RE: My favorite American...

all you need is lub lub lub

RE: My favorite American...

yous women are just to much help

RE: Beautiful Cork from the air

have looked at again getting better looking second time

RE: Beautiful Cork from the air

is some view no doubt have often been in it but that definitely nicest I have seen

RE: how many miracles did Jesus preform ?

he performed loads but was missing for 40 years so it would have been loads more maybe

RE: Mature young relationship

your definitely in right place anyway

RE: Dignitas...

depends really why ....if its an incurable disease which has a person in agony and cant be helped id say but a person whon is just fed up with life id not assist there I would hope with help they could come around

RE: Can two people make love with out having Sex?

I suppose it does some people but sex is more than just gender is a closness with shared loving including all it entails

RE: What Does An Intelligent Person Look Like?

them are fine ears id say is highly intellegent

RE: What Does An Intelligent Person Look Like?

I goes by the ears if there big that's it their cute but if small their dopey is best way so I asks can I see your ears first then I judge

RE: Fight for love.

don't see why one should fight for love if you must is not love is just some airy fairy thinking ...addics don't become addicts over night money and meaness destroys most relationships I thinks ..but fight for love no its there or its not

RE: Is my O C D out of control!

sneezes come unexpected would mean having to carry a tissue for ever your moany today I think

RE: Ireland

is the spuds we loves and the mad women

RE: Healthy lifestyle

the oul turf is lovely in the pipe

RE: Advice needed

am no expert but I seen yesterday outdoor at party the bees love punch they were swimming about in it hope this helps not sure think maybe was a rum mixture

RE: Hello - Pope Francis is in Ireland...

crowds small today in the park is sad really I thinks not mad religious but remembering 79 and the crowds the feeling all about with it back then was good

RE: I get suspicious of supposed commitment

you has it back to front is typical with women here men here are honest boys is women up to these tricks of mind

RE: Advice needed

that's a great idea you have maybe you need a partner with bee keeping experience hope you make loads


ah yeah a coffee don't break the bank

RE: Marriage is on me

have you a mercedes

RE: When is Enough, Enough???

to have enough and be looking for another bit is good its not criminal

RE: Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

Sligo is good you can mount your bike and your off

RE: Some guys are strange

is it like hundreds or thousands

RE: Hoarding

maybe were all hoarders of a kind whose to say its to much or to little and I suppose we all keep all kinds of items we never use

RE: Can you tell after one date ?

ah f*ck sure nice women don't fart do they id draw the line there

RE: What Shape Is The Earth?

I suppose it changes is stretchy sometimes round sometimes like a rugby ball depends on how much you drink maybe you see it from different angles

RE: Snow

Anatomically correct I hope.[/quote am not sure about that have no examples to decide .but is a good likeness don't look to good day thinks something need a lift

RE: Snow

have been busy making snowwomen here


jaysus moll you have serious problems

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