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RE: Is George Clooney right????

thumbs up exactly Conrad

The Good Old Times / Le Bon Vieux Temps ........

This is the original version of the famous hit from serge gainsbourg, initally written for brigitte bardot.......... jane birkin sung it later too........

The Good Old Times / Le Bon Vieux Temps ........

Ahhhhhh les belles heures indoues .......... heart beating


Love is new ...... laugh

RE: Does the personality one has on Skype represent one's true personality?

I use it only to talk with my family, relatives and very good friends, nice program indeed. thumbs up cool

RE: Why Do men cheat?

Well said rebel ! it's a question of maturity...... thumbs up

Last Films You Have Seen

not too bad, i think ! cool

i have seen the monuments men ..... it's ocean's WW2 lol laugh

then i have adored flight with denzel washington thumbs up

The Good Old Times / Le Bon Vieux Temps ........

Nous serons dans les jours qui viennent ..........


The Good Old Times / Le Bon Vieux Temps ........

RIP Michel .............. sad flower

The Good Old Times / Le Bon Vieux Temps ........

I used this song as my jingle when i was at the Uni, working in the eve for the local radio..... made there very good friends for a lifetime, how sweet memories ..... cool

RE: What do you think about PV - photovoltaics, ecological electricity?

I have that kind of installation on my roof for about 5 years, excellent as i am living in a very sunny region, not only it produces the power the house needs but i sell back the rest to the national provider. same installation for the swimming-pool that is covered and then naturally warmed when needed thumbs up cool

RE: Is George Clooney right????

is George Clooney st r a ight ? i don't know and i don't carelaugh

RE: 50 yrs./beatles.

lol ... here is for you then laugh

RE: 50 yrs./beatles.

n me lost in translation lol rolling on the floor laughing wink

RE: 50 yrs./beatles.

omg so very sad reb, i have been lucky and well inspired to save all the original albums, in spite of so many moves

RE: Whould you talk to your partner about your previous relationships?

sure ! confidence and sincerity build the couple

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