RE: Hospitality

Neeeeeext. ..

RE: Hospitality

What are you offering? writing

RE: Hospitality

I have never heard that Afghans were inhospitable. I think if you are warm, open and respectful, that most people are hospitable.

RE: Say Anything

All good here thanks, Oz cheers

RE: Hospitality

That must have been an amazing experience., Jono.

RE: Hospitality

Generally, the poorer the country and the people, the warmer the welcome.
And yes, the more likely the hospitality is warmer,

RE: whats your favourite thingy in bed ??

It's still a fabulous full moon out there.
Very clear here tonight.

Your history of evolution is shorter than reading Origin of the species anyway.

RE: Say Anything

Yeah, his insults are usually unintentional laugh

RE: Say Anything

that's crazy!

He shouldn't have been banned. I can't remember him saying anything even vaguely banable (if that's a word laugh )

Hi Petewave get your arse back here soon hug

RE: whats your favourite thingy in bed ??

I wish it were a couple of hours earlier.
I'm better at staying up late, than getting up early

RE: whats your favourite thingy in bed ??

And a smokey smokey of course, Pwink

RE: Is CS a haven for Un-American activities?

It was supposed to be a dating site though roll eyes


RE: DOJ IG report is out today snowflakes n DEEP STATE actors/bye!

Seemingly something that wasn't going to happen two days ago didn't happen.

RE: What is your height "date" preference?

What height heels do you wear? grin

RE: Bring back the Common wealth of Nations

"Bring back the Commonwealth of Nations"

I didn't realise the Commonwealth had been dissolved confused

Why do you still hold Commonwealth games so?

RE: I Really Don't Care

We had a recent death here of an Indian student who fell off cliffs whilst taking a selfie. There are warning signs all over that area to not get too close to the edge, not to mind walking backwards over it to take a selfie. It is sad when anybody dies or gets injured, but my sympathy for them is pretty low.

RE: Do You Recycle? Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metals etc?

It's everybody's responsibility from the top down.
By saying it is only the responsibility of others, corporate or other, nothing will be done.
Corporations bow to pressure from consumers, as do governments.
And although recycling is important, it is more important that single use plastics, etc,, are not used in the first place,
We all have a part to play.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.”

RE: Say Anything weird

Is that another way of saying you are (shock, horror).......normal ? uh oh

RE: When would you hit a woman?

Classic wife-beater pattern.

Avoid the face so as to keep the abuse from the public eye.

RE: When would you hit a woman?

"You should never hit a woman"
That phrase is there since the time that it as yet was not illegal for husbands to hit their wives. Domestic violence wasn't considered a crime.
So the saying was a moral reminder where no legal safeguards existed.
To answer your question though, although it isn't acceptable for anybody to hit anybody else, it is even less acceptable to hit somebody physically weaker than you are. Be than man, woman or child.

RE: My good friend

For me, the sure sign of the strength of a friendship is if it survives a change in circumstance.
Whether that change is one going into a new relationship, or change in financial circumstances or anything.
If the friendship can't survive the change, then it wasn't a strong equal relationship in the first place.

It is difficult when it does happen though handshake

RE: whether you trust a strange person who say love to you very easily?

I like you, I fancy you or I lust you are much more appropriate.

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