RE: My threads don't show up anymore?

This drivel is still here which means that you have not been "silenced" - maybe the others have disappeared because no-one is interested.

RE: Where is the best place to have sex?

Good grief!!! You need to ask??

RE: fake profiles

You have to learn to read profiles... Look for signs.... Use your noddle...

RE: Why do Men say they want relationships when all they want is sex????

Generalisations... If you don't have much money here then, as a man, you can forget meeting anyone. Women mostly want the money!! But isn't sex an integral part of most relationships?? There are more time-wasting women here, believe me... Photos of them 30 years ago...

RE: Germany suffers the result of Angela Merkel's decision

Funny how the person posting the thread is in the USA, isn't it? Maybe you should come here and see what it is like in Europe before making interfering comments. Don't listen to what your idiot politicians rant about.

RE: Fake

I always worry about those who protesteth too much!!

RE: give ireland back to the irish.

WHAT??? What on earth does this mean??

RE: give ireland back to the irish.

I don't about "stringing a sentence together"... he seems to have problems putting a word together

RE: give ireland back to the irish.

Oh dear; oh dear oh dear... Eire is not part of the UK (that is a bit like saying Texas is in Mexico or Alaska is part of Russia). It (they) was (were). Ireland (also known as Eire) left the UK almost 100 years ago.

But then again, John Lennon left the Beatles long before he recorded "Give Ireland Back To The Irish" (off the album Sometime in New York)

Wrong on all counts!!

RE: Can we cure homosexuality?

Nope !! No cure for stupidity - no cure for bigotry either

RE: Christ warns on adultery

And we worry about extreme Muslims??? Should be worried about Christian extremists, too. Blindly following a fairy story!

RE: Scotland voting on the 18th Sept...... Nay or Yay ????

I think your Scottish history is a bit lop-sided. Yes the English invaded in the 15th century The Scotties invaded England a few times - on most occasions the invaders were quickly repulsed.

The Scots were not annexed by the British (I think you mean English) - THE ENGLISH THRONE WAS OFFERED TO A SCOTTISH KING!!! The Bloodless Revolution where James II (VII of Scotland) was overthrown by his DAUGHTER not the English.

RE: Scotlands Independence

oh for an intelligence before idiots like this vote

RE: Is it wrong to kiss on the first date?

You need to ask?? This is not something you can ask a friend about. It is not something you do by numbers or follow a manual or book. Everyone, every first date every situation is different. It is intuitive. Sad you need to ask.

RE: Has anyone actually "met" anyone female on connecting singles or been fobbed off excuses?

I have met three or four. One was exceptionally nice; one a complete nightmare; one we didn't gel and one that, although not my type nor me hers, has remained a friend.
Look at what you have written and look for the signs that scream "fake" on the profiles!! If they tell you that Manchester is a suburb of London (I have had that one) they could be telling porkies! Ask the right questions - tell them you have been there before and if they can't tell you the name of the main road through the town they probably aren't where they say they are.

RE: Why is it so hard to find someone.

Remember in high school/college how easy it was to find someone to date or "fall in love with". Why now is it so hard to meet someone? I just don't understand? Can someone help me out here.[/

Maybe we try to hard? But at the same time have more of an idea of what we don't want?

RE: The battle between the sexes

Who cares?

Battle of the Sexes??

No-one wins there is too much fratenising with the enemy


RE: what song would you like played at your FUNERAL

They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha - Napoleon

But I do know of someone who was an Elvis fan and by accident, as the coffin disappeared, "Return To Sender" was played!!

RE: Can bisexuals be monogamous?

What planet does this moron live on. Or is she one of those complete idiots that thinks, "Owh, he/she has looked at me. They must fancy me"
Insulting (and I am straight) stupid and moronic. You would be better off counting your toes. Probably got more of them than brain cells

RE: calling all christians!

What is it with these religious morons?? This is a dating site. I am not here to have someone's religion shoved in my face everytime I log in. Go somewhere else!! I respect your right to believe; now respect our right not to believe. If you are going to pray then do it quietly and away from the rest of us


One warthog will marry another warthog


If some of the women on this site hate men that much why are you here?? Who do men cheat with?? Other men?? Not normally! They do it with women who, surprise surprise, also cheat.

Men don't normally disappear when the money runs out

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