RE: I Hate Cancer

Glad to hear that you are cancer free, Kaybe.. hug angel teddybear

RE: similarities between chrestianity and islam

Sands, are you saying that "your" God can be deceived by satans or by other creatures? shock

Oohh shhiiittt... why would I argue with someone who is like one in "The Blind Men and The Elephant"

I better leave.. motorcycle

RE: The RAPE culture of this "religion"

How does whatever he eats have anything to do with this blog topic? confused

RE: My threads don't show up anymore?

It's nothing new. Injustice is every where.. hug

RE: Anyone here who has or knows someone with Aspserger's Syndrome?

Hey Tenang, come back! bouquet
Yes there are many people who are very very rude here, but there are nice and sincere people too although only a few. After a while you would have ideas which ones are who, even the "ügly" ones who "pretend" to be sincere. Just ignore the unwanted ones. A few real nice ones are more than enough for us as we don't need many anyway. hug

RE: Send an anonymous message #3

You need more than just that to change my mind. wink

RE: What is the dominant religion of CS members?

Is it important?
It doesnt matter to me. I just need to ignore ones who are full of hatred.

RE: Who is the Shyest CS Member

I think I am, but only when I get caught naked. blushing

RE: NEWS : Physicist Sir Stephen Hawking has Died

"Here are the most important pieces of advice that I've passed on to my children," he said. "One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember is it rare and don't throw it away." [Stephen Hawking]

thumbs up tip hat sad flower

RE: Send an anonymous message #3

Nothing has changed.. cowboy

RE: Send an anonymous message #3

Aaaahhh! You're right.. Oh well, professors make mistake too, you know. laugh

We call it "Belalang Sembah" in Indonesian language. Belalang is grasshopper and Sembah is worship in English. So it should be literally translated to "Worshipping Grasshopper" but I have no clue why it's called "Praying Mantis". laugh

RE: Send an anonymous message #3

And a grasshopper will look man right in the eye and then keep moving.
~Prof. Kalpataru~


RE: Send an anonymous message #3

I think I miss you too.

No wait..
I hate you! devil

RE: Gay for a day

I think I would be very busy explaining to my big family and friends that it's just a game.. grin

RE: Say Anything

Return tickets (checked)
Travel package (checked)

I can't wait to fly... transport

RE: Send an anonymous message #3

Best of luck and wishes to you and your daughter.

RE: Send an anonymous message #3

You want to bite me?
Come and get me then..

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