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RE: Ladies

Of course any lady worth having would appreciate this. A posh eatery would be much more cost, however this is saying you took the time to put it together. Many of us females very much appreciate the thoughtfulness of a man wanting to do something that says, "Lady you are special!" thumbs up flower

RE: Word association game


RE: Word association game


RE: Word association game


How many blessings can you count for today that you have?

In years past I have done threads about good thoughts, reasons we smile, uplifting ideas. Many times there was very little response's. So I get it if only a few reply.
This is meant as a positive and maybe thought provoking for the better. We almost all even in bad times
have blessings but don't see them or take them for granted. When I am feeling down, I start counting blessings and feel better, feel wave

RE: What did the last email you sent say?

Say it, forget it. Write it, regret it.

RE: Do u miss any of ur old b/f's or g/f's ?

After 11 yrs., last yr. was engaged, I have had thoughts of that man often in the 30 yrs. we have been apart. Songs, old friends, almost anything, reminds me of him. First real love and there have been others but none I have felt the strength of love as I did. Put aside the negative memories and enjoy the good 1's.
Also miss 4 friends who left the earth before they were ready. I at times cry and think of them and also smile remembering good times.

RE: My younger sister is dying I have just been told..............

My younger sister is dying she was told she has only a few weeks to live.
Coby lives in the US, in a home, but now is in hospice
This is what I don’t understand.
The doctor found a large bruise on her breast and concluded that she had
advance breast cancer. No mammogram was taken.
Coby has not had a mammogram for years, perhaps never.........
What I also find very strange is that she has no pain what so ever.
Is this possible to have advance breast cancer not know it and have no pain all this time?
Second her heart is very weak that is most likely what will cause the end or both?
Coby has friends who take care of her and report to us.............
She does not want any one of us to come and see her.............
I am the oldest of six, my second sister smoked and worked with asbestos. bad combination
My only brother died of a heart attack and Coby is number three to go.
I have two younger sisters left they both live in Holland
The youngest is a heavy smoker and will not stop as she cares more about not getting fat.
The other sisters health is not the best, both are ten-12 years younger than I am
Both my parents are dead, my mom died at 94 years old of an aneurysm, she never knew what hit her
what a blessing. My dad died at 62 of long cancer.
Both families are wiped out, no one is left it sure feels weird for sure[/quote
I am only replying to u as a lady who can feel your pain and sadness over this. Being a Believer myself, I know that our eternity will be glorious. So I hope your sis is accepting of what will be.
No words I write can make it all better, please know if you ever want to conversate in message, I will be glad to be there. My thoughts for you are that you will accept what will be and in your time be able to heal. sad flower hug flower dance gift Peace be yours.

RE: Is sex better at night

To each and everyone when is not morning or eve., whenever it feels right for a couple. Love making can be great anytime if both are into it. My husband and I privately shared many times of day, many places etc. when we got the urge and it was exciting for us.professor blushing hole

RE: Happy Halloween Everyone

Ok, Halloween with an Easter Bunny? So back at you!santa waving

RE: Can't open CS with Chrome

Hey Stranger, been awhile oobyhug
I have been using chrome recently, I get notification that some one is trying to use illegitimate scripts. Another site Google told me was unsafe but been there many times no problem. Hey oob, glad I am not alone with this. Reply to you may be right about how our settings are set uphug wave Hope I see you here sometime again.

RE: What Phrases, Terms or Words Irritate You ?

Starting a sentence with "basically". Also starting a sentence with So" as in So the best medicene .. Should be used as follows, The party got loud so I had to leave.
I don't always use proper english but some new terms I hear are bothering me. Of course I am getting up there in age, so may be a part of it too.uh oh

RE: Farming

Born in the suburbs but at heart a country gal. People are much friendlier and take a handshake to seal a deal, at least when I was in small towns. Texas folks were great, a small rural area outside of Greeley CO where I worked a horse ranch in late teens, such friendly people.
Anyway ended back in suburb in Oh. and had a veggie garden in last house I rented. All kinds of veggies and even watermelons and pumpkins. Here not allowed veggie garden. However I am moving to a house with private fenced backyard, still city like but for now it's what I need to do. Excited over idea to start a garden again. Always taste better than stores and I can share with neighbors too!banana applause I'm excited.

RE: Farming

Great to read this! Have for some years said I would like a place in the country where I could take in unwanted animals. Hasn't happened so maybe a pipe dream considering my age, never know accept in 20 years I'll need some help caring for my animal familydunno
Innocentia your heart is in the right thumbs up

RE: Knowing the difference between a real and fake profile and the problems genuine people face.

Okay back to the subject for me. Probably a scammer- in profile may leave a profile ? blank if not familiar with words asked- in 1st or if not 2nd message offers email or just phone or asks for yours- flattery gone overboard in 1st few messages- doesn't answer your ?'s- say they work for a diamond drilling or architectural engineering, jobs that takes them to many countries- you ask them how far they are from a town you made up when they give a state and city in USA and they don't answer you- different sites I have been on, many so called men looking for woman start out "Hello Pretty"- no photo or photo so far away you can't really see them or know if you would recognize seeing them on another site.

