Hey String, they're talking about your buddy

What opinion were you referring to hex? I wasn't expressing an opinion, I was reporting a story about a fat right wing blowhard.

Hey String, they're talking about your buddy

The silence from the right is deafening isn't it GOF?

Hey String, they're talking about your buddy

I guess you didn't know that Sean Hannity is a 1 percenter.

For those of you who can't access the link;
"Fox News host Sean Hannity is linked to shell companies which have spent at least $90 million on hundreds of homes across America, and he had help building his property empire from the federal housing department.

This is according to a report by The Guardian, which said it reviewed public documents to identify Hannity as the beneficial owner of shell companies which own more than 870 properties ranging from luxury mansions to cheap rentals. Those purchases were made over the past decade.

The report raises ethics questions for Hannity, who did not disclose any commercial relationship with the U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) when interviewing Ben Carson, its secretary, on his highly-popular Fox News show."
I wonder if he reported all that to the IRS? I guess we'll never know because there's even less chance we'll get to see his tax returns than those of our crooked president.
Boy, that is such a big red flag I can't believe people actually voted for this guy and never questioned what he's trying to hide? These shady characters seem to have a thing for real estate.

Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers

Well said hon! thumbs up
Of course I want the candidate from my party to win, but if the other person gets more votes from "WE THE PEOPLE" as the gun nuts love to say, then that person deserves to be president because it's the will of the people not some dumb expedited system cobbled up a century or more ago. When Rep Gerald Ford was running against Jimmy Carter I was rooting for Ford. Unfortunately the news media latched onto his apparent clumsiness instead of what mattered and tilted the result toward Carter. Though Carter is from my party I have to say he was not a great president. This is the problem when people place party over country.

Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers

I guess we all know the Founding Fathers were gods and not politicians and lawyers and nothing they created could ever be improved on with the experience and technology we have today. They actually had wood & graphite pencils to write with while we only have these dumb computers and they had face to face meetings after traveling over 20 miles on horseback in only 1 day. We have to rely on the stupid internet to talk with people only 10,000 miles away. How could we have fallen so far behind them? It's no wonder so many people lust after a bygone era when these gods walked among us.

Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers

OK, I've just about had it!
This was intended to be a serious thread. The next person who mocks on a persons name, Democrat or Republican will be barred from this thread. If you people can't refrain from your childish, school yard behaviors, you will not have a voice in my thread.very mad

Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers

I really couldn't care less about the political system of a little irrelevant country like Switzerland any more than I would waste my time learning about Tannu Tuva.
BTW, since when is the peoples vote in an Election meaningless? If it's meaningless then why would people even bother to vote? It's no wonder so many people don't even bother to vote because the system is rigged.

Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers

Guess what!
She DID win.
She got more votes than Donald Trump, proof that our system of voting is seriously flawed to give a victory to the candidate who got fewer votes. And you justify and support that?
Do you have an Electoral College in SWland? Or do you count actual votes?

RE: The grandparents scam......................

I just got 2 IRS scam calls the other day. I tracked the number and found it was a VOIP phone number. I knew it was a scam even before I checked the number. BTW, if they say press 1 to speak with an agent or press 2 to be removed from call list, don't ever press 2 cause that will tell them that they got a good phone number.

RE: The Titanic

Fascinating subject, which will never get boring. Captain Smith was unsuitable to master the Titanic because he lacked the ability to think clearly under a crisis situation. Probably because he never had to face one in his life. IOW he froze. Had I been on board I would have gone to the bridge and pushed him out of the way and taken over the ship and saved most of the people on board.

What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?

You know, hate is really a corrosive emotion. It probably does more harm to the hater than to the hated, because the hated probably is totally unaware that another human is carrying so much stress inducing baggage which is probably adversely impacting that humans life.

For your information I didn't put up this thread to brag, but to offer a small bit of help to other members. It may interest you to know that by knowing exactly what your worth could be very beneficial when trying to buy a house for instance. It's far better to walk into a bank seeking a mortgage with hard numbers instead of looking like a dumba** and failing to secure a loan.

While I have your attention and to change the subject, WTH is a "Fortnight"? Is that a night spent at a fort?confused


Wasn't Bush SR a Republican? So the concept of the NWO was invented by a Republican? Isn't that interesting? Thanks for the reminder reb.wave


Hey Bashara, how's the weather in Philly?

The New York Daily News bestows an honorarium on Donald Trump

I'll help the old man out because he's obviously too tired to expend the energy required to answer your question jac. In the US we have an antiquated system called the "Electoral College" which was set up over 100 years ago before there was even a telephone, to enable the rural people to cast a ballot. This was accomplished by electing strawmen to vote for them based on the number of people in each state, ie a big state with lots of population like CA, NY FL have more votes than places like ND, NH, WY. This system is incredibly outdated and can and does result in upside down elections where the "winner" actually gets fewer actual votes from the citizens than the "loser". This is what happened in the case of Trump vs Clinton and has happened in the past as well where a Democrat has triumphed over a Republican, a fact that Mr Conrad never fails to mention BTW.
There is a movement afoot to overturn the Electoral College which is gaining support day by day and one day it will be no more. This is the 21st century fercrisakes, we have Facebook and the internet to help us vote.laugh

Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers

I think the one who has greatly overstayed his welcome is Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky. What a screwed up state, I lived in Northern KY for 2.5 years and I was never so happy to leave a place as when I left there.

