RE: China, in an all out war against the world.

That's the real point of being the creditor for them imo, not to ever get paid back in money, but to continue to facilitate the transfer of everything that makes money from West to East.

RE: China, in an all out war against the world.

Surpass our knowledge and technology and build their own Oxbridge, develop their own market to absorb Chinese production without relying on exports, dominate the far east and use the rest of the world(particularly Africa and South America)as a supply of raw materials.

That could be one of the power blocs in tomorrow's global power of three(or maybe four).

RE: China, in an all out war against the world.

Education, knowledge and technology extraction are the fundamental reasons why China props up the West. Once they outstrip us by every measure my concern would be a China which walls itself off from the world, taking the brightest minds and the engine of the economy with it.

RE: Democratic Debate: Was Hillary favored?

Secretary of defense under president Trump, that would make sense.

RE: Democratic Debate: Was Hillary favored?

Hillary wins with Sanders second.

But what the hell was Jim Webb doing up there with his alpha male body language and his white worker, anti-orc views? Does he not know what the Democrats are these days?

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

2040 could be the year where the Whites, the Blacks, the Muslims and the Jews all live happily together side by side in Chinese concentration camps. That's a possibility more likely than an all-out civil war between every muslim and every non-muslim.

RE: Playboy - No Nudity? WTF?

That makes perfect sense. Spend two minutes on google and you could find images that would sear into your brain forever. I expect Playboy will turn into a "lads mag" with articles on football or maybe a step-by-step c*ck-washing guide for virgins.

RE: Read and Weep (or laugh) New Gun law in Maine

Maine is mad about gun but has a very low violent crime rate, so is this law particularly surprising?

Let's not forget the crucial point that Maine is extremely White. It's amazing what freedoms a lack of ni**ger will afford you.


Very beautiful song, but this is fantasy artwork from a middle class oldster far removed from the working class hero he pretended to be, it is not the world we live in today.


Not to say we're not all soft as shite in the West, but the gap between east and west narrows the younger you get, and young people in the West had the righteousness of being soft as shite drilled into us from an early age by boomer teachers and politicians and cultural and spiritual leaders.

But where did they get it from? No one. Baby Boomers came up with the idea of being soft as shite all on their own and we're still suffering the consequences.


Eastern Germany/Europe ain't got no Baby Boomers. It never had this generation of pampered rabbits living it up on their ancestor's success at tomorrow's expense. The low numbers of entitled rabbits in Eastern Europe makes them highly-resistant to pathological altruism and an orc takeover.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

That's the problem of not giving them enough space. There's an argument brewing within Islam and if we stand in the middle of that argument their beef is with us, when it is not, their primary beef is with each other and we're prolonging the beef.

This is why Israel prolongs the beef within Islam. It's an external focal point for them to hate collectively instead of taking a long hard look at themselves. Immigration is often the same for White people, and whilst immigration is a problem it is not the primary problem, and many white people simply blame immigrants for everything instead of taking a long, hard look at themselves. The same thing happens with the mythical "1%", they become the scapegoat so people don't have to self-reflect.

Back to the point of Islam the reformations of Europe were the same violent, bloody, and chaotic affairs and it took ages for them to pass. I see no reason why the reformation of the middle east and elsewhere would be any different.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

All our beliefs and systems of governance are a tool and there is always an elite of greater or lesser beneficence(sometimes it's more maleficent than anything else). Anyway, over time we go from using ball-breaking crude instruments to more sophisticated and refined ones that achieve twice as much with half the mess.

RE: Women make first the move

Choice isn't a freedom, it's a luxury.

The point you're missing is that she does not need to make the first move - she can easily find a man in her league without having to approach and oftentimes his making the first move is how she measures him up - but for a man the ability to make the first move is mandatory and he will suffer severe negative consequences by not doing so.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

Nothing special to Islam. We were once not so different to how they are now. What they need is time and space and perhaps because we're used to things happening so quickly in the modern day we come to have no patience. Islam is barbarous, but this too shall pass.

There are factors such as Israel, the sea of black gold of the sheikhs - the Arab race(which I believe is a backward and aggressive race) - lengthening the lifetime of medieval Islam yet it is still coming apart at the seams. What is destined to die will die.

RE: Would you bring a pet with you on a first date?

Some girls do, don't know why. Maybe they think picking up a dog turd is a great look for them.

RE: Women make first the move

Low confidence, self consciousness, and even fear cease to exist around a girl that much less attractive. Plus she'd be so overjoyed to be thought of as a s*xual being that you'd have to do almost nothing to score.

RE: Women make first the move

Women avoid risks and play the supporting role in the economy too. We've opened the playing field, but the game doesn't change. Human nature doesn't change. Wouldn't life be so much easier if we were attracted to frumpy low-maintenance women?

