RE: If You Were In Love With Your Best Friend Would You Tell Her/Him And Risk Your Friendship ?

Yes because they may feel the same way but afraid to say anything also and therefore you both could both be missing out on the greatest love of your lives. heart beating

RE: Wouldn't it be nice if..

If we all found real true happiness. happy place

RE: CS Role Call

Hello wave

RE: Relationship patterns

The concept explained: Men have intimacy cycles. They need a lot of intimacy, then they feel scared and need "me" time and pull away. Then they feel they need intimacy again and come back, then they get their feel of it and need "me" time again and pull away. This is natural and it has nothing to do with the woman. Although, admit it. Every woman has felt a man pull away from them and has felt that she must have done something wrong.

RE: best place in the world

went to Salem Massachusetts (the town of witches) and talked to a reader for fun, that's the kind of stuff you do there when you visit, its a big tourist attraction and had asked him about the dream, because it had been a recurring dream throughout my life and he told me where it had taken place.

RE: best place in the world

Only in dreams, past life I've been told.

RE: best place in the world

It would be a dream come true. happy place

RE: best place in the world

Glad to be back. Not quite sure why. I have always been drawn to Ireland since I was a little girl.

RE: best place in the world

Ireland and I love your name.

RE: Relationship patterns

I find that most men start going "psycho" around or in the 3rd month. I guess they call it the Rubber Band effect.

RE: What would you do if your bf still lives with his ex-wife?

No we don't....I always ask, "who's idea was it to put two completely opposing forces together?" doh


I know, a chocolate cow.grin


a cow?


I know mine, and I don't put much stock into it, intelligence means nothing if you act like an idiot all the time. I wouldn't not hang out with someone because they have a low IQ. And if people got hired on their IQ scores, the world would be in trouble.

RE: Has anyone gone "Stealth mode" on you after wooing you?

Yes I was talking with this guy on here for a couple of months, for hours, everyday. One day he just up and disappeared. Now he is back on this site and acts like I never existed. Sadly Renewing my lack of faith in men.

RE: are women worse drvers than men ???

1 and 3 fender benders for the most part. 2 both. 4. More likely to cause a deadly accident.

RE: are women worse drvers than men ???

I have worked in the insurance claims business for almost ten years and these are the worst drivers in order.
1. Elderly women (especially in parking lots and at traffic lights).
2. Dim witted females ages 16 to 25ish on cell phones (major cause of rear-end accidents now).
3. Really elderly men (usually because they should no longer be driver).
4. Young men ages 16 to 23ish.

RE: When you go through your inbox do you

I read all my messages. I keep all my flowers.

RE: For the Ladies only

smooth freshly shaved legs.

RE: What was your most painful experience?

A full on Celiac attack after eating gluten. I have given birth three times and this is for me these attacks are more painful. crying

RE: Wiener Game

The Neverending Wiener

RE: Do you believe long distance relationships work?

It does not matter the distance, it's the people involved. No matter what country they live in they can still f*ck you over.

RE: trust nobody do you agree

Trust has to be earned in my opinion.

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