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RE: Video warns Obama: People will fight for guns

You should know me well enough by now CC to know that I do not agree with US Imperialism. I have never agreed with the platform that we should be the world police, or that we should tell other countries how to live. hug

RE: Video warns Obama: People will fight for guns

The US needs to solve its own problems. It does not need foreign nationals attempting to tell us what we need. We do not need to be well informed about the rest of the world to solve these domestic issues, we need to maintain our own sovereignty in the face of so many globalist minded individuals who think they know what's best for us, but don't have to live with the consequences of those possibly well-intended, but ultimately naive arguments from ignorance.

This is not a binary solution "we need/we don't need". There are third options, none of which will originate in the mind of Foreign Nationals. They will arise from people who will actually have to live with the unintended consequences of those solutions.

I respect your opinion. I just don't think your vision of what America needs is as cut and dried as you present them. Nor will you have to pay for them, from your tax euro.

RE: On a deserted island...

Not much call for the survival skills I have in Ohio for sure, but I'm not originally from Ohio. Oregon has large areas that are still wilderness, and that's where and why I've gained the skills I have.

On another note. I don't fly much. I got to Ohio by train. So really the idea of a plane crash where I'd be deserted is rather slim to begin with...

The best survival skill is to minimize the risk of needing to without modern technology.

RE: On a deserted island...

I don't REALLY know anyone well enough other than myself and my own survival related skills.

Has anyone here actually made a water lens to concentrate sunlight and make fire, or know some other way to make fire without matches or a bic?

Do you know how to make a water collection device to gather condensation at dawn for fresh water, as sea water is undrinkable? etc. These are the questions I'd like to know.

Physical fitness and knowledge are two separate things, as well as the practical application of that knowledge.

Survivor is just a show, and "Lost" is fiction. I was in the Scouts when I was younger, and lived off the grid for a long time, took Survival training courses where I learned a lot from being dropped into the wilderness with just a knife and a few other bare essentials.


Are immediate needs, and that which should be concentrated on first. The hope of rescue comes secondary to making sure you don't dehydrate or starve, and freezing to death, or going crazy from constant exposure to the elements.

Interesting thread though. cheers

RE: This Is An Example Of What Gun Owners Are Talking About Defending Themselves

I'd be quite happy to. I've advocated all along for a strictly US forum on CS. As for US bases in your country, I'm a Libertarian and I don't particularly like our country playing policeman to the rest of the world, or "contaminating" other countries.

I'm all for an isolationist US. Trouble is, my country has politicians. And you know how that goes.

Whatever. I'm out of this useless debate between people who like to argue for no apparent reason other than there's nothing good on the telly and housework doesn't appeal. Time for me to do something more important. Like dishes. Or...I know....Laundry...yeah. Definitely more important than this debating in a vacuum.

RE: This Is An Example Of What Gun Owners Are Talking About Defending Themselves

This is the problem with International forums. It's an American (make that USA issue as America is the name of a set of continents) issue. Y'all are entitled to your opinions, but this is a sovereign issue of the United States and the Constitution as it is written here, not Australia, Ireland or for that matter, Mars.

Dig how China (the most repressive nation in the world) wants us to give up our Second Amendment rights...sure they do. That will make it easier for them to take over. Same with the UN. Always champing at the bit for the surrendering of sovereignty in all Nations. Y'all like it in your countries and that's fine. I don't bash Ireland, Australia or any other country. Or tell you how your countries should be run. Please extend the same courtesy. And Please, please, please, take Piers back...

RE: The Marijuana and Other Drugs Increase s*xual pleasure ?

I don't disagree that there is the ability to recover and cope, but happiness before and happiness after addiction are two completely different things. Post-addiction, nothing is ever "normal" again. The damage from cocaine (and things like alcohol, for that matter) to the CNS is physiological, affecting the endocrine glands and the production of endorphin ("endogenous morphine") and things like melatonin and seratonin.

While these chemical cycles may achieve a new equilibrium, they are nothing like the balance previous to addiction. The damage physiologically, as I said, is permanent.

In formulation of any rebuttals or replies, take into account that my training and education is not in recovery but in pharmacology, and as such, I approach the issue empirically from the standpoint of a biochemist, not a psychologist.

RE: Is our reality a holographic illusion?

You might want to look into Synchronicity and how it may tie in with quantum mechanics, as described by Carl Jung in collaboration with Wolfgang Pauli.

