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RE: The Book Of Mirrors *** Awareness [ I ]

~:text=Book of Mirrors is the name given to,for learning and growing along with our practice.

RE: The Book Of Mirrors *** Awareness [ I ]

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RE: CS Juke Box 2021

I didn,'t know they had Indians in Italy!

RE: Say Anything

The CIA infected MIKEY with the clap and never told him about it!uh oh wow

RE: Flowers Of War

How could the dusk look like a poopie?professor

RE: Flowers Of War

I knew an old witch from Moldova, she had a very nasty vocabulary.

RE: Independent thinkers..

Lol. you improved his looks.

RE: My kiss over your forehead [ I ]

He said he was dead. What a terrible mess he is. They haven't buried him I guess.

RE: My kiss over your forehead [ I ]

Teamwork with BN!!! How dare you!very mad

RE: Independent thinkers..

when I was a kid I had almost all the known turtle species over time.

RE: My kiss over your forehead [ I ]

I know what your hobby is!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Independent thinkers..

Did you get to go to yours? I bet you had you know what!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Sharing a blessing

good to see you back!thumbs up

RE: What are your wishes for your estate should you ever pass on?

Im going to be wrapped in white sheets and burned on a funeral pyre with all my worldly effects.

RE: renting or buying?

thumbs up

RE: renting or buying?

thats a great idea. its amazing how little a lot of the 1% pay as well as many Corporations that profit tremendously off us and employ and invest overseas.

RE: The most dangerous animal in the world is

I'm still a redhead, I can prove it too!


The lord's retribution for Satan's minions will be fast and swift!very mad

RE: renting or buying?

What do you mean by beat?!banana smitten

RE: Any genuine Irish men looking for a potential Partner?

what are you scratching Mikey? rolling on the floor laughing

RE: The Sad Story Of Henry

I have lovely green stripes and everyone admires them!!!

RE: Meetup

Hi Ali, no need for jets! she's my little papaya and I just wait for her to ripen on the tree!banana

RE: Pearls Of Wisdom

The swine think they are casting pearls rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Meetup

you want me to buy your ticket this time too?smitten banana

RE: Meetup

Did you throw water on him?laugh

RE: Where do you want to travel after rhe pandemic

You will have to wear a potato sack on your head. Not just a mask. Cover all the ugly , poor Mikey.

RE: sardine salad

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: I'm Thinking #2

I was talking to my long lost love Trueheart, sorry to disappoint.sigh

RE: Experienced VPNers Wanted

I tried NordVPN but the hassles with it and problems werent worth it. I dont use computers for banking anyway.

RE: I'm Thinking #2

Good to see you doll.heart wings heart beating lips

Have you heard BN has passed!crying blues

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