RE: I am back)))

What a coincidence!. smitten

RE: Share what you are listening to...part 100

If you were here... we would be having this conversation in person

RE: Last to post wins

Enough for a musical, at least.cheers

RE: In Four Words

cause (and) effect always matter


RE: In Four Words

Olympics minimum. extremely competitive.

RE: Crazy and Scared

Aww she's special!! bless her mad little brain

bonkers! comfort

RE: Crazy and Scared

if she rejects me, she has terrible taste. I don't want her. too. laugh

No rules; not afraid. I love taking risks, especially when I believe that it is what I want.

RE: In Four Words

Then, let’s dance now

RE: Is CS Still The Candy Shop It Once Was?

Yes, CS still the same.

Plenty of "normal" and "insane" people as everywhere.

Forums or blogs - few permanent residents believe they own them . and they are the "chosen ones."

RE: Productive discussions on my threads

Weak dogs bark often.!

Give respect get respect - if you want to be respected, start by respecting others. rule number 1.

Rule 2- Intelligence/intelligent threads- Oh well, nothing you can do about it. comfort

I jam sure most of CS members realize that you must be totally miserable on the inside, just by looking at the titles of your threads - they are "basic", racist, misogynist, pathetic and they reflect who you are.

You have nothing to offer to any online community (besides to the losers ).

Btw, rather than coming across as male you imagine yourself to be, you are coming across as a pathetic narcissist, a dickweed, a basic b*tch.

enjoy !

RE: Last to post wins

better get that pizza. terrible day .

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