RE: Do you remember your first time?

My first time:

I was 17. I was working on a washing machine for a lady that lived 2 houses up the street. A friend came over and said "There's a phone call for you at baldy's". Baldy's was a candy store across the street which got it's name from the owner who was completely bald. I went to take the call immediately because a call costs a nickle for 3 minutes. It was my friend Danny. He said "Hey Whip (that was my nickname in those days) get up to Frankie Walters house, theres a chick up there and she's puttin out." I said, "But I'm working on a washing machine and I can't leave." He said "WHAT? Did you hear what I said"? There's a woman, a real woman up at Frankies house and all the guys are taking turns." I said "OK, I'll get up there as soon as I can." I went back to working on the washing machine and all of a sudden I stopped and said to myself "What the hell am I doing"? I put my tools down and took off for Frankies house as fast as I could. Like a tyical NYC apt it was what is called a Railroad Flat meaning the rooms are all in a row. When I got there they said she was in the front room so I walked to the front room and there she was lyng in a bed under a blanket. There was a TV in the corner and it was on and they were broadcasting the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth and the woman was watching the TV. I said Hi, and she said Hi. There were 2 other girls at the apt but they were not a part of the proceedings, they just happened to be there. I took off my shoes and hopped under the blanket. I didn't even take my pants off. Hey, what the hell did I know, I was a 17 year old virgin! Well I said I wanted to see her womanhood repeatedly cause I had never seen one before and she kept refusing. I imagine after about 8 guys it probably wasn't in pristine condition and she was embarrassed. Anyway I was doing my thing when one of the other girls came in and asked "Florida" (that's what she said her name was) if she wanted a sandwich? Flo said "Yes please, a ham & cheese". The girl left and came back with a sandwich and Flo started eating it while she watched the Coronation on TV. Through all this I was in the saddle doing the nasty. Well, after about 45 minutes I was done and I said "Whew, that was a long one." She said "Yeah it was." I got up and said "See ya" and walked to the kitchen where I met a kid I hadn't seen since 3rd grade. Then I left and went back to working on that stupid washing machine.

RE: What would happen if the USA gave its nuclear arsenal, warships and all of its guns to Russia ?

You're wrong.

Russia already has enough of the weaponry you listed without Americas inventory to threaten the sovereignty of other nations and they don't see the need to arm their citizens to the teeth to thwart a take over by Russia.

Your premise is a very obviously an attempt to justify the continued existence of the poorly worded second amendment of the constitution which was written by men who can only be described as ignorant of future technology and oblivious to the tragic results of ordinary people having access to unlimited firearms the founding fathers couldn't even dream of. If they could travel to our time and witness the machine gunning of children in school and hundreds of innocent people at music shows and exercise gyms and houses of worship they would have created a vastly different more restrictive amendment to the constitution concerning gun ownership.

RE: What temperature do you keep your home thermostat set at in the winter?

I have a heat pump and a programmable thermostat. I also have a little wood burning box stove which saves a lot of money on electricity.


WAKE 4:15AM – 65deg
LEAVE 5:00AM – 66deg
RETURN 6:00AM – 68deg
SLEEP 10:00PM – 64deg

Using INDOOR/OUTDOOR Thermometer, open all windows when Outside temp
Falls below Inside. When Outside temp rises above Inside close all windows.

My last electric bill was $37.93 the one before that was $31.49.

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

It looked to me like she was the aggressor. she was more into Acosta's space than he was in hers. She didn't ask for the mike, she tried to take it. When she made physical contact with him, he had an EQUAL RIGHT to make physical contact with her.
Sorry, but if women demand equal rights with men they must be prepared to accept the results.professor

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

The only part of your "case" you got wrong was the date. You asked a very valid question in your post and I merely gave you the answer. It does seem crazy that American Indians needed an act of congress to be recognized as citizens.

So I'll just say you're welcome.handshake

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

I guess you're not as smart as you like to pretend you are. Indian reservations are considered sovereign nations and as such a child born on a sovereign nation is not born in the nation of the USA. the Snyder Act of 1924 corrected that little oversight.professor

RE: It's Gonna Be Alright!

An honorary member of the copy and paste brigade created this thread apparently.

As I was painfully reading the all caps drivel I was waiting for Trumps name to appear in that male cow product fantasy.laugh

Should a Criminal or a person with a serious mental disorder be allowed to own a gun?

Since the last post to this poll on Sept 07 there have been at least 2 more mass shootings in this country. One at a Jewish place of worship in Pittsburgh PA and one at a college dance in 1000 Oaks CA.

