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RE: My computer was hyacked again. It was frozen solid, a phone number to call a techincian was given

I dont think you have been hacked, assuming that your antivirus is current.

1. Download (free program, no need to buy any program)

download Cc-cleaner.(already guven to you)

1. first run CCleaner
2. run superantispyware, update definitions first.


Thats all I would suggest to do at this stage. if it does not work, than there are other steps.

Start easy, most of the times that's all you need.

good luck

Music.....(No Cheese)

bien faire et laisser dire

Music.....(No Cheese)

We are all prisoners at one time or another in our lives, prisoners to ourselves or to the expectations of those around us. It is a burden that all people endure, that all people despise, and that few people ever learn to escape.


Music.....(No Cheese)

we all have one thing in common:..... we are all different.!!

RE: In 3 words...

responding to this

RE: Say Anything

You’re sure?


UK airlines risk losing flying rights, (Financial Times)

If Britain left the single market,without an agreement, UK-owned airlines would automatically lose existing flying rights in Europe’s “fully liberalised” aviation market, and would no longer be entitled to EU recognition of approvals for parts or certificates for airworthiness[

Ownership restrictions would also apply, forcing groups such as Ryanair and International Airlines Group to buy out British shareholders to ensure they were 50 per cent owned and controlled by EU nationals, in order to continue operating routes within the EU.

“UK red lines mean exit from the single market,” the commission presentation said. “All rights, obligations and benefits derived cease. No traffic rights — end of market access; ownership & control rules — third country restrictions kick in; end of mutual recognition of certificates; end of participation in European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).” “Air freedoms granted by way of international agreement. What is not expressly agreed is prohibited,” the paper adds.

No eu plane will be allowed to land in the uk and vice versa if there is no deal

Btw, thanks for the thread.


facts: he didnt threaten anything. - here interview/video

"Every country will struggle to put in place the necessary infrastructure and customs and veterinary officials in their ports and airports. It won't be just us.

"I can only imagine what the state of Dover will be in those scenarios - I know there's some projections that suggest trucks backing up as far as the ring-road around London, in those kinds of scenarios. Obviously there'll be a huge problem for Rotterdam.

"So I think we all need to make sure we don't end up in that kind of scenario, because everyone is going to need some kind of transition period - not just us. The UK will need it too; France, the Netherlands, Belgium," he said.

Britain will also no longer be part of the bloc's common rules for aviation, the European Common Aviation Area arrangements.

"You cannot have your cake and eat it. You can't take back your waters and then expect to use other people's sky
," added the Taoiseach.

no "threatening to stop planes flying over...."

reading skills I suppose. (google besides Sun/dailycrap)

RE: Expectations: do women today (any age) still expect much romance in their relationships?

This is some quality stuff you've got here . My money is on lizard people.

RE: Women and men......Strife in families.....

Bloody amazing. Can't wait for the next one.


RE: Whats your take on Polls

CS polls, threads?

Soooooo good. I'm hooked...Can't wait for the next oneslaugh

most are in the category of ". Buy the crap sell them as new(s)".


RE: In 3 words...

where's my kiss?lips

hey Fifi, wave

RE: In 3 words...

looking for chocolate

RE: In Four Words

yup, I prefer espresso

(about 10/12 a day)laugh

RE: In Four Words

coffee, tea with sugar?

How´s Green Bay, these days?

RE: In Four Words

only if you whisper

evening wave

RE: Trump backs Russia again

It does not matter if you are democrat, republican, socialist, American, Canadian, English, French Russian,or Martian. the facts are we have a new "sheriff in town "

We have to accept that Russia is doing "its job" by protecting its interest. Also recognizing that Russia is a well organized country, with a strong leadership, and with long term goals, with Putin as the great manager -love or hate him, he is doing the best for his country.

"Russia (Putin’s) goal was and is to "wakening the West, and exploiting the seams and divisions of the West’s open democracies to undermine the legitimacy and moral standing. Russia accomplished that with great success in 2016—and it’s a strategy that is continuing to pay dividends today. " (former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers)

Russia has been successful by having Trump elected, and Trump insulting Angela Merkel, undermined British Theresa May and other allied governments, calling Europe a “foe,” and not accepting NATO premises is just part of the plan. And we have to acknowledge that it was a masterpiece plan Russia did - getting the biggest country presidency. . Trump - we might not like him - is doing his job, what he was paid to do.

Maybe we do need a new order in the world, as America has shown, to the rest of the world, that its democracy premises is weak and faulty, as it is based "on money" - and money bought the actual government, as it did always (before it was american money mostly). Or maybe this is the right and new way to run the world, as hedge funds have become stronger than countries.

Russia is not "communist" country (only a moron will say that). In fact, it is a vibrant society, with a strong economy, and proud people (read Medvedev. Social and economic development of Russia) Something we .(from the so call free world) have taken for granted. . .

As former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers said last year., "Russia purpose was to sow discontent and mistrust in our elections; they wanted us to be at each others’ throat when it was over,". That’s wildly successful.. even CS.

Its time to acknowledge the new boss in town. ................... For now !


PS - I dont like or accept dictators. any.

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