I am very careful when I have met a new man. Public meet, if both interested, then some phone calls and first date daytime, not sharing email info until actually feeling comfortable with person. If really an interest, check them out where I see address's, any fel ony on record, etc.. It is sad that fake people make it hard to trust for those of us who are real.
Both men and women get scammer or weirdo messages. Know of a lady on POF who met her future mate, she was never seen again. Know a man who thought he was messaging with a women, turned out it was a man! Please all be careful !!!!!!
wine peace

RE: Annoyed

Trump and his Tweets being in news daily.

People who judge others in a negative way-walk a mile in that person's shoes first.

RE: New Famous Person Beginning With The Last Letter of the Previous One

Sally Fields actress or now is it actor?confused

RE: Hello

Trying sending a message. If the person responds, message a few more times, both sharing. Then exchange phone numbers. Then the 2 of you decide when and where to set up and go meet.uh oh

RE: Is a smile enough ?

Sorry meant of what they think you'll love.

RE: Is a smile enough ?

Know the song by Billy Joel "The Stranger"? That song fits many people sadly. They wear an emotional mask of what you they think will win you over. 1 day the mask comes off!

RE: Watching old shows again. "Keeping up appearances" great acting , many more too chose from

I have been watching TCM channel for about 10 years. Mostly movies from 30's-40's are my favorite films. Also have a channel with old movies and another with shows from 50's-60's. Love many of them! OP may not see same programs as USA dunno . I remember Twilight Zone when I was 5 or 6. Didn't always get the idea portrayed but loved it. In the 70's or 80's a movie came out that I just saw recently. 3 Days Of the Condor
applause Great movie, couldn't tell what would happen next.heart beating

RE: Post you're current mood/emotion below.....!!

my mood is''mell


RE: New Famous Person Beginning With The Last Letter of the Previous One

Richard Nixon president till impeached.thumbs up :

RE: New Famous Person Beginning With The Last Letter of the Previous One

No disrepect Chris but I have a few tapes from a pianist named Yanni or if I am wrong, tape covers spelled name wrong. If same person, he's good!

Sam Cook ( a singer in the 50's in USA)

Wow it's a ghost forum!!!!

doh The first week of 2018, will check to see if any threads posted recently. wine :

RE: If you had to have a tattoo, what would it say & where would you have it ???

IF I had to have 1, on my leg, either I am blessed or Positive Thinking.

RE: New Famous Person Beginning With The Last Letter of the Previous One

Doris Day (american actress in 50's & 60's)

RE: Do women have "wet dreams"?


Very good reply!

thumbs up thumbs up applause

RE: Your Choice

wave Ali, been a long time since seeing you here. Of course I have only stopped in now and then in last 9 years. This was 1st dating site I was on when new to computer. I still come back to answer mail at times. I have met a few great guys 2 from dating sites and 1 at the corner store. None ended up being the committed man I wanted for life, so took time off dating for awhile. As I get older am not as eager as I was to meet Mr. Right, but if he's out there, it will happen. Okay enough of my CS bio.
I will answer what I think about CS, love that they still have plenty of emoticons, but wish could still use in . Always like the choice of flowers,if still here. A few of the groups I found quite interesting. When I was a regular, sometimes I'd laugh till I cried, saw some pot stirring, and made real life friends some I am still in touch with, male and female. After checking other sites to meet singles, wondered why the free sites were popular. They don't have the emoticons (emojis) like here if at all. Many have no blogs or forums. This was and still looks to be a great site.
Wonder if there are still any of the people from way back that still stop in? Enough from me, for
very happy
Wish all well whether I agree with your opinions or not. We all have a right to an opinion, even if some use gutter words and put downs. Consider the source.
peace &hug folks.

RE: Is it right to judge someone negatively when no facts are present?

I wrote something that required Holy water to exterminate it? Wow, I had no idea

I was expressing an opinion, at no point did I direct any specific comment to the OP, other than saying that she, as a Filipino, would be very likely to know of other Filipinos who are in America for the money not love.
A green card is the dream of many filipino girls, and they will do almost anything to get one.

I just find that in the last few years, more and more people are using innuendo and distorting truths to stir shit, they believe it makes them look clever and "in the know" and gives them 10 minutes of fame and attention, without ever taking responsibility for those actions.

The word ASSUME,,, Can be a pneumonic as in " assume makes an a** out of U and ME" holds a lot of truth!![/I have seldom been here in last few years. Tquote]

rizlared, I have not been in forums for a long while. Therefore I have not read any posts or threads of yours.until just now. In this quote it is my opinion that your being hypocritical. Talk about not judging. You name Filipinos females as only coming to another country to deceive and use men. Not a judgement? sigh

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