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RE: Any Nice Christian Ladies Out There???

rolling on the floor laughing lol sure there are all married;)))

RE: How to celebrate xmas?

Lol.. u dont celebrated xmas..
As you say here you do party to ,,hemee" farm lol..
You really dont know whats mean the celebrated Xmas.
But i can understand your ideea for ,, party";)))

RE: Kung-Fool vs Kung-Fu

Its same as comparative to be stupid or smart;)))


Yes are,,dudes";)))))

RE: Hug a tree.

I hear that from my mom, to hug a tree is give you possitive feel, peace and energy. True is nature is give you health.

RE: George Michael, passed away.

May the God rest him in peace!

RE: Marriage regrets???

What ever was is already done, and no need to regret nothing because already happens.
If you will have regrets ,i think will always stop u to step in future.. leave it and start better.

RE: Lonely

Dont lose your hope. Find somebody. Life is for 2 persons not single.

RE: Where in the "World" to lay down some "roots"

I think first you have to think what you like or how you would like to spend the rest of life... then you will find the answer..
i think , can live happy every where if you have the right person who can make it beauty and great life to spend.
My regards

RE: do you sleep in a double or single bed...?

Me, personal i prefer the king size bed with comfort matress and pillows. Thats how i sleep;) i love it.

RE: What is more important in relationships

Respect, understanding, comunication and Love!

RE: Seriously looking to settle down soon

Its more funny how the ppl laught;)))lol

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