RE: The People Has Spoken: Trump our new Leader

Congratulations, P hug cheering

Merkel's face was quite pale hearing Trump winning and the Foreign Minister Steinmeier is behaving like a kindergarten kid for not accepting the result that Trump won. Karma is a b*tch, there is now a signboard addressed to him (Steinmeier) "Not My President". He is now a candidate for becoming President in Germany, sadly to say presidential election here is not chosen by the people, but by the parliament, more or less the same like electoral college, I suppose. So I didn't get it why people were whinning about electoral college where this country (Germany) is doing similar thing like US does when it comes to presidential election.

RE: The People Has Spoken: Trump our new Leader

Start packing out of planet, don't you? laugh rolling on the floor laughing

If it is too far then you can go to Mexico, to join the life, that way you won't see Trump again, thanks to the wall! tongue

RE: The People Has Spoken: Trump our new Leader

Don't worry about Trump winning, soon there will be a wall between you & co. and the elected US President wine

RE: Warning to the America People from Germany

thumbs up laugh rolling on the floor laughing

I wonder if Callie has even done her research that media in Germany predicting 88% to 90% that Hillary won and they were wrong for that. They are still grumbling and mourning for that, but that's not my business grin

RE: The Brits are building wall!!...

Thanks for the bla blah. The news was covered in English news, of course the first impression people get was that Mexico is being a hypocrite for coming with such plan. There is nothing you can do to change the image but to deal with it: every country needs wall and borders to cope with its immigration issues.

RE: The Brits are building wall!!...

It seems it would not be only Brits who will build the wall, Mexicans too!

Whatever their excuses are, they could not even find better solutions to stop illegal immigration coming through their country. What a joke giggle

RE: Racist or what ???

laugh laugh laugh

They simply have NO interest talking to you. Move on and talk to Iranian ladies, it would be easier for you, wouldn't it?

Racist ideology, don't let me started with that one laugh

RE: The Brits are building wall!!...

thumbs up

For people like her, the top criminal is the wall from every directions. It must have been the wall that triggered crimes giggle

RE: German Protesters in the streets shouting 'She Must Go!'

The sad truth is people like you do exist, actually.

The east Germans doch still part of Germany, aren't they? What's wrong to support our own fellows with a small percentage of our own wages (if you are earning more than 450 Euro a month). The result of developments in eastern part will benefit us too in the West, that something you forgot mentioning in your previous comment.

The way you're comparing east Germans and the refugees from Middle-East is unbelievable.

Have you heard that those refugees coming from war-zones got paid by Job Centre in Germany to make holidays back home?

You can start waiting for them again in front of Bahnhof to welcome them (again) by clapping your hands or giving them teddy bears and balloons when they are returning back from their sponsored holidays.

RE: Uh, Hollande Has the Nerves to Meddle in US Election?

Hollande should have spent his time more on making sure no terrors strike his country again and again. He could start with paying less his hair stylist and donate it for a good cause.

RE: shooting in Germany

Tell it to the muslim communities over the world not to kill each other and don't even bother to bring their own internal conflicts to the countries whose majority are not of believer of this twisted teachings, islam. Otherwise, put all of them in a special place and let them kill each other and at the same time the life must go on on another side of the planet.

RE: leave = brexit consequences

Why? Because Cameron was ordering a breakfast, not Brexit? roll eyes

RE: If HIllary becomes president

He won't even care about it. What he cares would be the number of young interns Hillary has.


What was sensational to me is: Hillary said to LGBT community that she's for them and on the other hand she was receiving money from those countries who charged people with punishments just because they are part of LGBT community. Nice to see Hillary's Janus-faced.

RE: German Protesters in the streets shouting 'She Must Go!'

I could only wish that the "she" referred to Merkel and another one in another continent roll eyes

RE: shooting in Germany

rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up

She and people like her would not listen to your words as they have ZERO experiences living with islam nor muslims community daily in a long time, not even as minority. It's useless to share words with them, they will not believe any words you say until their loved ones were amongst the victims of islamic terrorisms. And if they were, their libtards behavior tend to do anything to deny to cope with facts.