A startling statistic;
"311 days, 307 mass shootings in the U.S."

RE: Migrants should be allowed to come into the US, just have to ask for asylum go throught the process

I'd like to know who are you to say they should be allowed to come into the US? You are not an American citizen so to my mind you have nothing to say about who should or shouldn't be allowed to enter another country. I think Greyhound should send a bunch of buses to the border and offer these people a free ride to the Canadian border and you all can deal with them. gift

RE: Trump sends troops to stop the Caravan

I went to Canada with my family even brought our Boston Terrier, for 2 weeks when I was 15, then again when I was 17 for 7 weeks with my Uncle. Then me and my business partner brought 2 race cars on a double deck trailer to compete in a drag race in Ontario and spent a lot of money. I spent 2 weeks in Toronto training technicians how to rebuild railway shocks at a startup Co, Then when I got married we went to Canada for our honeymoon a lot more money spent on food, motels etc. Then the Canadian government decided Americans couldn't enter the country without a passport and I never went back again and I never will!

RE: Trump sends troops to stop the Caravan

This is starting to get very interesting.

It looks like our CIC has gotten himself into a very sticky situation. All Hell could break loose if one of these "Unregulated" militiamen start shooting at a Mexican citizen thinking it's one of these "Invaders". We might wind up in an all out war with Mexico if these armed misguided 2nd Amendment freaks start shooting up the border.

How the Hell did we get to this place????? crazy

RE: Sick of the constant lies and threads about Jews and Caravans? Obama's on the trail

Sir_T You're wasting your time and energy arguing with a Sock Puppet.conversing

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

So you're stating you're not a Trump pundit?

RE: Trump sends troops to stop the Caravan

The latest estimate I've heard on the size of this caravan is 4000. Trump says he will send up to 15,000 troops to the border to prevent them from "invading" our country. These numbers beg a few questions. 1, Why do we need 3.75 troops to each man, woman and child fleeing crime and violent drug gangs in Central America? Are our troops so weak that 1 US Marine can't handle a 4 year old child, or a 60 year old woman? confused
Who is going to pay the salaries of these 15,000 soldiers? Trump got elected because he pledged to bring down the deficit, instead the deficit has grown much bigger than when he took office.

RE: 8.000 migrant from Honduras are on the way to the USA, Is this what you want to see happen?

if you asked me politely instead of insulting me I may have been inclined to offer my solution but since you copped an attitude I will just tell you to lips M. A.

Was that good enough for you? wave

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

So Lindsy, where were you born? Aren't you worried that you might lose your citizenship if Trump succeeds? You seem to think this is a good idea. Maybe they'll put you on a planet heading for the Philippines. I could fly with you and you can drop me off in Hungary.rolling on the floor laughing Or maybe the government will just put me on a boat and dump me overboard 12 miles off the coast by Rockaway Beach.

This is a mind numbingly dumb idea. Clearly the Trumpster (Rhymes with Dumpster) hasn't spent much time thinking this through, as usual.professor

RE: Stopping birth right citizenship

This has to be the stupidest idea that Trump has had to date. he's saying that anybody born in the USA should lose their citizenship. My mother may she RIP, was born in Budapest in 1897, my father was born in NYC. I have no idea if my mother ever went through the naturalization process but I know she married at least 2 Americans. I was born in NYC at the Rockaway Beach Hospital in Queens. If Trump is successful in this ridiculous idea I theoretically could lose my citizenship even though I was born here? Are you kidding me?

Pursuant to the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), U.S. citizenship is automatically granted to any person born within and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. This includes the territories of Puerto Rico, the Marianas (Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands), and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and also applies to children born elsewhere in the world to U.S. citizens (with certain exceptions)


Hey Sanguinarian, it looks like you got a brand new name and home town. Congratulations on your new ID.cheering

What happened, did the mods shitcan you again?confused

RE: 8.000 migrant from Honduras are on the way to the USA, Is this what you want to see happen?

I never said that. I said there's a solution. But trump is too stupid and pig headed to figure what it is or ask anybody for answers. Personally I think trump had a hand in creating this mass migration and is funding it as a scare tactic to get his border wall built. He has the most to gain. He could and probably will say, See, I told you all we need a wall at our southern border with Mexico, but you didn't believe me.

RE: 8.000 migrant from Honduras are on the way to the USA, Is this what you want to see happen?

