RE: What is most attractive to women?

some women have dirty minds you never know what kinda of a weapon they want

RE: What is most attractive to women?

what about the man with the big wallet

RE: women make online dating impossible

jmg sometimes 2 for one specials is good idea

RE: women make online dating impossible

try lidl is best place you might grab a good one

RE: I refuse to eat that!

soup you can see throught is not right bui eat all meat swan I love but are none about at the moment so pheasant is on menu now

RE: RULES...Something to ponder...

come over as the blogs are bad lately boring mostly .but rules are there to be broken as I do mostly .im law abiding but in general not for rules is destroying life of late is all for money is how it is

RE: RULES...Something to ponder...

im against all these European laws Ireland seems to enforce everything .also think as we age they become just a pain as well rules that is


he has hewr bits maybe is madness

RE: Just been reading Irish girls profiles on here

all want these foreign holidays to unwind then they become crazy with the sun need avoid these types are a hard grind

RE: Had an inbox

had she a merc

RE: Text Messaging Between Family Members and Close Friends..

yes this whats app thing drives me mad ..lately when a grandchild was born my kids st up what they call baby text aqnd have all mine on me included and been truthfull is a pain in the arse everytime I touch mobile theres maybe 10 texts on and then when you don't say something they start text to my number .and truth be told all I want is to hear a voice on landline

RE: life after your beloved past away...

well is a h ard question but is really to personal to speak about here

RE: Is it likely a second referendum for Brexit?

don't know what will happen but to bring a border back here as it was years ago would be a feckin nusicance as it used to be waiting hours to get throught and been questioned about what you had and asking fror receipts

RE: No Picture

these women from my point are just looking to steal other men from nice women are men grabbers ..hope this helps

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

im worried now what you doing over here and to go meet a person without talking you just be carefull theirs odd feckers everywhere

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

well if he don't want to talk theirs something wrong go meet someone without talking is just stupid so id give him marching orders and for anyone saying you cant get a date in Ireland is stupid theirs plenty here even who would go for a coffee is as hard as many seem to say

RE: When Its Time To Retire

holy god its his time ok ha ha

RE: When Its Time To Retire

when you die is time till then do best you can

RE: Advice Guys

I have bred some german shepards .for me a female one is way best as the males tend to be bullish at about 9 weeks and research type you want a straight back one as they don't have as many problems with hips and start early training allowing time to play as still a puppy ...mix with other dogs also and people should be alert always with ears pricked and confident but not aggressive at about 8 or nine months you will have a very good friend all going well

RE: Are You a Traditionalist ?

this traditidtislim kinda means having nothing so no I splurge I suppose most would say but never go into debt for

RE: My favorite American...

all you need is lub lub lub

RE: My favorite American...

yous women are just to much help

RE: Beautiful Cork from the air

have looked at again getting better looking second time

RE: Beautiful Cork from the air

is some view no doubt have often been in it but that definitely nicest I have seen

RE: how many miracles did Jesus preform ?

he performed loads but was missing for 40 years so it would have been loads more maybe

RE: Mature young relationship

your definitely in right place anyway

RE: Dignitas...

depends really why ....if its an incurable disease which has a person in agony and cant be helped id say but a person whon is just fed up with life id not assist there I would hope with help they could come around

RE: Can two people make love with out having Sex?

I suppose it does some people but sex is more than just gender is a closness with shared loving including all it entails

RE: What Does An Intelligent Person Look Like?

them are fine ears id say is highly intellegent

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