RE: Is or was Jesus olive skin

nope...His mother comes from the tribe of Venijamin (Benjamin) non semitic tribe .his father from the tribe of David descendants of the tribe of Judah...there are many disputes if they were semites ,same as the tribe of Daan

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

Seriously?,am i supposed to start bragging about the size of my shlong?

Grown old is mandatory,growing up seems to be optional ...

get a humidifier ASAP

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

thanks for showing interest for my sex life. It`s very frequent and vivid idea what nickes are ...probably your dried up brain

You have been weighted ,you have been measured ,you have been found wanting by a higher standard
kiss my fury behind ,take a break from being you and find a hobby,faraway from the interned ...maybe cooking lessons grin

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

you`re awesome with numbers ,your vocabulary is on the level of a 4 year old really need some lubrication ...and since you didn't get any this century,you are full of hate ... im not surprised
hey you can get a cheap humidifier for your bedroom since you cant afford hyperbaric oxygen therapy ...or a Man grin

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

Yeah we lost 3000 lives during the Nato aggression
9-11 ,3000 lives were lost

Great ``amusement park Jasenovac land took over one million lives ...guess whats coming wink

you always pin to others for support ... convertit laugh

RE: Who is the Creator?

the answer is in our consciousness ,yet we cant perceive it uh oh

RE: Anonymous messages

yes, i slept with your sister...and your ex,but in my defence...we were a bit dipsy
maybe i should stop drinking hmmm

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

nuisence talk ? your dried up huha and brain could use some moisterasing ...grin

oh wait, that could be a problem,right,since no one wanted you in the old country, Tom doesnt want you...have you tried liquering up some Aborigines to get some?grin

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

So, you had to rape somebody to get some? no wonder you had to run grin

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

I said about the vatican and apparently you have no clue about it ...
Im not obligated to anwser nor have i any reason to hide where i was and what i did ,unlike you who had to emigrate and and turn your back on your country

And I`m a Gypsy , descendant of the persian tribe Sarbanti Aryan race neither proud or ashamed of what I am, ,my dear Serbian butterfly who cant deal with her background and had to run as faraway as possible ...grin

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

I didnt start ,you did

Im not a big fan of any organised religion, i don`t attack people based on their religious believes,nationality ,skin color ...but not only is your huha dried up ,but also that sponge between your ears ..I understand your need to socialize and interact with people ,but you try so hard(arse kissing.brownnosing ) to find like minded people ,it is not only pathetic and ridiculous but also sad to see a grown up woman with the IQ of a 8 year old

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

And this is how exactly connected with the topic... or your dried up huha?
have you tried saline solution or hyperbaric oxygen therapy grin

RE: Say Anything

guess who got wasted last night grin

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

heart my feelings?laugh

seems i touched a nerve of a dried up prune grin

RE: top 3 terrorist arab nations.

If your skills in bed are equal to your knowledge about the geopolitical situation in the world or cooking skills ,Im not surprised that even an Geezer like Tom doesn't want you laugh

RE: Wasabi peas ...


RE: Say Anything


RE: Random Thoughts

snooky and rainbow have the same shrink grin

RE: Say Anything

i have found some pictures of nude women on the internet...shock


No idea, I dont drink uh oh

RE: Say Anything

Rabbi Suggests - Lab-Grown Pork Might be kosher

no one can resist bacon ...professor

RE: Can any one explain to me ...

good morning...valchers grin


RE: Age of Retirement

in Serbia, we retire before we start working ...after college...hmmm

RE: Say Anything

Ne želim se okoristiti nastalom situacijom i pridružim se napadima na tebe ...ipak jedan savet ,bez zlih namera ,predahni ...

RE: Say Anything

Speaking during a televised press conference last week, President Yoweri Museveni spoke of the “wrong practices indulged in and promoted by” groups of non-nationals. “The mouth is for eating, not for sex,” he said, adding: “We know the address of sex. We know where sex is.”

uh oh

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