Those refugees are going to find out their situation will only get much worse when trump separates them from their children and puts the kids in cages and sends the parents packing back to Central America. That's what he did with the last batch. I guess these folks never got the memo.
There's a solution to this problem, unfortunately the person with the power to solve it doesn't have the capability to figure out how. Plus he's too self centered to listen to intelligent, experienced people around him that do have the answer to the smart way to deal with this problem, so, he'll just make one bad decision after another until the situation gets totally out of control.
I guess that's what happens when you elevate a talk show host to the highest position in the world.dunno

RE: Your most favourite movie of all time - and why?

Crossroads was an excellent movie. I really liked Joe Seneca who played Willy Brown. He died in 1996, 10 years after Crossroads was released. sigh At least he'll be immortalized as a result of making this movie.
I understand Ry Cooder did all the guitar playing for the sound track.

RE: The war did not start in Hungary until 19'44, Soros was by then 14 years

Why are you so fixated on George Soros? What did he ever do to you? I think you're just jealous because he has a 1000 times more wealth than you have.

How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world

You might be able to fool some people with that comment, but anyone who knows what bankruptcy actually is wont swallow that BS. Bankruptcy protection means a Co is shielded from repaying bank loans and Bond holders and anyone who put up funds in support of the business. It enables the Co to tell lenders to stick it up the old brown spot. A tactic Trump has used at least 4 times.

How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world

One Of America's Oldest Coal Companies Just Filed For Bankruptcy

"Facing declining demand and saddled with mounting debt, one of the oldest and largest coal companies in the United States has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Westmoreland Coal Co. announced Tuesday that it had filed a chapter 11 petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Houston and had entered into a restructuring agreement with a group of its lenders. The Colorado-based firm has $1.4 billion in debt, according to the bankruptcy filing.

Westmoreland is the fourth major American coal company to file for bankruptcy in the past three years, The Associated Press noted.

Alpha Natural Resources filed for bankruptcy in 2015; Peabody Energy Corp. and Arch Coal followed the year after. The three companies have since emerged from bankruptcy protection."

I would give 5:1 odds that at least 90% of the jobless coal miners from Westmoreland Coal Co believed his Bullshit that he would get their jobs back, and voted for the Con Man, Tax Evader, Talk Show host.
Instead his first action as president was to try to take away their healthcare!

How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world

Did you skip reading comp on your quest for 2 Masters Degrees? Let me help you with the part you obviously missed.
"“From Ford’s perspective the metals tariffs took about $1 billion in profit from us,” Hackett said. “The irony of which is we source most of that in the U.S. If it goes on any longer, it will do more damage.”

By the way, You're living proof that education doesn't equal intelligence. You claim to have a BS and 2 Masters and yet you smoke cigarettes??????confused

How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world

From my observation he seems to be replacing existing swamp creatures with worse swamp creatures. The problem he has though is the people he's hired seem to be quitting as soon as they realize the only reason he hired them is to be his lackey and feed his ego.

How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world

China Slams Brakes on U.S. Crude Oil Imports

(Bloomberg) -- Even though Beijing hasn’t sanctioned American oil imports yet, Chinese buyers aren’t taking any chances.

The world’s second largest economy halted purchases of U.S. crude in August for the first time since September 2016, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Friday. In July, Chinese buyers received nearly 12 million barrels of crude from the U.S.

Beijing, once an enthusiastic buyer of U.S. crude after Washington lifted its restrictions on exports in December 2015, has even jockeyed with Canada for the position of top importer at times. Yet, China’s interest in American oil has diminished amid the escalating trade spat between the two nations.

How Donald Trump is singlehandedly destroying the economies of the world

Ford Motor Company is reportedly preparing to initiate major layoffs after suffering a blow to profits of at least $1 billion due to tariffs enacted by President Donald Trump.

The nation’s largest automaker hasn’t yet revealed how many workers will be affected. But a report by Morgan Stanley estimated that as many as 12 percent of the company’s 202,000 workers worldwide could be cut, NBC reported.

Layoffs will center on Ford’s 70,000-strong white-collar workforce as part of what the company is calling a “redesign” of its staff in an ongoing $22.5 billion reorganization, according to NBC.

Trump’s tariffs and the retaliatory tariffs they triggered are taking a toll on the U.S. auto industry.

Ford CEO Jim Hackett told Bloomberg last month that tariffs on imported aluminum and steel alone dealt a blow to company profits.

“From Ford’s perspective the metals tariffs took about $1 billion in profit from us,” Hackett said. “The irony of which is we source most of that in the U.S. If it goes on any longer, it will do more damage.”

Trump sets his pants on fire.......again

Hey Hex, do you have the hots for me or something? I told you I don't want a BJ from a Bogan from down under now run along.

RE: How Was Your Day?

The owner of the car had an even better day when he found the dent in his trunk lid.laugh

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