You may be right about it dying. The majority of the posters & commenters are sad, sick or just plain boring individuals.

RE: Which Words will the politically correct zombies want removed first?

If people on here were discriminated against because of their stupidity, you would be discriminated against the most! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: serena williams- a disgrace

She is absolutely responsible for what her coach did. After all, she pays his salary, and he has been her coach since 2012. I have no doubts the coaching during play was pre-planned. If it wasn't then she 2 options.
1. She can fire him.
2. She can sue him for any monetary loss she may have incurred.

RE: #TrumpDerangmentSyndrome vs #TrumpIdolatrySyndrome

He's battling illegal immigration on 3 major fronts:
1. Liberal Judges who try to legislate from the bench.
2. Republicans who want to keep cheap illegal labor flowing across the border.
3. Democrats who want to keep illegal voters flowing across the border.

He can't legislate with his pen, because some lib judge would block it, he can't get anything useful passed without all the repubs signing on, and none of the dimwitocrats will vote for anything good either.

RE: Which kind of Kiss do you like??

Why do I have to pick only one? confused

RE: In 3 words...

Windy, rainy, cloudy.

RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

1. I haven't had any heavy rain so far.
2. My generators are working.
3. I was able to heat a can of chili for breakfast.

There's more but you only asked for 3. beer

RE: Have you ever been on a date when your laxative kicks in?

No, but it sounds like something I need to add to my bucket list.hole

RE: Hurricane Florence

You're a moron! There I said it.

RE: Hurricane Florence

He doesn't even have to break wind to be blamed for it. conversing

RE: Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is all Trumps fault.

RE: Does Google have a Censored Chinese Search Engine?

I don't know if they do yet, but I do know they are working with the Chinese to produce one. As far as Europe goes, I don't know. But I'm sure Google will sell them one if they don't.

RE: Does Anyone from SC even use this site?

Didn't realize how old this thread was.

Never mind!doh

RE: Does Anyone from SC even use this site?

I use this site also, but have pretty much given up on meeting someone.

What's also odd is most of the people who have commented on this thread (including the OP) seem to have profiles that can't be viewed at.confused

RE: If you were a millionaire would you live a modest life?

If he does, would that make you jealous?

RE: If you were a millionaire would you live a modest life?

If I became wealthy the first thing I would do is spend as much money as needed on as many Doctors and test necessary to find out why I'm in constant pain, and to hopefully find a cure or at least some relief.
I live in a decent house but I don't like the weather here so I would move somewhere with better weather.
As far as helping my family or other people I know, so far none of them have proven themselves to be worthy of any help, with the exception of my step Dad, him I would help.
I would also spend whatever I could afford on spreading God's word wherever tells me to.

RE: To my friends i`` the Carolina's

Those mighty oaks can make a mighty hole in a home. I don't have to worry to much about trees, but I do have to worry about other potential types of wind damage and severe erosion. I live about 90 miles inland in the sand hills, and my property is slightly sloping with a lack of vegetation in some areas. My driveway and the dirt road leading up to my house are the most at risk. I spent four hours on my little front loader tractor prepping as much as I can. If I need to I can jump on it during the storm and make emergency repairs to my flood control berms.
I'm expecting the power to go out for at least 3 days. I have a small generator and fuel for 5 days if I use constantly, but I will be conservative with it just in case the power is out longer.
At this point there's not much more I can do, so now I'll just have to ride it out and deal with the

RE: How many single moms are afraid to date again because they have kids?

For all the people who appear to only want to insult me for giving an opinion that you disagree with. Do you really think you are helping urbanqueen? I for one am not sorry for giving my opinion, but I am sorry for letting the people who are acting like trolls goad me into participating in the derailment her thread. For that I apologize to urbanqueen.sad flower
I will however pray that God protects you and your children no matter what decision you make about dating.

RE: How many single moms are afraid to date again because they have kids?

I realize I was pretty harsh in my first comment. But I was married for 28 years and have 1 son. I took his well being very seriously and I fought hard to stay married for the sake of my son. But my ex thought that continuing to drink (she had become an alcoholic) and party was more important then keeping the family together. So she divorced me. Now I have had to watch the endless parade of people going in and out of my son's life without being able to do anything about it. It's a hard thing to watch and hasn't been good for my son or my relationship with him.
I hope you make every effort to give your children all your attention and protect them. The best way to do that is to never bring another male into their lives until they are out on their own.

RE: How many single moms are afraid to date again because they have kids?

You shouldn't date. You made the decision to have children and now the most important thing for you to do is to raise them without confusing them by bringing another man into their lives that's not their biological father. If you wern't serious about about raising them with their father then why did you have kids with him?

RE: Facebook = Fakebook.

Selling information is nothing new. The technology has changed some of the methods used to fool people into giving up their information. Now instead of making millions, their making billions off that information.
Plus instead of just collecting and selling information, their also manipulating what information people can see on their sites or search engines while at the same time denying it.

RE: Which one is better looking?

I don't know what a personality that matches their looks is. But I have rejected attractive women with personality's I didn't like.
That's all I will say about that.

RE: Which one is better looking?

I would find it very odd if someone, at least in some part wasn't attracted to someone because of their looks.
For me it's not the only thing that would attract me to someone but is certainly part of it.
I have found that even if someone is incredibly physically attractive, it's no guarantee I would be attracted to them.

RE: Which one is better looking?

Unfortunately at some point we will all lose our looks as we age, some sooner than others. And just because I may no longer find someone physically attractive, I can't fault them for that.

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