"Even at Jung's presentation of his work on synchronicity in 1951 at an Eranos lecture, his ideas on synchronicity were still evolving. Following discussions with both Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli, Jung believed that there were parallels between synchronicity and aspects of relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Jung was transfixed by the idea that life was not a series of random events but rather an expression of a deeper order, which he and Pauli referred to as Unus mundus. This deeper order led to the insights that a person was both embedded in an orderly framework and was the focus of that orderly framework and that the realisation of this was more than just an intellectual exercise, but also having elements of a spiritual awakening. From the religious perspective, synchronicity shares similar characteristics of an "intervention of grace". Jung also believed that in a person's life, synchronicity served a role similar to that of dreams, with the purpose of shifting a person's egocentric conscious thinking to greater wholeness." - Wikipedia

RE: The Marijuana and Other Drugs Increase s*xual pleasure ?

Different drugs affect different people in different ways, and the chemistry of said body will assimilate said drug in its own unique fashion. I have heard tell that some people experience pot as an upper, while others feel it as a downer. Since THC is considered a hallucinogenic under standard pharmacological definitions, than I imagine people hallucinate the effects to some degree according to their own predispositions psychologically.

With the above in mind, I think enhancement of experiences depends on the individual. As for cocaine, the physiology of its ingestion affects the pleasure centers of the brain, so much so that in clinical tests with primates, the addicted primate eventually foregoes everything else in life, including sex, food, & water, for the ingestion of the cocaine.

Cocaine is dangerous because of this physiological effect. The direct stimulation of the pleasure centers of the brain eventually burn it out, to the point where ex-addicts cannot experience pleasure AT ALL, and are, in a sense, permanently and clinically depressed for the remainder of their days.

RE: How long have you been on CS, please honest answer's.....curious what I'm up against :)

Pretty much like anywhere else. You have to put yourself out there. There was a time when I posted a lot of my poetry in the forums, long before they made a special area for it.

It attracted many admirers and friends. So my advice is, play to your strengths, whatever they may be.

I don't post so much anymore. Trying to cut down. I'm on a diet.

Again, good luck. wave

RE: How long have you been on CS, please honest answer's.....curious what I'm up against :)

My join date is broken. I think it was the aftermath of the Mayan long calender that did it.

2012 was not the end of the world...just the end of join dates...and twinkies...

RE: How long have you been on CS, please honest answer's.....curious what I'm up against :)

A long, long time ago, in a version of the internet far, far away...there was me. And now...there's us.

IF this is to work for anyone, limits have to be flexible, as from Ohio to Oregon and back to Ohio has this journey through space time has taken me, and us...I am not on this site for a relationship anymore, as that part of the equation has been simplified.

I stand as a testimony that this site can work...if you have an open mind, and are not geographically prejudiced.

Good luck. May the force [of love] be with you.

RE: quantum physics

Bohm's interpretation certainly has a potential for holographic elements. However, there are also the Everett interpretations and the classic Copenhagen interpretations that compete with a holographic reality, wherein the data is the same but the non-local nature of the data is either attributed to dendritic splitting of reality (Everett) without wave-function collapse except from an observers perspective, or a straight probability wave-function collapse without reading extra variables like non-locality or multiple worlds as in the Copenhagen interpretation.

Is reality real? That's a self-limiting question because "reality" is so much more than the observable phenomena that we can measure. The phenomenon known as Synchronicity in Carl Jung's work gives us an idea that phenomena can only be linked in the human imagination through levels of "meaning" and "meaning" is an entirely subjective quantity.

RE: Marrying Little Girls By Adult Men Is....

A real Buddhist wouldn't be running guns.

I never said I was a good Buddhist.

- Air America

RE: can you date your best friend's Ex?

Chances are there is something more going on here, like covetousness prior to any break-up with your friend. Whether or not you wanted that person prior to the break-up, I think its better to just look elsewhere unless you like unnecessary drama.

RE: Fed-up Americans to flood D.C. with outrage

Rowe Vs Wade is not a legislated Law, it is the Judicial Branch over-stepping its powers and legislating through interpretation of Laws not on the books, thus it is a usurpation of The legislative powers by the Judicial powers.

I say, overturn it. And make these gutless Congressmen do their job, and legislate something, one way or the other. Then we can exercise our individual consciences and vote the bastards out or keep them, however our individual leanings may direct us.

This controversy will not go away until a branch of government that is actually accountable in some way to the voters grows a pair and does it the right way.

RE: Irish women are the most beautiful?

I think that all women are beautiful in some way, the Irish lasses don't have a monopoly on it. However, for a wee dram, I'll give ye all the blarney ye need to bolster your prejudice. grin

RE: Global weather is it changing?

I actually believe we're headed for another Ice Age. The Effects of Volcanic eruptions has more of an effect on the Earth than anything humans can do short of using WMDs.

