better stay away from #5 or I'm doomed frustrated


RE: car hire

I not sure if the credit card company will pay for the rental car, but it sure does pay for that exorbedently expensive insurance they charge you. doh

RE: Translation needed.....

the only one your missing:

LMAO = Laugh my a** off.

rolling on the floor laughing


Good description though it is funny. I'm sure many can relate to this. I sure can!


RE: Cheesiest pick up lines

Ok, here we go for some laughs . . .

Cheesy: Do you come here often? banana
Cheesier: Did it hurt? Did what hurt? When you fell from heaven. innocent
Cheesiest: Kraft Macarony and cheese (kidding laugh) Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes. love
How about pathetic: I'm new in town, could you give me directions to your apartment? scold

yay cheers peace

RE: Rich Man, Poor man....

Back in the 1980's there was a time that I had to survive on peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches because I had no money for anything else. To top it off, I had to get the generic brands of pb&j and the bread was the old bread that the supermarket sells at discount. It was a terrible time, but made me realize that I had to make some life changing decisions . . . which I did and turned my life around.

Anyways, my experience is not bad at all in comparison to what I have witnessed in parts of Central and South America. Working in those impoverished areas really makes you realize how lucky you are and how to appreciate the little things in life much more. And, it is really unbelievable to see how they make do with next to nothing and are happy! Many others in that situation would not be able to survive.

Don't forget to count your blessings. Cheers. cheers

RE: Sinking..............


sorry about your mum. Those situations are always difficult. I had to deal with alzheimer's in my family before, and in either case there are never any easy answers. Hang in there.

RE: More men than women....

The concept of "hunting" in the singles sites is the same as hunting out in the woods.

The hunter goes to the field (web site) sets up his blind (profile) and sits and waits for a prospective kill (match). There will be a lot of distractions from squirells, possums, racoons or other unwanted animals wondering the woods (immature kids, people looking for a "green card" marrriage, phonies, etc). But with patience, the hunter finds a nice buck (match) and he pulls the trigger (sends a message).

I requires weeding through alot (tons) of manure, but after a while you can find a gem. To make a long story short . . . patience.

But, this is just my experience.


cheering peace dancing banana

~~ Happy Birthday ~~~ Feliz Cumpleaños~~

Wish you the bestest!!!

yay beer bouquet


Macedonia is an undiscovered gem. Skopje is a nice modern city, and ohrid, well, you have to go to experience. It is breathtaking

banana dancing cheers


A couple of points to add:

Some of my favorite quotes / philosophies to live by:

(1) Smiles are contagious.
(2) The happiest don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.
(3) Stepping stones and stumbling blocks are made of he same material.
(4) A good friend is priceless!!

and finally, the grand daddy of all . . . the self fulfilling prophecy never fails!!


RE: Why do men do this?

Oh BTW, I forgot to mention,

"I remove mine"

That's always a good thing applause cheers

RE: Why do men do this?

The spitting /honking thing is definitely not a manly thing, it's just plain disgusting and rude. Yuk!!

RE: Does thinking positively wield tangible positive results?

Absolutely it makes a difference. It is called the self fulfilling prophecy. What you believe will happen, will happen.

The way you think affect the way you feel, the way you act, etc. If you think you are miserable, then that is what you will be. Likewise, if you try to think positive (like I usually try, not always easy though) then you will be happier and enjoy things much more.

RE: Think about this one for a minute

Not sure where this is going, but your question makes me think of something like Mars, desolate, no life, etc.

RE: Would you enter a negative post

I love animals and would report abuse immediately, but I agree, kids are much more important. On the flip side, it all depends on your current situation. If you had a plant in your community dumping chemicals into the environnment, I am sure that it would be posted immediately also.

RE: Would you enter a negative post

California has many nice places to visit, but I agree, Arizona definitely is nicer. I have met some really wonderful people there and there are many beautiful sites like the Grand Canyon which I highly recommend as a place to go experience.


This is a list of forum posts created by smilesRcontagiou.

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