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RE: the Art of Seduction Gone So Wrong

Whatever,you're always right abstinence !!!rolling on the floor laughing .. Calling some ladies "yiddish führer" here for example was absolutely awful and abject .. reminds us all the darkest times of Nazism !!!!!..... grow up baby troll !!!!!barf

RE: Mermaids - myth or reality ??

I used to go in to her Pub years ago in Yeovil .. great one, shame they changed it all inside, kept only the historical facade... oh the old good times pfffffft laugh

RE: Initial Contact...Meeting

You're very welcome rbjustme, i hate seeing people hurt and i would dream of a happy end for you and all the fellow posters here laugh Let go the past and face the future with great new hopes and a big smile on your face, they will win everything .. teddybear

RE: Movies with huge twists.

thumbs up good choice ! to me it goes with Taxi driver and a few others... great years for cinema ! teddybear

RE: Initial Contact...Meeting

People are strange indeed.. i wish you the best with that Lady near you if you are getting attached to each other. There must be a reason why she looks so reluctant to meet you tho, my personal advice would be to wait and continue to nurture the exchanges then see what happens.. as for myself, i have met already 4 people, 2 strangers and 2 people in my area. Cool and funny ones, all went well and we still are good friends.. i guess we've been very lucky and i wish the same for you there. comfort teddybear

RE: What is the best natural aphrodisiac you have tried ..

alright reb, many oligo-elements and good quality proteins

RE: Does God really exist? How can we know? If God made everything

God has no responsibility in human carnages. It's entirely up to this world inhabitants to do the good and the bad. I agree with you, it's absolutely awful to see such a massacre, and it won't stop there alas, as we actually live in a world of violence and hate. handshake

RE: Why is Dating so Hard these days?

Nowwwww what ?????

laugh help

RE: What is the best natural aphrodisiac you have tried ..

Hey you're a connaisser ! Do you prefer to eat your oysters raw or cooked ? grin cool

RE: Vent, Vent and then Vent some more....grrrrrr

may i suggest U to eVENTually go to the toilets then just let things vent away !!! wish U good therapy !!!laugh comfort

RE: Why is Dating so Hard these days?

Boy, It's only hard if you're getting excited !!!rolling on the floor laughing oops sorry couldn't resist !!! comfort

RE: What is the best natural aphrodisiac you have tried ..

Oysters and fortunately it's one of our specialities of my region !!!!cool devil

RE: Your new lover is Fantastic in bed

He is HOT and it is a good sign or global warming !!! angel devil

RE: Best Invention is

the idea of invention yay

RE: Travel

Ali, theres a big sale on Kenya right now !!!!!grin doh

RE: Please dont BLOCK ANYONE without at least Replying to their message

Hello MrVirgo, sometimes it's just the way the people have put their settings on. Do not feel bad for those who don't want to correspond with you, it's a better chance for you to be spared from bad encounteers.. you know , the mr (or mrs) goodbar or scammer type grin laugh cheers

RE: What's the difference between a player and a little innocent flirtation?

a player flirts a lot with many different people ! dunno if it's your case and won't even try it because i'm not here for any flirtation rolling on the floor laughing tongue doh how can the people expect something serious from flirtation on line ????? OUCH uh oh laugh

RE: Attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

barf just another proof of the "religion of love" like they say .... sad flower sad flower sad flower sad flower barf

RE: sextoyvirgins

Kinda plug-ins no ? rolling on the floor laughing tongue handshake

RE: Is dating by Astrology the way to find true love?

Aren't we all E.T.??? and it's great because this Planet would be soooo boring and annoying if we were all wearing the same outfits !!!!!! cheering

RE: Fetish

Hi Rebel,
Thank you for comforting me !! laugh I must say that Spanish men are sexy as Hell !!!! cool ... btw, i live near Spain LOL .... whoaaaaa conversing teddybear

RE: Fetish

You have No fetish for the french women who are so in trouble with the english language ?????? rolling on the floor laughing tongue teddybear

RE: I'm really starting to like this website now:)

Hi MrVirgo, have fun, cheers handshake cool

RE: My Last Trial In Search Of True Love

The only "trials" i know here are trolls and scammers !!!!! rolling on the floor laughing tongue doh

RE: What's your favorite food?

Hello Sweetie, how are you ? lips teddybear What a yummy thread !! cheering

How about something fresh like an exotic salad with shrimps and pinapple ?

RE: Usa is scared of

Hi Felixis bouquet
Thanks for noticing some good truth about Your History, and how your Nation was built ! i assume many don't know the origins of the name Louisiana .. from the French King Louis XVI who left this part of our Colonies to the USA. Cajuns, among others, still speak the old french and it is very touching .. teddybear

RE: Global warming

Global warMing, global warNing ..... omg show must go on !!!!!! doh cheering

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