Republicans fleeing the House and Senate in record numbers

Is this what Donald Trump meant by "Draining the Swamp"? It seems this campaign slogan has back fired on him. rolling on the floor laughing

There is an axiom in the art of war that basically states Never Assume Away Your Enemies Assets
The Nazis made this mistake and were apprised of their error in early June 1945 when soldiers manning the artillery bunkers above the beach in Normandy observed more warships than they thought existed in the world and again some months later when the skies over Germany darkened, not from clouds, but from the wings of American and British bombers which were so thick they actually caused flowers to curl their petals in response to the loss of Sunshine.
The same mistake is being made these days by many Republicans who assume Democrats are snowflakes and cry babies. The truth is far different. Democrats are angry and to coin a phrase credited to Admiral Yamamoto in his diary regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." It appears Republican Congressmen and Senators are better at reading the tea leaves and would rather take early retirement than get voted out of office.

RE: Viktor Orban won again

As a Hungarian I can tell you that Hungary is a very Catholic country.

What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?

Thank you for a serious response unlike all the comedians from across the pond and on the other side of the globe. I agree it would be a big mistake to publicize your wealth on the web with hard numbers or even implying you have means. There are too many thieves and con artists about who live to take what other people posses and probably worked a lifetime to assemble. Having said that please note that I haven't put up any numbers, merely headings.
What I posted is basically a piece of a spreadsheet (Col A) I created years ago to track how I'm doing (or hope to do). If you're good with spreadsheets you can use these headings to enter some amounts and create simple formulas in (Col B) to arrive at answers. handshake

What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?

It's probably higher than you realize. Here are a few pointers on how to calculate it.

PERSONAL POSSESSIONS (Fair Mkt Value including vehicles)
HOUSE Equity From HOUSE below
CASH BOX Summary From CASH BOX below


ACCTS RECEIVABLE (money owed to you)
401K etc


Should a Criminal or a person with a serious mental disorder be allowed to own a gun?

2 things, I had no idea taking a pee outdoors could be considered a sex crime. I think that should be changed. Next, I saw a thing on TV where this cop pulled a woman over for DUI and she had to go so she pulled down her pants and squatted right on the road and relieved herself. The cop simply waited for her to finish and continued with the process of arresting her for drunk driving. She wasn't charged as a sex offender.
Prob I should have said Violent Criminal.
Thanks for valuable info.

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

Thank you
That tells me everything I need to know about you.
You put the Republican party above your home country the United States of America.

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

I'm still waiting for an answer reb, Would you vote for a Democrat? A simple YES or NO will do.

RE: Roseanne

Yeah they're Working class Americans all right, working as actors from a script. It's show business. You think it's real? I do like John Goodman though especially when he played the king of England in a movie called "King Ralph" oh wait, I bet you think that was real too, he really was the king of England for a short while?doh

RE: Hex's Global Appeal for a Practical Solution

Re; Miwagi's solution. When I lived on a farm I was raising hogs. I had an electric fence around the hog pen. One day a stray dog about the size of a German Shepherd came scouting around apparently attracted by the smell, and he was sniffing around the pen. I guess he wanted to sniff the wire and in so doing he touched his wet nose to the wire. Well, I really don't know how he did it but he shot straight back about 3 feet (1 meter) did a 180 and ran faster than any dog I'd ever seen the length of my driveway which was 300 feet (100 meters) made a left turn at the road and ran out of sight without slowing down. I never saw that dog again.

A note about Feral cats. They kill birds indiscriminately. I always thought it was cool to let my cat roam free. I never even owned a litter box. Very often they would supplement their diet with mice. unbeknownst to me, they were also dining on the avian life. It seems domestic cats are taking quite a toll on birds to the point of extinction.
I haven't owned a cat for over 20 years even though I like cats.

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

I think this is another divisive thread that you've put up. Why do you hate Democrats so much? Would you ever vote for a Democrat?
BTW, your poll choices can best be described as biased. My advice to you is to learn how to conduct a fair and unbiased poll otherwise the results you get will be worthless.professor

Should a Criminal or a person with a serious mental disorder be allowed to own a gun?

1, There is a very big difference between attacking a person with a knife and bat vs a gun. With a knife or bat the attacker has to get up close and personal, with a gun the attack can be carried out at a distance. The Las Vegas shooter killed 58 people from the 33rd floor of a hotel.
2, I agree, criminals steal guns from law abiding citizens. That is part of the problem when there are so many guns out in circulation fewer guns = fewer opportunities for criminals to get their hands on guns. How is this poll biased?
3, Your charge of a "fake school shootings" is itself FAKE

"He has also been a target of several conspiracy theories and verbal attacks falsely claiming he may be a crisis actor".

I see you're a fan of Alex Jones.

RE: What are 10 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Finances and Enrich Your Life

@ let_us
"I invest in certain readily convertible assets"
What assets are you referring to?conversing

Trump just fired the first shot of the coming trade war with China

Well, China has responded by putting tariffs on 128 products it imports from America.

This will adversely affect a broad spectrum of Americans from farmers to everyday people who recycle because China is a big buyer of Aluminum scrap. The price you get for all those cans you bring to the scrap dealer just took a nosedive. Many of those vast soybean fields you drive past on your way to work may have to be plowed under causing a lot of family farms to lose everything they worked for last year because the soybean market just crashed. Ironic because my guess is a lot of farmers who were barely making it voted for Donald Trump mistakenly thinking that this talk show host/New York Real Estate Developer was going to improve their life. Poor suckers!

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