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RE: Can Asian women experience true love at all, I am having my doubts now.

Depends on social engineering.

like PHilipino woman. Its seems they all forced to be prostitutes to make a living.
put a woman through that, and she will and can never love a man. "Ever"!

social engineering has a way of turning people into socialpaths. meaning they cannot love.

RE: Why Hitler Lost WW2

He didnt loose exactly.
He got his country what it wanted.
He actually won the war long term.

RE: Will depopulation eventually occur?

just around the corner, wars, humaroids, artificial hearts, limbs, other body parts etc, microchip for brain. companion and sex partner humaroid soon to come.

RE: Which is the first thing you do after sex?


RE: If you had 1 million dollars, what would you do with it?

Quickly spend it, before some jealous corrupt people take it.

RE: "If you want peace, prepare for war" Wise words or not?

ye, unfortunately, war is the only way, to bring down overpopulation.
and restructure things and society.
Im not looking forward to this.
Ok, down here, was reading in history how 60 000 Boers savaged 450 000 British troops when they conquered down here,
but this time they will be fighting the US marines maybe, Russia, China, and the whole African continent.
One collosal empire, with technology and Attack helicopters.
I dont want to see this.
think I must head for Wales or something tell all these wars are over.

RE: Who killed JFK

Oh god, thats easy, star sign pisces. Chief of justice set it all up.
obviously over money.
Pisces is the resource drainer and destroyer of life, most possesive, most greediest, most devious, and most jealoous sign in the zodiac, and always mows down who it does like.
think Oswald was just set up and put away. he was born close to november,
so, probably the case.

RE: How Many Times can Someone Fall in Love?

Well, I dont know, but Ive got a real problem,
Im in love with two woman, and I love them equally.

RE: If you kill someone, will you go to hell?

Of course not. If that was so, where would all the corrupt go, do they go to heaven.
Murder is usually revenge for corruption and continous sabotage against one.
or, its to avoid someone else who is entitled to money, or not entitled, but its mostly over money, or when one is being abused constantly, they may murder,

RE: What's so wrong with President Obama's Syria policy?

No, I think, the middle East may have all the wealth or something.
and maybe America is in huge financial debt or something.
and this is one way of taking what it needs to sustain itself.
but, you know, if you speak to a Leo star sign personality,
they will always say things like, I have 20 Arabian horses, when they only have 1.
they just like to seem to show off to me. I dont know why.

RE: What's so wrong with President Obama's Syria policy?

It could be Astrology, or part of it. Nobody takes this seriously, but the star sign Leo. pics a fight to show off. they like to show off by nature.
It could be a personal thing against the leader. like a personality clash. and also some other underlying factor, which is kept secret.
Maybe they have something the Americans want.
Humans do take from one another. Thats a fact.

could be a power thing. Often is the case,
but, sometimes if a person can use phsicology, if given enough space. sometimes a war can be stopped, if both leaders actually like each other or get on with each other.
You know how scorpios are always persecuted, and have very shallow water to swim in. and if that is taken away, then they go out with a bang and get or emotional and sick, and in more trouble, cause they can upset the balance of the other star signs.

while leo is very bossy by nature and a show off,
the other leader could be Libra or something.
And I dont think that a balanced Libra gets on with a pushy bossy show off personality.

This one little scenerio, is what could destroy the world..

RE: Can we leave this planet someday?

Sure, December 2013.
The planet is turning into anarchy and drunkeds, and if you dont join them you die,.
so, Im also tired.

RE: Why is president Obummer such a big liar?

Well, its always been known, soon as you have a leo, pisces or aquarius ruler, bang goes the country and everything.
Pisces is the most greediest and possesive, and is the only star sign that can do what it likes. they never ever go to jail, put it that way,
and they by nature always think they are the victim.
and they always mow down whoever they dont like, they dont like other intuitive people who want to learn, put it that way.
and your cops and everything are them cause they have a very investigative and curious nature,
so, lots of intuitive scorpios go to jail, he isnt allowed to have anything, put it that way and is always persecuted.

Leos fight to show off, they are loud mouth, and they always lie by nature. so, Obama is going to end the world and kill people , cause he wants to show off, how powerful he is.

