RE: Most powerful country in the world is

It's no doubt, The USA!!!!
America, the greatest in the world...

~JOHN~ said dat dancing

RE: Who does Jesus think will win the american election?

When Moses, descended from Mount Sinai, with the two tables of the Testimony that contained 11 Commandments that the Lord had given him.

It was written as the 11th commandment, that in the year of our Lord, 2016 that a "Donald J. Trump" would be the new President/Leader of the free world, better known as the USA!

~JOHN~ said dat rolling on the floor laughing

RE: USA's Presidential Election 2016.

With the tons of illegal activities that
have/is included(ing) the Clinton's
(either directly or indirectly),
there is only one choice

!!! ((( DONALD J. TRUMP for 2016 ))) !!!

~JOHN~ said dat..banana

RE: Will.I.Am's Takes on Trump

Oh no... lets not leave Killary out of this discussion...
wouldn't want to make her feel left out!
Remember, she and Bill are the devil devil couple!
ENJOY! ~JOHN~ said dat...


Well, with trying to be the scariest I could be...

I would have to dress up like Hillary Clinton...

That should scare EVERYONE... from child to elderly....


RE: Would you shoot a 31 year old man who was in your teenage daughter's bedroom

I am personally familiar with a person(s),
male of 35 years of age and the female of 16!

The female is 16, going through a divorce, and has one child... and expecting a 2nd child (that she was not aware of at the time). After the male found out her actual age, he discontinued the interest towards her. SHE pursued him, and to the point of him reconsidering the situation.

NOTE: The mother of the girl, approved of the relationship.
We all mature at different stages of our lives.

Your opinion:
#1... Should it have remained, as OK, with the additional info?
#2... Should it have been discontinued, simply because of age?


I seem to never learn...

Sure... asbestos containers...

I seem to never learn...

Well, Conrad... my 1st year of growing peppers... and I'm learning as I go!
Peppersauce? Nah!
Rocket-Fuel? ... mabey, concentrated into powder form... "Just Add Water" hahaha

Have a good day, Conrad...


I seem to never learn...

That's true for most of them...

I seem to never learn...

I put a shake or two (of peppers) on most things now... starting to adjust to the heat.
Have a good day Sophiasummer...


I seem to never learn...

I sure that the onions had their issues as well. I've shed a few tears in the past dealing with an onion at dinner time....


I seem to never learn...

Headed to the store, list consists of gloves, face mask, and goggles! BBL....

I seem to never learn...

Oh, but unlaoised... it was a combination of 60 different peppers! Some peppers from around the world, (i.e. ghost, reapers, habaneros, chilli's, cayennes, and 55 additional spicey peppers)! Some include what was/is in the guinness book of world records (Carolina Reaper). Picked, dehydrated, chopped/ground... YEP, it is a HOT mixture... ahahahaha


I seem to never learn...

I'll advise my Insurance Co of your urgency....

I seem to never learn...

Yep... I was already aware of that one Conrad73
But thanks for the warning...cheers


I seem to never learn...

Hmmm, I'll have to research that one...

I seem to never learn...

I seem to never learn:
... shock

Just the residue vapors that vaporize the air
within the grind/blender area is ...
BAD TO DA BONE! crying ... (koff-koff)

??OHN doh

RE: Is Trump Delusional or just plain Crazy!

Only a possible/suspected terrorist would pose such a question...

My opinion...

RE: Need Help

maybe this link will help Ali110... Not sure it will show up on this post.

You can get a new password, a Yahoo! ID reminder, or both.
If you forgot your Yahoo! ID or password, go to the Sign-in Problems page.

Good luck,

RE: suggestions needed

After reading all of the posts in this thread...
it brought up another question! (for me, anyway)

Say, for instance:

You find the female that fulfills what you are seeking.
You continue your education,
with her help (financially or whatever)...

When you have reached your goal
of what you are striving for (education),
what then happens to the one that aided
you financially reach your goal?

Do you just toss her to the side, now that she has
served and contributed to your purpose?

Do you say, "Thank you ma'am, see ya"?
Then go about your way?

Or do you strive to make this an "everlasting" love,
where romance may flourish?

I can't help but think "free ride" on this issue...
Just my opinion

RE: you are going to vote for ?

It's TRUMP fo 2016...

My opinion, and vote!


RE: suggestions needed

You need to respect their settings.
Apparently, they have a reason for limiting the areas.

You might create ill feelings from the person,
if you disregard their wishes/settings.

There are tons of other "love interests" on here that
may enjoy your endeavor to contact them.

Good luck...

RE: suggestions needed

Apparently, you have never heard the phrase... "NO means NO"
You would be pushing yourself into someone's space settings.
That would show disregard and disrespect for their preference.
Get over it, and look for another that accepts your geographical area.

Just my opinion....

RE: help please

Or you could just "Right Click" on the image in question, then select "Search Google for image"... Just another way of doing the same as the posted above...


RE: Trump it is

GO TRUMP 2016!!!!!

RE: Just a quick question.

The PB part of PB&J
(Peanut Butter)

RE: Who are you voting for for president?

TRUMP FOR 2016!!!!


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