RE: I now have one billion online working individual passwords. Can you beat that?

i got 3 billion account 4.6 million elephants in the back yard and waiting for my star ship enterprise to be built

RE: Why people are so biased in other part of the world??

applies to all parts of the world. like the stereotype that all americans are overweight. and ppl that think there is such a thing as an american accent

RE: would you wear a mask again?

the only reason i wore a mask during the covid bs. is so that a buisness wouldnt get in trouble cause they were bullied by the higher ups that think they new about covid and didnt. besides a paper mask will not stop a microscopic virus. only a scuba mask or say a space helmut would do that.

RE: since covid-19 in 2020

like i still do laugh at all the ppl that turned into germaphobes.

RE: Last two letters start the next word


RE: UK Heatwave

believe me when the uk was going thru their heat wave i wouldve gladly traded you.

RE: Will you sign up for Netflix now that they are providing uncensored comedy content again?

well dont have netflix any way not worth it. they shouldnt been censoring in the first place. we used to have this thing called pay per view.(know we still do) but since ppl have to pay to see netflix it shouldnt be censored. it is never the responsibility of the broadcaster on what is shown. if it is something someone conciders offensive then they cancel their subscription. if children see something non child like then its the parents fault not the broadcaster

RE: Are women happier in the summer?

if women are happier in the summer so are men. nothing special either way

RE: Can you live without a mobile phone?

ppl got along just fine long before the portable phone then the mobile phone. if any one is accustomed to having a cell fone. something is wrong if a person wants the web thats what computers are for they better for the web etc... if u wanna make a call then use the phone.

RE: Is Racism An Issue In America?

of course racism is still a factor not just in america. you got reverse racism as well.

RE: Transgender Woman ??

thats because a tg woman is not a woman. you are either male or female at birth. you can be a man with breasts or a woman with a manly body but underneath it all you are either male or female.

RE: Have you ever been on holiday to Spain

never been on holiday anywhere i celebrate holidays though. just had vacations in the states.

RE: Arrange This In Order Of Importance

personality is the most important,loyalty,looks and money is always last

RE: Who Will You First Save In A Sinking Ship?

save myself first

RE: How do you feel about … the DEATH PENALTY? Should it be outlawed?

No absolutely not, in fact it should be fine that nobody on death row can die of old age.the way it is now in the usa. the person has to be in 100% healthy. you can litteraly have it post poned by giving urself a concussion or breaking ur arm. they use the humane excuse. the person's physical and/or mental health is not important. they should be terminated just like the victim.

RE: Who Wants To Smoke A Joint?

Never done an illegal drug in my life. I hate the prescription medication i gotta take. to use an illegal drug is just a sign of stupidity. and trying to say it has medical uses is just a way of saying since we cant get rid of it.lets make money off of it. everything on the planet has a medical use.

RE: Football versus Soccer

dont wear body armor. the padding thats worn dont exactly protect the players as much as ppl think it does. if anything it makes something like a shoulder tackle more effective than anything else.and rugby doesnt have the same level of physical contact that football does.

RE: Should everyone trade in their internal combustion engines for All Electric Vehicles?

buying all electric cars is a hypocritic way of thinking ppl are helping the planet. the electric car has alot more wiring. alot more batteries and cause more damage if they catch fire or a battery is busted open.

RE: Do women want a player?

Women that want a player should just buy a toy cause they not a true woman

RE: Post your current mood in one word


RE: Do women want a player?

player is just another way of saying slut.

RE: do you agree with slut shaming?

slut doesnt refer to just women. and if a woman/man thinks of themselves as a slut/player. theyve done shamed themselves.

RE: Hackers, Informants, And Cleveland's Role In The New World Order

new world order what a joke thing. just another racist extreme group like the nazis. seen a thing here about famine which is also a joke. we keep our bellies full and throw away enough food to feed a country. the only way u could tell if we was in a famine. you wouldnt see all these fat cows and diet places go bankrupt.

RE: Water ice on Mars captured by the European Space Agency

my god how dumb can these ppl be frozen ice has been there for ages why they act like its a new thing.

RE: Earth without humans

alot of things would be ruined. for there to be no humans. there would have to be no animals in the monkey/gorilla area.

RE: R u sexy.....?

If you concider yourself sexy that means you are vain. sexyness is really the opinion of someone else

RE: Does anyone eat meat anymore?

i eat meat because i'm human and meant too. dont eat small portions. its not healthy for a omnivore to only eat one thing.

RE: "It's getting hot in here..." (song by American rapper, Nelly), so what would you do?

if i heard it i'ld turn the radio off since its only noise not music

RE: Do you have MonkeyPox yet? Cases showing up in US and Europe. Looks nasty.

No wont have it or get it. as with covid overated. ppl get sick n some pass away from a variety of conditions. and the world dont turn into a bunch of germaphobes

RE: Should all drugs be legalized ?

all illegal drugs should be where they belong in a cess pool somewhere. and besides how can the cops and rehab centers make money on them if they legal.

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