Funniest ad an TV

Basically I agree with you stude but this is one ad that cracks me up every time I see it. If you've never seen it you don't know what you're missing.

There's another ad I absolutely adore, in fact if I'm in another room and I hear the ad come on the TV I run into the living room to see this absolutely adorable little girl ask a very pertinent question. Here it is.

Funniest ad an TV

Which ad do you find actually to watch?


Courtesy Conrad73

"PMSNBC,how quaint!"
rolling on the floor laughing tongue

RE: Liberal Teachers

@ Bigjb
"It is the lack of guns in the hands of the victims that allowed the murderers to kill these people. Had they had guns then they would have been able to protect themselves and most would have survived."

Riiiiight,! If these people (kids) WERE ARMED THEY COULD HAVE STOPPED Adam Lanza from killing them and they'd be alive today.

RE: Liberal Teachers

So do I read you right, that certain people shouldn't have the right to be in possession of a gun?

RE: Liberal Teachers

You're comparing a gun to a cartridge used to start an antique tractor which not a farmer on this planet is probably using in this day and age. Sorry but that doesn't hold water. If they shot the tractor with a shotgun and it started I would be impressed. There is also a .22 cal cartridge which is used to drive nails which is a great tool I've actually used but again it's not a gun. So you're comparing apples and oranges.

RE: Liberal Teachers

A gun has only one useful purpose, to kill. Can you use it to drive a nail? Can you use it to carry freight? Can you use it to cook, cut meat, drill an accurate hole, grate cheese, fasten two pieces of metal together, spread butter on a piece of toast, make coffee, milk a cow, walk the dog, heat your house? I can go on all day if you like. A gun has only one purpose. To kill..... Think of it as an enabler if you like. It enables the weak or insane the power to act out their hatred or insanity.

It's true, a gun alone doesn't kill people,

It gives ordinary people the power to kill anybody else, and do it at a distance.

RE: Liberal Teachers

Comparing a gun to things like baseball bats knives planes trucks automobile’s acid rope and a pillow etc is a very weak argument. Anything can be re purposed to act as a weapon to injure and even kill a person.
A gun on the other hand, is designed for only one purpose, to kill, weather it is an animal or a human being. Anybody who worships a gun other than those who need a gun as a tool to use to feed himself and/or his family is a psychotic and they probably don't even realize it.

I used to be a hunter. I even reloaded my own ammo, mostly for the fun of it and for economic reasons. I went to rifle ranges target shooting maybe 40 times. I went through the gun safety course sponsored by the NRA. As a much younger man I was caught up in the macho image of the big game hunter. Then on one of my many hunting trips I was freezing my a** off on top of a mountain when a Doe and a fawn came into view. My heart was racing and I made the choice to pull the trigger. The Doe dropped to the ground and the fawn ran off. A wave of shame flowed over me. I never went hunting or even target shooting again and I sold my rifle several years later.

RE: Did you enjoy American President Trump's 2019 State of the Union?

Installing this Conman, mob affiliated, tax evader, incompetent, liar in the Oval Office demonstrates just how bad a system the Electoral College is. Hillary Clinton got a million more votes from the citizens of the USA. Why isn't she in the WH instead of this Creep?
I'll tell you why, cause the system is broken and totally out of date. It may have made sense in the horse & buggy days before there were cars, telephones, internet, television, radio etc but it doesn't make sense anymore. This is the 21st century ferkrisake. Now we got an idiot in the WH who wants to build a 7th century wall that even school kids know was a gigantic failure in China a 1000 years ago.
Sometimes I wonder did this pr1ck even GO to school or did his daddy simply buy him a diploma?

RE: Heaven is waiting

You've been had starrayfil What's it like being a sucker? You have fallen for a scam and you don't even know it. comfort

RE: Suicide

Growing up in NYC my next door neighbors were a Hungarian family named Essary, the Hungarian pronunciation is Echedy. The father was a successful Chiropractor with an office on East 86th ST, in Manhattan. The mother was your typical fat Hungarian woman who spent all day in the kitchen. They had 2 sons, Eddie who was like a father to me. He took me downtown to the surplus electronic marketplace on Cortland street where he would pick up bits of electrical components he used to make things like radios and such. He was a borderline genius. Eddie moved to Arizona for some form of lung condition. At about 12 I learned that Eddie passed away. It was a sad time for me. Then there was his younger brother Rudy. Rudy was the black sheep of the family. He was a target of his peers who mocked him for his looks. Rudy started hanging out with a bad group of guys who were into pot and craving acceptance he picked up the habit eventually turning to harder drugs like Heroin. Rudy supported his drug addiction by stealing cigarettes and steaks from supermarkets. He also burglarized apt's, one time actually falling asleep in one apt after making himself a sandwich from the food in their fridge. He also did time in prison on Rikers Island.

