RE: Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

Sligo is good you can mount your bike and your off

RE: Some guys are strange

is it like hundreds or thousands

RE: Hoarding

maybe were all hoarders of a kind whose to say its to much or to little and I suppose we all keep all kinds of items we never use

RE: Can you tell after one date ?

ah f*ck sure nice women don't fart do they id draw the line there

RE: What Shape Is The Earth?

I suppose it changes is stretchy sometimes round sometimes like a rugby ball depends on how much you drink maybe you see it from different angles

RE: Snow

Anatomically correct I hope.[/quote am not sure about that have no examples to decide .but is a good likeness don't look to good day thinks something need a lift

RE: Snow

have been busy making snowwomen here


jaysus moll you have serious problems

RE: What right does a man have to shout at a woman

no he has no right to shout at you is a badc experience ...certainly not right id have no time for that carry on is just being a bully

RE: If you had to give up chocolate or sex

candy is dandy but sex wont rot your teeth

RE: On-line dating expeience

yeah is easy knock here I think its a good place have met some and yeah all was good and her in Ireland is easy meet up .also if you really like a person distance can be worked on might be akward but overall yeah is free and a bit of fun and theirs always the chance

RE: Would you date anyone outside your comfort zone?

why no atheist seems a bit mad

RE: Why are some unlucky in love.

maybe people with no intellegenge fair better but for me therir has to be a brain also with people now they start these relationships with out really getting to know other half so much now expected to quick in s*xual favours I mean better to know real wellfirstly and it stands some hope but to just give yourself to please another is follhearty and is just to much pressure

RE: Why are some unlucky in love.

I will have the scuba diver stuff ready

RE: Why are some unlucky in love.

is puus y bald I don't want a fright now

RE: Why are some unlucky in love.

wheres that blob gone was better than this new one put a dog on at least or a pu**y maybe

RE: Why are some unlucky in love.

I suppose having all these thing you say mean not much if between the ears theres not a good brain ..lokks fade in time between the ears kinda stays same so maybe think more of whats in head might assist

RE: Do we ever change really.

yeah when young is important and it does always be there you get older and tak on responsibility we all change but somethings don't ever go away ..

RE: How Old Is Too Old To Become A Dad, In Your Opinion!

having a baby with a much younger woman to be is just madness at 62 and a new baby instead of playing football with he will be bringing you to collect pension .is for me just unfair on a child

RE: Wouldn't it be nice!!

whats wrong with all here is sex to much talk about and no action

RE: Wouldn't it be nice!!

We promise to use subtitles[/quote like feck off and such

RE: Who do u want to see return to the forums!!

think mpd it was and peaches melba . taked for Ireland was talking to her self if no else came on but was better crack than now

RE: Metal heads?

not sure but theirs a few wooden ones

RE: I got banned from the UBT thread (Ultimate Banning Thread)

no morals ha ha ha moll I down

RE: Is Sex Overrated, Or Underrated !!!

yeah its great with right person but not just the act theres more to it theres flirting and codding that's brilliant last longer as well

RE: Where to draw the line?

naughty line is better has a curve init

RE: Hurricane Ophelia makes landfall

was rought but is mosly gone im in midlands and have seen a few bad storms .think maybe television adds on to it for news .3 dead okay is shocking

RE: Should parents be jailed for not vaccinating their children?

think if you don't give these vacinations to your kids your just been plain stupid

RE: Give the poster above you a new username.

mad brush

RE: First impressions.

don't think we really know anyone here .is type shite not as easy if you meet in real life not saying your talking shite well most of the time

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