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RE: What does it mean when a married woman tells her girlfriends that ....

galrads, you`re worrying me ...this kind of poll is snooky style grin

RE: If you were a wizzard, how would the world be?

wizard ay???

Somehow i always wanted my own Island... something small, like Australia ...uh oh

RE: Looking for ‘the Majority

make it quick , i already took a Viagra professor

RE: Looking for ‘the Majority

okay, lets see
can i do all three of you?uh oh

redhead-spread eagle
lasagna-reverse cowgirl
sawdust- doggy

any volunteers for Friday?heart wings


Senator Scott Jensen Under Investigation For Telling The Truth Over Covid 19 Death Certificates

Say Anythong

no one tells me anything lately moping

RE: Is physical punishment good for children?

maybe a better question is, are we as parents -perfect , have our parents been perfect , did they have the RIGHT solution for every problem

RE: Why is SWEDEN not under lockdown?

if i may suggest

do a research ,any given country that has ``an alarming number of virus infected, deceased`` how many people die annually -yearly ,from 2015 to 2018 ,its easy to calculate how many death that country has daily compare that number with the number of deceased for the last 8 months and you will see what kind of a fraud we`re dealing on a global level

RE: Jobless Future

eat the rich

RE: Is schizo the modern day leprosy ..?

have you tried rubbing your butt with grapefruit?professor

RE: What's famous in your country?

Spanish wine, Almodovar ,Spanish Inquisitiongrin

RE: Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? The London socialite now accused of being paedophile’s procuress

from tweeter

This hangs on a wall in the home of Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s an ex girlfriend and best friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Can anyone tell me what the symbol on the mask means

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

RE: Asking again 'Has anyone contracted CV19 disease or PERSONALLY knows someone who has, or who died

yesterday, i read a tweet where is stated that if your family member who has passed away due to ( heart attack,traffic accident,etc etc)gets a ,in agreement with relatives,in his death list as the cause of death,covid19,the family members get around 700 euros , which in Serbia is approximately the paycheck for two months of work

Autopsy of those declared as deceased from covid19 is forbidden by the WHO

RE: I dont get it.

whatever it is that you`re not getting grin
Okay jokes aside
We all have a certain opinion on how all this dating scene should work and we get confused, disappointed ,frustrated when the actual situation doesnt meet our expectation

Say Anythong

its perfect time to hop on my bike, go for a coffee and pancakes with nutella grin head banger

RE: I dont get it.

well, seems, you`re not getting it grin

Say Anythong

ever noticed , good seks sounds like running fast in flip-flops... grin

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