There was a period during the late middle ages called the Little Ice Age, where the average winters lasted much longer and summers were much shorter. The hardwood grown during that time was much finer grained because of the shortened growth cycles. This wood had an interesting acoustic quality because of the grain, and was in fact the wood that was used to make Stradivarius Violins. Which is why their like cannot be reproduced. The wood from that time is all gone!!!

RE: Do U believe in Evil Powers ?

There was I time I believed in evil powers. Then there was a time I did not believe in evil powers. Now I only believe in the profound power of stupidity and selfishness. Everything evil emanates from these two factors of human nature.

RE: Do you shop at Walmart?

I don't know why their employment practices should be a factor in my purchasing their products. As much as people say they despise working in retail, at least they are working. And all those lovely geriatric greeters that are at least getting out of the nursing home for awhile to do something besides bingo in the rec room...

I don't like Walmart for a lot of other reasons, but my distaste lies with the people who shop at Walmart far more than Walmart itself. For the simple reason that they want something for nothing...or for as next to nothing as they can get. Walmart supplies a demand, nothing more, and nothing less.

It's all a bit too South Park at this point...

Everybody shops at Walmart for the simple reason that they have cheap stuff. Buy cheap stuff...and you get what you pay for. I shop at local groceries, hardware stores, and clothing outlets if I can. Sure I spend a little more, but I get what I pay for and my money tends to stay in the local economy longer that way.

RE: Onions and Christmas

They got an app for that you know...find out at dancing

RE: What type of death do you expect ?

In whatever afterlife or not, I hope its stupidity quotient (or SQ as IQ is a misnomer on the planet Earth) is much lower than here. doh

RE: What What would you like to tell your younger generation ? be honest.

1.) Actions have consequences. Don't do something if you're not willing to be accountable for the results. (F=MA)

2.) The only thing you're entitled to is your own opinion. Everything else takes work. (TANSTAAFL)

3.) Cut and paste does not equal free thought. If you can't be original, be quiet.

RE: Which Type Of Person Gets On Your Nerve The Most


There's a bumper sticker that says "Mean People Suck". I just cut off the "Mean" part and go with the rest. cool

RE: The Nazi roots of U.S. gun-control laws

The most qualified individual to protect ones property is the individual. Government has never enacted weapons-control for the safety of the people, only for the safety of the government.

When seconds count, police are minutes away.

RE: What would you do if you saw a woman physically abusing a man (boyfriend) in public?

Choice. Personal responsibility. Codependence.

As often as you hear about a perpetrator, in abuse, there is also a victim involved, and victims have a choice as well. Remember that both parties have choices, although they may have succumbed learned helplessness. It's much more common when the woman is the abuser than the man, however.

I don't think anyone should stand for being abused, at least more than once. If the abused party doesn't stand up for themselves, or at least remove themselves from the situation, then there is a deeper reason than my intervention can solve.

I would call the authorities and have trained professionals sort it out. I'm not qualified to seek the deeper reasons for the abuse, or the victim's reasons for letting it happen. As often as not, if you try to intervene, you will face attacks from BOTH parties.


RE: The Nazi roots of U.S. gun-control laws

Progressives and collectivists would have you believe so. But justice is as human a concept as utopia. As long as humans have their human nature, someone will want something that isn't theirs and will do what it takes to get it.

Democracy is not freedom, its two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch. Freedom is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. - Judge Napolitano

RE: Utah Teachers To Get SIX Hours Of Weapons Training.......Is This For Real

That's nice. I don't agree with the idea of teachers carrying weapons any more than I agree with teenagers carrying condoms. The concept of safety in both cases only encourages dangerous behavior. My point was in asserting that concealed weapons training and the training of gendarmes in firearms utilization are not even remotely in the same ballpark.

I don't even own firearms any more since I moved to Ohio. The reason I had them in Oregon was for utilizing them in the wilderness for hunting and protection against wildlife. However, I do believe in the 2nd Amendment, as I believe that gun control is like Alcohol Prohibition. Both doomed to failure in terms of legislating human behavior.

RE: Utah Teachers To Get SIX Hours Of Weapons Training.......Is This For Real

"The Utah Shooting Sports Council said it normally gathers a dozen teachers every year for instruction that's required to legally carry a concealed weapon in public places." - From the article cited.

This training is about "Concealed" Weapons training, which is not the same as basic weapons training. I imagine that the issue is not basic training in how to utilize a firearm, but much more about when NOT to use it. This is not the same type of training a constable would be involved in.

Apples to apples monte. wave

RE: Men are classified into four types?

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
? Socrates

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