RE: Trump backs Russia again

Dems, Rinos & the Trump haters on here are such great examples of useful idiots.barf

RE: Trump backs Russia again

Dems, Rinos & the Trump haters on here are such great examples if useful idiots.barf

RE: Exercising / Workout

I have a lot of pain issues that for the most part have not been helped by Doctors. Over time as the pain has progressed my motivation to do things has also suffered especially since anytime I do most things it makes the pain worse. A side affect of that is my strength dropped and it got more difficult to keep my balance when I stood or walked. I made the decision to exercise despite the fact that it's very painful to do so.
I'm glad I did, because I have regained normal balance and have increased my strength in general. It also has helped some with my back pain.
The benefits will far out weigh any boredom you may have.

RE: TWINS...Boys and girls, girls and girls, both the same?....

I'm a twin, and for me and my brother none of it's true.

RE: Does anyone actually read profiles

I used to read profiles. Unfortunately just about all of the women's profiles I looked at contained almost no real or truthful information about the person or what their looking for.
Consequently it's rare that I bother to look at any profiles.

RE: Dominant Females

The way I see it is the majority of women tend to be naturally submissive and a minority tend to be naturally dominant. And the majority of men tend to be naturally dominant and of course a minority tend to be naturally submissive, so there should be a balance.
Unfortunately in most western countries a lot of women & men have been convinced that men are violent, rapist buffoons and shouldn't be allowed to run things. The consequence of that is you get women who think they are as stronger and can do everything a man can do, only better.
What you end up with is a lot of lonely people who have a very difficult time relating to each other and can't form deep lasting relationships with the opposite sex. help

RE: Now a days Why divorced ratio is very high

When couples are young, often times it's because of selfishness on one side or both sides. In later years it's a high percentage of women going through menopause and the personality changes caused by the hormone change. The changes often times manifest themselves with women no longer caring about their spouses and sometimes their children. Instead they prefer to just go party and have fun. sigh

RE: Profiles with false info!

I can't speak to any other male's profile except my own. And I have alway's been nothing but truthful. I used to put a lot of info about me but I have paired it down.
I also can't speak as to whether any women were untruthful about their looks and age. I can speak of what some women claim they are looking for on their profiles doesn't always match with what they are really looking for.
I didn't waste my time contacting women who didn't appear to want the same things, and when I did contact any. Some would check out my profile and then never get back to me and of the one's that did ended up just being scammers.
At this point I don't bother contacting anyone, and rarely do I read any profiles, if I do get contacted then I will respond.

RE: Europe must pay their fair share of THEIR national defense

Yeah and Obama gave at least 1.7 billion dollars to a terrorist country (Iran)barf

Diplomacy for the US has meant were supposed to bend over and take it up the butt while saying thank you may I have another. It pisses you and others off that we have a President with a set of balls now that sticks up for the US and it's citizens.applause

RE: The most honest Muslim ever

God hates Religions. devil God loves Christianity. angel

RE: Trump is a moron

Your ignorance is showing. History has shown several presidents being played, the difference is Trump has said many times that Kim Jong may not be serious and if he isn't it will bite Kim in the a**.
Just about every other President when dealing with Kim Jong and others like him just bent over and took it up the butt. Obama and Iran comes to mind. How many hundreds if millions of dollars did he give to Iran? That money is gone, And for what?
Contrast that with what Trump gave up so far. Some military maneuvers. So listen very carefully. Those maneuvers could be restarted at the drop of a hat.
That's it for the free education. I will no longer educate you unless you start giving me a Teachers wage. professor

RE: Trump is a moron

On the contrary. Mike Pompeo just met with Kim Jong about denuclearization and Kim Jong knows that proof of denucleaization will be required and that inspections of sites will be needed and Kim Jong understands that. So time will tell if it denucleaization really happens so until then, Trumps white house still looks like it's making progress.
Apparently like all liberals you know nothing about whats going on and can only spread dis-information or just pure nonsense.
Why don't you make an effort and actually learn something so you can speak the truth instead of garbage you spew.barf

RE: Trump is a moron

Can someone explain what the hell rap is talking about?

RE: Trump is a moron

Although I don't agree with her, I understand where she coming from right up until she try's to talk psychology, then she starts talking nonsense. In her own mind it makes sense, but in the real world it doesn't.

RE: No proof of collusion

Let's not forget your distinction without a difference.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: No proof of collusion

I'll play that game. Where's your evidence of the claims you make? Parroting something someone else said that also is unproven is not proof.
I will not waste my time giving you proof when you regurgitate liberal talking points because it would do no good as you and most other liberals are incapable of seeing the truth no matter how much poof is presented.
But I do get some amusement out of picking at you.

RE: No proof of collusion

A distinction without a difference.

RE: No proof of collusion

I am attacking your post. It's not my fault they are are the same as what useful idiots post here in the US.

RE: No proof of collusion

Riz thinks because he's not in the US, that makes the disinformation he gobbles up and spews back out is somehow accurate. He might not realize it, but someone in the US who does that is called a useful idiot. Because he's not here I'm not sure what to call him, maybe just an idiot?rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Low IQ with a big heart Vs. High IQ with a bad attitude (What do you choose?)

Intelligence without common sense is like driving a car without steering or brakes.

I made the mistake of marrying a woman who had a high IQ but no common sense. She eventually screwed up her life and took me down with her. 5 years later I'm still having to deal with the aftermath.

If I knew then what I know now I would have chosen common sense over all else.

RE: No proof of collusion


But I'm not surprised you would ignore that as it's obvious you suffer from Trump derangement syndrome or T.U.R.D. for short.

RE: Trump is a moron

Part of what you say make sense & part of what you say doesn't. So either you don't know what you're talking about or you're not able to explain it in a way that can be understood.

RE: Trump is a moron

Some people like to call truth rudeness just because they don't like to hear it.
Although there is some truth in Psychology, a lot of it is made up by people who benefit financially from it.

RE: Trump is a moron

Then why did you comment on it? tongue tongue tongue

RE: freakin at the freakers ball dr.hooks old song would u join in?

Dr Hook and the Medicine Show had some good ones and some odd one's. when I was a youngster I liked The Wonderful, Wonderful Soup Bone. I haven't heard since I was a kid so I don't know if I still like it.

RE: Trump is a moron

Cutting & pasting what someone else has written and then claiming you have carefully researched it, but obviously didn't, doesn't make it the truth.

RE: Women and men....young or older than us....

As an older male who was married for 28 years, I watched my wife become a different person when she started menopause. That was the beginning of her bad decisions. Partying became the most important thing for her and she became an alcoholic.
I did everything I could to hold the family together and even got her off the booze. But she never forgave me for that and decided to get a divorce and went back to her drinking and partying as soon as I was out of the house.
Right after that I did some research and found out the majority of divorces after 40 are attributed to personality changes in from menopause.
Needless to say I have a bad taste in my mouth for women around my age. At this point even though I have a profile here I'm really not looking for anybody.
But if I had my choice between a younger and an older women, I'd choose the younger one.

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