Their motto is: islam and muslims are always right and are immuned of critics. They are becoming more muslim than the muslims themselves, thinking after behaving so, a peaceful world is created and such terrors will be less happening which we know, it would keep happening as long as these PC people exist.

Back to the topic of the thread, an Iranian descendant living in Germany and shooting Turkish, Albanian, Kosovos in Munich was explaining a lot of muslim vs muslim (Shiite vs Sunnis) which is now becoming a common in our daily lives to take place in countries where most of the people are not even muslims. Really peaceful, isn't it? grin


These series of attacks in Würzburg, Munich, Göttingen, Reutlingen, Ansbach seemed like a karma for Merkel's open door policy. Let her and her co clean up this mess....if they are capable of doing it.

RE: shooting in Germany

What Jesus got to do with you? Do you want to claim Him standing of your back? dunno

I am still waiting patiently for the news when Christians and other non-muslims storm mosques and take muslims as hostages because their Bible or their other books told them to do so yawn

RE: shooting in Germany

You sound like a hippie.

Funny? Why? Because it described best of people like you, didn't it?roll eyes

You can keep preaching your yadda yadda yadda nonsense. Just about minutes ago two sisters, one priest, two visitors were threatened by terrorists in a church in France. I will be waiting patiently to hear news about Christians taking hostages of muslims in a mosque to prove your claim Christians have hatred too for muslims giggle

RE: How do the terrorists get their weapons?

Few weeks ago near a mosque in NRW, the police found a room stored with guns. Was it a coincidence that those guns ended up nearby the mosque? confused

RE: shooting in Germany

What a bunch of Shiite doh Muslims slaughtered everyday by whom? By people from their own brethren? That is not new news laugh

Here are the list of people are slaughtered and injured of a cult named islam and the victims are random

Here are the index of Koran:

and its contradictions:

The myth of its "peaceful verses":

Some people don't buy your taqqiya anymore, we have known already what islam is.

RE: shooting in Germany

It is not related with any right wing as you wished roll eyes

The Bavarian police had declared Ali Sonboly (German-Iranian), the shooter, was suffering from depression and most likely is not motivated by his religious faith.

However, a group of Muslims showed up at the location one day after shouting "allah, you're barbar" and of course some other people who are fed up with this kind of shouting were fighting them of by yelling back at them to go away. So, who incited the hatred here? No one, unless that naive Muslim people thinking that Ali Sonboly has fought against infidels for his allah laugh

RE: What the hell is happening in Munnich?

The police speaker in the end could not deny that the shooter is a German with a migration background. Ali Sonboly, either an Iranian or Syrian descendant was claimed to leave his notes that he did it to take revenge over the action of Breivik and there was also a claim that his action is a right-wing attack. That is how mainstream media worked in Germany to brainwash us, the people.

Right-winger will not target children with migration background and at the same time yelling "Allan snackbar" and will not target to kill people in public places like Mc Donald's, an American restaurant. Islamic terrorists most of the time targeted anything that related with American, so this one is not an exception to me.

RE: What the hell is happening in Munnich?

Capri, I could only say be careful when you are on public places or in public transports in Bavaria. They are now everywhere and spreading the terrors thanks to Merkelator.

RE: What the hell is happening in Munnich?

No chance of waking up. I am ashamed to say there are still a lot of us that enjoyed the long-time sleep and perhaps they would stay sleeping and will never wake up because the next bullets targeted themselves before they wake up.

For those who have awaken, they are now labeled either racists or right-wingers doh

RE: shooting in Germany

To be exact, a Syrian refugee killed a pregnant woman with a knife and injured 2 other people in Reutlingen. He was caught alive by police officers.


Don't waste your time for telling her words. She won't believe anything you tell her because she lives in her bubbles.

She maybe getting a heart attacks if she realized that there are also gays, blacks, muslims, migrants that support Trump.

She can't accept other people supporting Trump because of her hatred towards his statement against ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico laugh

RE: What is Germany known for?

Falco is an Austrian, so is Hitler grin

Mozart used to be a German roll eyes

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