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RE: Relationships - Symptoms of Disaster?

Sudden silence and no response is the sign of relationship dying.

RE: The Earth is...

Almost, no truer words ever said. laugh

RE: Eternal Life

Life is a struggle, always has been and always will be. drinking

RE: do you fear becoming older and older?

I only fear God and taxes. Growing old is just a part of life.

RE: The Earth is...

Actually, the Earth bulges at the equator thus making it more spheroidal in shape,
like an obese person bulges at the waist. Yes the Earth is obese.


RE: Favourite way to keep fit

Exercise my brain by thinking about exercising. Like watching American Ninja. grin

RE: KIm Jung On called

Why did not Trump call him Mad Missile Man? Or Mad Hatter H Bomber? Or a man with a H Bomb for you?
Rocket Man is too respectable. laugh

RE: WHY are you still SINGLE???!!!

I have a lot of fun being single. I not sure I would be happier married. I have seen married people and
many seem unhappy or pretend to be happy. But if your going to have kids, you better be married for the
kids sake. cool


Oops, this post did not come off as expected. I retract this post. Warning don't read this prior post.


RE: How come no-one wants to play with me

That right and I am awaiting your appointment. grin


I think Trump could turn this around with the introduction of the Trump Dump Truck. A little orange hair on
the cab and dump truck load of liberals. grin


I do not know how this concept of America not great anymore when at any time no one
I know would prefer to live in Russia over America. dunno

RE: How come no-one wants to play with me

Lay down on the couch and we will analyze the problem. Amateur psychologist rates are $10 an hour with
$10 up front. grin

RE: Signs Exploding In Last Days

This thread reminds me too much of church. All that psycho babel imminent destruction of evildoers.

RE: Does age matter in a relationship?...

Age certainly matters, and so does health, personality, history of genetic diseases, history of STDs
and all important money. grin

RE: dooms day .... which known listed threat can and should be resolved first?

Does increasing world tensions include Road Rage? Maybe that North Korean dictator was cut off
on the freeway and now is building nuclear warhead missiles. grin

RE: weight loss

When I was a kid, I tried to make rubber bones by putting bone in vinegar. The vinegar dissolves the
Calcium out of bone and make them flexible. I wonder if anyone notice bone problems with excess
vinegar consumption. I like pickled asparagus, pickles, peperoncini and lentils with vinegar in the soup.

RE: politically incorrect rednek thread

I will not deny it. But your more adorable. grin

RE: politically incorrect rednek thread

I can not believe my eyes. wave
Hi K

RE: politically incorrect rednek thread

A mummy will never go on vacation. Because the mummy will not be able to relax and unwind. grin

RE: Cheers (CS Style) The bars open..... Say anything!

I had a sirloin steak with baked potato and garden salad at the Cracker-barrel.

RE: Funding the Wall

My father was a POW in the USA during WWII. Worked in peanut farms and ketchup factories earning
a dollar a day. Saved up and after the war had some money to go back home.

RE: Important

I thought a virus causes fatness. The fat virus. grin

RE: Funding the Wall

I think the trumpster wants to make the illegal criminal Mexicans to build the Wall. Pay off there prison
sentence. Maybe, yes or no? dunno

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part XVII

The Organ Synphony

RE: Korea is ready to blast a Thermonuclear attack

I have to admit that NK nuclear ambitions is basically a waste of time and money. I believe NK would
do much better to build greenhouses and develop geo and hydro energy. If NK thinks they can
start the nuclear holocaust of the world, well it would only be their own demise. I sure China does not
like an unstable neighbor with nuclear ambitions.

RE: water discovered on a moon that orbits Saturn

If there is an energy source there could very well be life.

RE: What was before big bang theory??

Lobster dinner and wine.

RE: Top Reasons Earth Sucks!

If you think Earth sucks, try livin on Mars. grin

RE: is building the wall so bad?

China built the great wall of China and it did not really help them much in the long run.

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