One day Rudy took me home to his apt where I witnessed him cook Heroin in a teaspoon over a candle and inject it into his arm. He zoned out and I let myself out. Not too long after that I got married and was advised to make sure Rudy knew my address so he wouldn't break into my apt and rob me. I guess he eventually came to the realization that his life was so fukd up and hopeless that he jumped out the window of his 4th floor apt. He actually survived the attempt. About 6 months later he jumped again. This time he didn't survive. I'm sure he would have shot himself if he could have gotten his hands on a gun, but NYC has such strict gun laws that it wasn't an option for him. He was a great guy and I sorely missed him, I still do.

RE: Which passed away musician do you miss most?

Al Wilson (June 19, 1939 – April 21, 2008) 2 months shy of his 70th birthday :( crying

He sings about being stuck in Lodi CA., he probably didn't realize how lucky he was not to be stuck in Lodi New Jersey.uh oh

RE: Which passed away musician do you miss most?

Sophie Tucker
Yep, dig this! You can thank me later for introducing this song to you.

okay, here's some of the translation: when I'm looking in the 'shpiegel' (mirror).
hob rachmones (have mercy), ikh zug dir ahf namones (I'm telling you the truth), ikh hob moira far die chupeh dokh nokh zayn bay undzer bris. (I'm afraid of the altar but I'm facing our circumcision.) In mayn boikh iz shoyn a kiegl. (in my belly there's already a noodle pudding!

RE: Which passed away musician do you miss most?

That is a very good question. The first person who comes to mind is Janice Joplin. I'm sure I will think of others. I just remembered another Charles Aznavour.

RE: Louis Farrakhan finally said something sensible!!!

So Farrakhan suggests the country be divided along racial lines? I guess this state will adopt Sharia law no? I wonder if you'll need a passport to enter this new state? What about taxes? And import/export? How about a military? What will this state do to generate revenue? Will their economy be based on agricultural, Industrial, High Tech , Tourism, oil & gas, Forestry, or other? What about a police force? Will this state have a constitution? Will Caucasians be allowed to visit or possibly move there?

I don't think Mr. Farrakhan has given this much thought.

Why do you think this is sensible?confused

RE: cursed democrats and their chemtrails

Hey woodstock I saw in your profile you're into British car repair. I was a British car mechanic for most of my adult life. At my peak I could put a clutch in a Hillman in 2.5 hours. Sync SU carbs by ear and set ignition points by eye.
BTW, Chemtrails have been proven to be a conspiracy myth years ago.

Onion Soup Mix

The mushrooms sound interesting, I'll have to try that.

Onion Soup Mix

That's it!
I make a great Meatloaf no wonder I have to much Onion Soup Mix.

Onion Soup Mix

Jesis now I'm hungry.
I think I just remembered what I used it for... Salad dressing!

Onion Soup Mix

There was a dish I used to make years ago with Onion Soup Mix but I can't remember what it was. It wasn't onion soup. I used it mainly as a spice mixture.
What are some uses for this other than Onion Soup or a dip?

RE: Double Homicide

This thread should be aborted.

RE: American Politics belong on the USA forums

This International forum would die a slow death without American politics being hotly debated.professor

RE: March for life and Pro Life

I had a girlfriend who moved in with me when I lived in Ohio. Eventually after practicing her "fool proof" birth control method which she was taught by the church AKA the "Rhythm method" . She was raised in an extremely religious household (Dutch Reform). She missed her monthly. I had never seen a person change the way she did. She became distant, depressed, she started drinking, it felt like I had a perfect stranger in my house. She shunned me in bed. After a lot of talking and prying, I found out the reason why she was acting so weird. She was petrified that her parents would find out she got pregnant without being married. wow I suspect there was also some hormonal element at play in her mood change.
I asked her, So, what do you want to do? She said, I have to get this "thing" out of my body. I didn't want to have another kid so I agreed and we called an abortion clinic and made an appointment and about $450 dollars later (mine) she once again became the sane person I once knew.

RE: March for life and Pro Life

Sorry dude but late term or even very late term doesn't quite reach the level of full term. Full term means birth is imminent IOW a living soon to be breathing baby. Which is murder. Implying Cuomo is advocating murdering babies. Sorry but you are sick for even suggesting such a thing. Nowhere in those 3 links have I found the term full term abortion.


I think it might be a good idea if CS checked IP addy's so they know when this jerk creates a new SN after they kick him out. Now he's claiming to be a white dairy farmer.

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