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

What we need to avoid happening to reforming Muslims is what White Baby Boomers did to themselves and the Blacks. We don't want to take the repressive rules away and end up with generation after generation of self-serving weasels and orcs. This we do not want.

The newfound sense of irresponsibility the post-islamic community will surely experience needs to be thoughtfully and carefully cultivated and managed. We cannot succeed without a plan and we must not repeat the same mistakes as our unruly and degenerate elders.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

Terrorism seems to overshadow this debate when in actuality it's the least of the problem. The biggest problems are the larger group of Islamic-lites and the largest group of Islamic-hards.

We have to manage the Islamic-lites losing their religion. How to stop them going nuts when the rules fall away and desecrating everything prosperous, noble and good(like the Boomers did)? And we have to deal with the Islamic-hards wanting to build a very different Democracy to the one we want.

Remember that most muslims are not going blow you up with a bomb however, many of them would vote for you to be stoned to death for being who you are, and the apostates will be a bunch of little f**ker for at least a couple of generations.

RE: If We Knew

Do we not believe because it's corrupt?
Or is it corrupt because we do not believe?

Which comes first? The realisation that life is meaningless or the death of living honourably? Were we less corrupt when we believed that we'd punished by god for being corrupt?

Is there any reason to believe that people here would be any the less corrupt if they had money and power? Would the layperson who never does anything good or anything bad or anything out of the blue be any the better if (s)he had the power to be otherwise? Are they not cuntz simply because of a lack of opportunity?

RE: Rugby World Cup 2015

I'm amazed that a sport which began as an egg-shaped an*l bead being thrown into the middle of a gay bar punch up, and then as a playground s*xual assault at St Rimmington's Private Academy for young chutney ferrets, could go on to become a world sport.

RE: Self Respect

Many people really do talk like they're fresh from a corporate morale boosting exercise or the most middle class dinner party ever. They're so keeping up with Joneses that's not even a contest with the nieghbour anymore, but with the internet and Facebook and various other status whoring platforms of self-promotion keeping up with the Joneses has gone global. Image is everything. I don't believe there's even been a greater disparity between how people are in public and what goes on behind closed doors.

And that's the paradox of the day because at the same time as this frenzied keeping up with the joneses a quarter of the population can't face the day without drugs. And it's growing.

RE: Self Respect

No, you can respect yourself without liking yourself. You can like things you disrespect and dislike things that you respect. Respect isn't doing what you like, that's shamelessness and in the modern day many confuse the two. I mean to behave with honour and dignity? Who uses these words in this day and age? What the hell do they even mean?

And remember this is the 21st century and no one really likes each other anymore and often it's a contest to seem most happy. I'm going to out-happy you you happy twat. This is how it is. All in contest to seem the most self-satisfied when in actuality nobody is that great, in fact everybody is shit only some people are less shit than others.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

Two main reasons why people don't make(or refute)the connection.

Much of the middle class supports class warfare(Occupy)and they hold the assumption that the more the poor outnumber the rich in a society the stronger the position of the poor. When the opposite is the case. The fewer the workers the better it is for the workers. After the black death where the peasant population was decimated by the plague peasants enjoyed a standard of living as yet unseen.(the prosperity after WWII arose for somewhat similar reasons).

And then there's a strain of pathological altruism which assumes that money grows on trees and therefore you can help everyone. Such an ethic is born of a people disconnected to the point of autism from the means of their own survival and as such don't know the value of things.

These taken together have created a Left wing which in the name of progress sets the interests of every other nation before its own.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

Sure thing. The welfare state is there for people who for whatever reason can't really do anything in the real world. And the quota systems imply that people selected on them couldn't get where they are on merit. Personally, I prefer the welfare state because it keeps incompetents out of trouble whereas the quota system places incompetents in positions of power.

The reason for the welfare state, and the reason for supporting it, is precisely because people are not equal and also because we're approaching a time where average people, and then people who are merely good, will also not be able to do much in the real world.

The rich man supports the welfare as crime prevention and riot insurance, the compassionate support it from charity, and economists and business people support the welfare state to bolster demand and(attempt)to avoid the crisis of overproduction.

However, for the welfare state to survive you need chemistry within the national relationship and a finite number of dependents and mass immigration corrupts both.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

There's always hope for a harsh winter.

RE: Getting rid of all the Muslims or they getting rid of all the Non Muslims

The woman has another blog up now called Hug A Black Mamba Day to show our love and acceptance of these deeply misunderstood poisonous reptiles.

RE: is liking music, like, liking art

Most music is like corporate artwork.

RE: anxiety attack!

Wow what a miserable b*tch.

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