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RE: Is there anybody here from around Holland?

I am a close neighbour.
Greetings from Belgium!

RE: Will you be on this site after marriage for friends?

I already AM here for friends, so Yes, absolutely

RE: What's up with some guys

It is their ego. Just block them!

RE: When viewing ads you look at how much first time/initially?

Definitely look at all the info upfront

RE: Question

Not sure what you mean there. If they were not my "type", but I was still attracted to them, I would go out with them

RE: Why

Everyone state what they are looking for in their profile.

RE: What is most important to you on a first date?

Good conversation and no stress
Mutual attraction can develop also later

RE: Would you call/text your ex girlfriend/boyfriend in Christmas/new year?

No, and when they do I reply only out of politeness

RE: Is there a problem that I am conected to the site a friday night???

Why not? We all want to communicate after all

RE: Are Younger Women Attracted to older Men

In a nutshell, Yes. I have witnessed many good and lasting relationship where the man was 5+ years older than the woman.

RE: What does woman think when they get friend request or flowers here

I agree with those who said that flowers are always nice to receive. I always reply with a Thank You note.
I only accept Friends Request from people I have already exchanged messages with

RE: Besides cheating,which in your opinion is a serious reason to end a relationship?

When someone has an addiction or an illness and does not want to get help

RE: Would you date a person who has Bipolar Disorder?

I have never been in this situation. However have been dating someone with deep depression and that was hard

RE: Is it better to meet someone to get to know them, or email for days/weeks before meeting

If the person lives locally, should meet fairly soon.
If distance is involved, phone and Skype before planning a trip

RE: Valentine`s day.

Never liked Valentine's Day, eating out that day is usually a nasty experience with overcrowded restaurants and being rushed through the meal to make space for the next "lucky couple"

RE: what is it women really want ?

I think everyone seeks different traits in a partner. We are all different after all.
But apart from this (maybe) everyone seeks these few things: reciprocated love, honesty, the will to build a future and a home together
Just my two cents

How about

Interesting perspective.
There could be people who do this unintentionally.
I always thought, though, that once a relationship is over, one has to take a break and take stock.
Not look for another "heart melt moment" straight away.
It does not seem healthy, to me.

However, I think some people also do it on purpose, and start with the intention of having only a short term thing. In this case, why? Why not stick to one night stands?

How about

No, I mean those people who are looking for a relationship, they get together with a woman and keep seeing her.
For short term only (=months), though.
What is the point at all, in wanting short term relationships?


Any distance adds a strain to the other stress points that can harm a relationship (work, financial, health, family issues)
Plus, it creates misunderstandings, as email, Skype and phone are not the same thing as face to face.
So, I would say: no, unless there is a plan to move in together and remove that distance.
Just my two cents for what is worth

RE: Happy new Year.....

Happy New Year to all

How about

Those people who keep trying a relationship after an another, although they know they are either not ready for one, or they don't want to be in a relationship after all.
Shouldn't they stick to one night stands?
I am asking because I met a few of these people lately.

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