Aquarians are just hustlers and cons, so they get everything for nothing.

so there you have it, want more advice, contact me.

RE: Who thinks the US should continue giving 8 million dollars a day to Israel?

well, if that is true, nothing is for nothing, they are doing it for a reason. maybe so that Israel helps them with their plans. they are obviously investing in Israel for some reason, maybe its got to do with control of the other states/countries, for its own safety, or even for their resources. who knows.

RE: hidden talent, or seemingly useless skill.

Well, a college education in Food Service Supervision.- A useless skill, well, useless for me, cause it wasnt what I wanted to do. but was kind of forced. Couldnt or darent say no to my father when I was young.
A bookeeping qualification. - A useless skill for my personlaty.
A operational medic qualification. - not for me.
Computer diploma,- well, whether I had a diploma or not, Ive been on computers for years. - a useless skill, if you cant get office work. or cant work with office politics in an office.
Art. - well, Im talented, but a useless skill. no money.
webdesign, - well, that is a nice skill I enjoy like crazy as a hobby, hoping to really get good at this programming now, and try make a living somehow out of it, whether to start a business or find employment.and technology is everywhere and the future.

forex trading, a skill and experience I learnt. But, its a useless skill for my personality.- Nobody at the banks will let me put money into the forex platform. pity, I really loved doing that and am good at it.

so, Im going back to graphics, my creative side, and programming. Im sure, not long from now, and Ill be confident enough to feel I have enough experience to apply for a job. or build my own e-commerce sites or something,
and if Im starving and in real trouble and cant get an income, while with programming skills and webdesign, graphics etc, one can suppose easily build scam sites, maybe even a shopping scam site.

so, something at my age of middle age. while, it may be late in life, but, I might just pull it off.
One thing I love about technology, is that the more advanced it gets, the harder it is for people to sabotage you all the time.
you dont even have to deal with people, and nobody has to even know who you are. Hell, you can even, change your id and appearance,.

so, Im quite excited to bypass the a**hole customer service workers and personal, who chase people away, and play dumb, cause they so dam bitter and jealous and have jobs, they dont deserve anyway.

yep, stuff the human being. and hooray to technology and robots.

RE: What will cause the fall of USA?

The revenge from the Eastern countries, arab countries, middle east standing together, for the past wars that the USA manufactures to take the resources etc from these countries, just when they start building themselves up, thus leaving them, like vietnam in poverty for another 100 years.
You dont stay and get to be the richest and most powerful without taking from others and mowing them down.
but, nothing against the USA, this is a thought, and some country or someone will always be more rich and powerful than the next one.
the human is bad and dangerous. and astrology plays a big roll.
In astrology you get the possesive, my land, my car, my this etc and dominant mentality. and you get the people person, who doesnt want to hurt a flie mentality.
And you get the hard worker, and the taker. The hard worker, whether successfull in business or whatever always works for the taker at the end of the day.
and the hard tryer worker is always persecuted. And the taker, the glorified caring nice person.

Its life.

RE: if stranded in the wilderness,which animal would you fear the most ,if you had no weapons?

MMMM. not sure, Lion or Buffalo. or even Rhino.
I think Ill fear the lion, cause they will hunt you down as a team effort. A buffalo or Rhino, if you keep your distance and leave it, it willl probably ignore you.

RE: Is there somethin wrong with me to why no girl wants to date me?

Its because, they not looking for a date. they looking for what they say they dont want. nobody wants commitment these days.
so dont show your heart or desperation. just have the mentality that your going to use and s... the lady you meet.
then your get her, and she will fall for you later. but, just hold back your true feelings.
We all want what we cant have in life, and if your easily available, forget it.

You cant be part of the boring norm. so be bad or something. girls like bad guys sometimes. even though they say, they want god fearing and all this.

RE: 47 States Revolt Against Obama Gun Laws

Yes, I know, they did it here a couple of years ago, Now killing a certain race is a sport and enjoyable, especially when their weapons were taken away from them so they cant defend themselves.

dont know what they planning there in USA by taking everyones fireams from them.

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